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You Are Light!

By June Sheltrown Reinke



“Just as I brighten the path that is ahead of you, I will brighten you,” says the LORD.


“You will be a BRIGHT shining light in the midst of darkness, to extinguish it all around you.  For My Light is in you!  My Light will be seen on you, and as you walk in MY light, darkness will not be able to invade you or overwhelm you or influence you!"


“You will be distinct!  You will be seen!  You will be sought after!  Many will see My light in you, and find refuge and safety in ME."


“You will make a difference in many lives, as you defeat the dark one and become a beacon of hope,” says the LORD.


“I have established you in My Kingdom of LIGHT,” says the LORD.


“I have established you in MY Kingdom of Righteousness!  I have given you MY PEACE that passes all understanding."


“You will stand in the light of My countenance and Glory and be filled with LIGHT and LIFE that cannot be hidden."


“Your purpose has been established by ME, and your righteousness is of ME, because of your trust in Me and My finished work on the cross."


“You are painted in My kingdom of LIGHT, founded upon Me, established in Me, and you will not be powerless, but powerful and productive."


“My light in you is greater than laser, more penetrating, more powerful and more impacting."


“YOU ARE LIGHT, and you will shine forth in My kingdom that is without end,” says the LORD.




By June Sheltrown Reinke



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It’s Your Call Now!

By Thomas Downes



There are those of you to whom The LORD is speaking.


There are those of you to whom a Word from God has been spoken.  He is still The LORD Who Sees and the God Who Knows.


He is still saying to you, “You have well seen; I will hasten My Word to perform it.”


He is hastening the Word That Is Sent with such an impeccable timing that the things in which you have been ensnared, are being blown away like dust in the wind.


Like the fall leaves that were laying on the dry ground, they are being lifted with such force and speed that you have to cover your face to keep from being blinded by it.


There is nothing that has been sent to you that is trapped by ignorance, or even by feigned lack of response.


You have known for such a long time that the calling has been waiting for you.  Yet you have believed that no one could ever know what you have seen or heard from The LORD.


But understand this now, that The LORD Who Sees and the God Who Knows Is Not Stupid.  There is coming a time of reckoning where your stance on this matter of your calling will be knocked around by those things you have kept quiet about.


There is no one who can stand up against what The LORD has Sent.  Not even you in your silence about these matters.


No flesh can stand before the living God in arrogance without any consequences.


Do you think you can be found wanting in the balances and still have all things weigh in your favor?


You have had extended to you a gift of repentance that has been collecting dust that can be swept away without you even realizing it.


You may have an arrogant position that says (to yourself) “it will always be there no matter what I have been doing.”   You have been deceiving yourself.


It is a fearsome thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.  It’s time you took a really hard look at yourself, examine yourself in the light of the Word Of The LORD, and turn away from the unclean thing, the things YOU have allowed to draw you away from the high calling of God that is in Christ Jesus.


The LORD is faithful to His Word whether you are faithful or not.  For every Word He sends will not fall to the ground, but will accomplish every purpose for which it is sent.


There is nothing, absolutely nothing that is too hard for God.


Now therefore seek Him while He may be found.  Call upon Him while He is near.


Let the wicked forsake his ways, and the unrighteous forsake his thoughts… and The LORD will abundantly pardon (Isaiah 55:7).


You need this. It’s your call now. Choose life.


“When you come to the crossroads, stand there and see:, ask for the ancient paths…”   Jeremiah 6:16.




By Thomas Downes


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Make God Your Strength!

By June Sheltrown Reinke



“Your strength comes from ME!” says the LORD.


“Your help comes from Me, for I AM your helper!  Your wisdom and understanding that comes from Me is not earthly or sensual, but powerful and productive.


“You re NOT of this World and its systems.  They are far below, and I have seated you with ME in heavenly places, that is FAR above every force of darkness.


“It is a seat of authority,” says the LORD.


“You will not be the door mat or foot stool for the enemy to walk all over, abuse or use you or position you to be under him,: says the LORD.


“I have given you the power to tread upon the enemy, who has NO POWER or authority over you.  You are not of his kingdom of darkness, but in My Kingdom of light.


“You will do the treading.  You will do the destroying.  You will do the magnificent, for as you have clothed yourself in Me, clad yourself with My armor, and put ME on and use My sword and shield, you will always be a terror to the enemy and trample him underfoot, as he is NOTHING,” says the LORD.




By June Sheltrown Reinke



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An Urgent Dream Concerning President Donald J. Trump

By Veronika West



Watch, for the den has been prepared and the bloodthirsty lions lie in wait!


As I come to you today, it’s 3:00 a.m. in the morning and I have woken from a powerful dream concerning American President Donald J. Trump, where I was shown a great upheaval that is coming in the days ahead.


In this dream, I found myself standing in a dark dungeon type place and the smell of the air in that place is hard to describe, but it was the smell of blood and of lions, (having been brought up as a child in a wildlife conservation I know the smell of lions).


It is a smell so distinct that it is a smell that is unmistakable…!


As I stood in that dark place, my nostrils filled with the smell of (blood and acid like tones).


As I began to feel fear rise up within me, then suddenly I saw a bright light appear around about me and an Archangel of The LORD stood before me in the dream, and spoke to me saying, “Fear not, for you have been brought to this place for what is about to take place.”


As I listened, suddenly the dream shifted and I was taken high above the White House where I was shown a small open window (which faced south).


As I looked through the open window, I saw President Donald Trump knelt down upon his knees, looking up to heaven, and as I looked at him, I saw a great battle taking place over the land and as I watched him cry out to The LORD.


Suddenly I saw the Archangel Gabriel standing above him, with a flaming sword lifted high above the president’s head.  I watched as the blade of the sword touched him, as if he were being knighted.


Then I saw President Donald Trump stand to his feet.  Suddenly I saw a mantle fall upon him, that flowed like liquid gold.


The mantle of gold covered him from head to toe.  I watched as it became like a body of impenetrable armour, and the Angel of The LORD left him…!


Then I woke up.


As I woke up, my body my covered in sweat and I was praying so loudly in the Spirit that my son my awoke.


As I reassured my son that all was well, I began to feel a great urgency to pray for the land of America and the president.


As I began to cry out to The LORD, the atmosphere was heavy.  It felt as if I was walking in thick sand.


But as I prayed and warred in the spirit, suddenly The Spirit of God spoke to me saying, “Watch and pay attention!  Pray, pray, pray for the nation of America and for President Donald Trump, for it shall be like in the days of Daniel, when My faithful servant was thrown into the lions’ den.


Watch!  For they shall come together and they shall conspire with one another to destroy that which I have decreed and that which I have declared over the land and they shall look to catch him out.


They look to grab hold of him, to utterly destroy him, for surely I tell you, the den has been made ready and the hungry lions now lie in wait,” says The Spirit of God.


“Watch and pray!  Call a Fast, for they shall come together as one from the left and from the right.


Yes!  There will be those who shall come from the right, who shall say, “How can this be?”


But I tell you, many hearts will be turned cold by a strong spirit of lies and deception.


Yes!  Even a spirit of murder dwells in the midst of them, for they have hatched a plan and they have put together a plot to overturn and overthrow that which has been established.


But listen, stay vigilant in this hour!  Watch and pray!  For surely I tell you again, just as the day they threw Daniel into the lions’ den, so they shall they come together in great unity and authority in this day to throw a praying president into the den of hungry lions.


Tell My People, if they will look to Me and cry out to Me in this hour, I shall send My angels of protection into the midst of them.


Yes!  Into the storm of rising lies and false accusations and into the midst of the roaring lions, and their bloodthirsty mouths shall be shut closed, and that which was conceived in the womb of darkness shall not come to full term, but shall surely be fully aborted and brought to nothing,” says The Spirit of God.


“Now watch!  For I stand over My Word to perform it in this hour and in this day, for the nation of America shall see My Glory and they shall see My Hand move in mighty and yet more mysterious ways in the days ahead, for I have set My Seal upon My Servant and a Mantle of Kingship, and he shall become My Trumpet for Righteousness and Justice in the land, and no man shall touch My anointed and live!” says The Spirit of God.




Blessings to you all.

by Veronika West



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Open to Attacks

By Greg Laurie









After moving from Hebron to Jerusalem, David married more concubines and wives, and they had more sons and daughters.


—2 Samuel 5:13



By the time David was fifty years old, he had been ruling Israel for twenty years. He had gone from victory to victory. He had distinguished himself in so many ways: man of God, skilled musician, gifted poet, wise and compassionate ruler, and a man of great courage.


And that’s when the devil hit him. When things are going well, that’s usually when the devil attacks. When there is no illness, when there are no unpaid bills, when there isn’t a crisis we’re facing, we may not hang on to the Lord as tightly as we once did.


On the other hand, when we’re going through a crisis, we’re dependent on God. Maybe it’s even one of the best times of our lives spiritually because we’ve never been closer to Christ.


When David was facing the giant Goliath, he was trusting in the Lord. When David was running from Saul while he hunted him down like a wild dog, he was calling out to God. When he was anointed as Israel’s king and ascended the throne, he prayed for God’s help.


But twenty years had gone by, and David was kicking back and taking somewhat of a spiritual vacation from God, which never works. So the devil attacked. David had set himself up for this particular attack, because in direct disobedience to God, he took concubines (see 2 Samuel 5:13).


God had given this command in Deuteronomy 17: “The king must not take many wives for himself, because they will turn his heart away from the Lord” (verse 17 NLT). That’s what was happening to David. His heart was slowly but surely turning away from God, and he was being consumed by lust.


This serves as a warning for us today: the devil will attack when we’re the most vulnerable.




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"Confronting a Deaf and Dumb Spirit"

By James W. Goll



God wants you to hear clearly and declare the Word of the Lord freely. But there are forces of darkness that you must confront in order to be effective in your mission. Jesus told His disciples as recorded in Matthew 13:43, "Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear!" You are called to confront and dislodge the demonic power that hinders you from hearing the Holy Spirit and attempts to rob you of your capacity to speak clearly.


What is a spiritual stronghold? Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism defines it as, "a mindset impregnated with hopelessness that causes us to accept as unchangeable, situations that we know are contrary to the will of God." Note that the enemy does not work haphazardly. He has schemes, plans, goals, strategies and methods to carry them out (see Ephesians 6:11; 1 John 5:18-19).


A Look at Ephesians 6:12 from Various Translations


From the New America Standard Bible: "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places."


"Always remember, on the Cross Jesus declared, 'It is finished!'"


From the New International Version: "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."


From the Living Bible Translation: "For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against persons without bodies—the evil rulers of the unseen world, those mighty satanic beings and great evil princes of darkness who rule this world; and against huge numbers of wicked spirits in the spirit world."


From the Amplified Classic Version: "For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotism (an absolute ruler, absolute in power, a tyrant), against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere" (emphasis mine).


We are called to confront strongholds. We are born in the midst of a spiritual battle and we are born for battle as agents in the army of the Lord. Jesus said that He had given us "power and authority over all the power of the enemy."


Five Levels of Spiritual Conflict


• The conflict between God and satan.

• The conflict between the elect angels and the fallen angels.

• The conflict between satan and the saints.

• The conflict between satan and the unsaved.

• The conflict between the law of the mind and the law of the Spirit.


Six Classes of Spiritual Forces


Principalities/rulers (arche) – a ruler must have someone or something or somewhere over which to exercise its dominion or rule (Ephesians 1:21; 3:10; 6:12; Colossians 1:16; 2:10).


Authorities (exuosia) – again; "authority" demands a subordinate (Ephesians 1:21; 3:10; Colossians 1:16).


Powers (Dunamis) – Ephesians 1:21. In Mark 9:29, Jesus refers to a type of demon that cannot come out but by prayer and fasting. Possibly some demons are stronger and more powerful than others; hence, a hierarchy or differentiation based on spiritual strength.


Dominions (kuriotes) – again, "lordship/dominion" over what/whom/where? (Ephesians 1:21; Colossians 1:16.)


Thrones (thronoi) – used of angels only in Colossians 1:16, Psalm 22:3 and Daniel 7:9. (Photo via James Goll)


World rulers (kosmokrator) – used only in Ephesians 6:12.


Five Primary Scriptures on the Deaf and Dumb Spirit

From Isaiah 42:18-20, "Hear, you deaf; look, you blind, and see! Who is blind but My servant, and deaf like the messenger I send? Who is blind like the one in covenant with Me, blind like the servant of the LORD? You have seen many things, but you pay no attention; your ears are open, but you do not listen."


From Isaiah 42:21-22, "It pleased the LORD for the sake of His righteousness to make His law great and glorious. But this is a people plundered and looted, all of them trapped in pits or hidden away in prisons. They have become plunder, with no one to rescue them; they have been made loot, with no one to say, 'Send them back.'"


From Malachi 2:7-8, "'For the lips of a priest ought to preserve knowledge, because he is the messenger of the LORD Almighty and people seek instruction from his mouth. But you have turned from the way and by your teaching have caused many to stumble; you have violated the covenant with Levi,' says the LORD Almighty."


From Mark 9:17-18, "A man in the crowd answered, 'Teacher, I brought You my son, who is possessed by a spirit that has robbed him of speech. Whenever it seizes him, it throws him to the ground. He foams at the mouth, gnashes his teeth and becomes rigid. I asked Your disciples to drive out the spirit, but they could not.'"


From Luke 9:38-39, "A man in the crowd called out, 'Teacher, I beg You to look at my son, for he is my only child. A spirit seizes him and he suddenly screams; it throws him into convulsions so that he foams at the mouth. It scarcely ever leaves him and is destroying him.'"


Five Characteristics of the Deaf and Dumb Spirit


"You are called to confront and dislodge the demonic power that hinders you from hearing the Holy Spirit and attempts to rob you of your capacity to speak clearly."


From my experience and research, I have found there to be at least five distinct characteristics of this deaf and dumb demonic spirit.


Problems with detachment – Matthew 17:15, "Lord, have mercy on my son, for he is a lunatic, and suffers sorely; for the often falls in to the fire and often into the water."


Falls to sleep – Luke 22:45, "And when He rose from prayer, He came to the disciples and found them sleeping from sorrow."


Dull of hearing – Hebrews 5:11-13, "Concerning him we have much to say, and it is hard to explain, since you have become dull of hearing. For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you have need again for someone to teach you the elementary principles of the oracles of God, and you have come to need milk and not solid food. For everyone who partakes only of milk is not accustomed to the word of righteousness, for he is an infant."


Walks in a stupor – Romans 11:8, "...God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes to see not and ears to hear not, down to the very day."


Consistent struggle with doubt and unbelief – John 8:43, 47, "Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you cannot hear My word...He who is of God hears the words of God; for this reason you do not hear them, because you are not of God."


You Can Break the Power of the Enemy


God always has a solution for every problem. The following are basic reminders of our Scriptural tools we must use to enforce the victory of the Cross of Jesus. Always remember, on the Cross Jesus declared, "It is finished!"


Let's walk in God's remedy! Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of Christ (Romans 10:17). The Lord opens my ear morning by morning (Isaiah 50:4). I will hear what the Lord will speak (Psalm 85:8). God speaks once, God speaks twice (Job 33:14). I have come to bring Good News (Luke 7:22).


A Closing Prayer of Exercising Authority


In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I declare that Jesus has already defeated satan by His death, burial and resurrection and has stripped the devil of his powers. Jesus gave His authority over all the powers of darkness to His disciples. I am a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, by the power of the name of Jesus and by His shed Blood for me, I command that the entrenchment of the deaf and dumb spirit be dislodged. I command it to lift off of me and my household and leave now by the authority of the Word of God. I declare you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I am free in Christ Jesus! Amen and Amen!


Blessings to hear and declare the Word of God with boldness!  



Dr. James W. Goll

Founder of Encounters Network • God Encounters Training e–School • Prayer Storm





ElijahList Publications

528 Ellsworth St. SW

Albany, OR 97321  


Phone 1-541-926-3250



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"Living for His Will"

The Refining

Part 6A


By Ricci Wilson

Romans 12 and 13 are such important chapters in the Word of God. I would never imply that any chapter is not important—they are all important and are included in His Word to edify, train, and equip us as children of God. 

That said, Romans Chapters 12 and 13, in particular, teach us about our interaction with one another. Through these chapters, we can learn how to be the believer we were created to be. If we study them,  and really dig deep into the text, we see what the life of a person who has been refined by His Word and the Spirit of God looks like. Practically speaking, it is a person who learned to walk in love, a refined love for their fellow man that does not include romantic involvement. This is a love that looks through what we see on the outside and instead, looks at the heart and the soul of an individual. Our goal is to reach them at their core, just like the Lord did with us. He looked beyond our exterior, He looked beyond our mistakes and our sins and looked deeply into the very heart and soul of who we are, and that is the person He died for. 

The moment we accept Christ into our life, the refining process begins. There are different levels of refining available for the child of God, each depending on our call and the depth of desire we have for His work to be accomplished in us. The greater our hunger for Him to be Lord of our lives, the deeper His Spirit can work within us. The further we go into His Word, the more we spend time in prayer and the deeper the refining work can go in our lives. This process is not easy, nothing of value ever is, but through it all, He removes more and more of “us” and imparts more and more of Himself. 

As I’ve poured over these scriptures the last couple of weeks, I saw a picture of what Paul laid out for us in Romans 12 and 13. This is the progression of God’s ultimate goal for our lives. Right now, the earth is crying out for the mature sons and daughters to arise. The refining that we are walking through, the refining that works off the old man, that works through our old ways, the refining that we have been enduring, many of us for years and years, is all to bring us to this point in history. Why? Because, the earth is crying out for the manifestation of the mature sons of God to arise and come forth!“ Sons of God” refers to children of God and includes both men and women.

What does a mature son and daughter look like? Romans 12:2 says, “Be ye not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

Let’s break this down a little to enhance our comprehension and therefore, our application of God’s Word: 

“Be not conformed to this world” means to “not be identified with this world.” We are called to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. This means to change from our identification with the unstable world we live in, to someone who is complete in character. How? By the “renewing of your mind.” This whole phrase means: to receive reason for the capacity of receiving spiritual truth. In other words, when we are going through the transformative work of the Lord, He is preparing us to be able to receive spiritual truths. 

When we first get saved, we are nowhere near ready to receive the depths of the spiritual truths available to us. However, the deeper His refining work is within the believer, the greater will be the spiritual truths or revelations we receive. It may seem difficult, but the depth of reward in no way compares to the price we pay. In the end, many would gladly lay down far more for far less than what they received. 

If we were to sit down with a person when they first get saved and tell them, “Welcome to the family of God! Here is what is going to happen on your walk with the Lord. First, He is going to strip off everything that you know. He is going to tear off the ways of the world, remove the lust of the flesh from you, and impart His Spirit within you. We are headed into some difficult years and the need for intercessors is on the rise. As such, the Lord is going to begin to prepare you so that you can handle this line of work. Basically, when He is finished, you will be a puddle on the floor, weeping and wailing on behalf of other people. The truth is, more and more new believers will be called to be intercessors and that is what an intercessor does, so, ready, set, GO!” 

We would most likely lose that person if we sat down and shared all of this with them. In fact, they might just high-tail it out of town! 

When God called me to be an intercessor, He first turned me into a puddle. He had to, in order to break down the wall of resistance I’d built. The truth is, I did not want to be an intercessor because I did not like to cry. Growing up, I was a very sensitive child—if my mom cried, I cried. If I watched Bambi, I cried—every single time! If someone suffered loss, I cried for them. I was just a very sensitive child. I see now that the Lord created me to be an intercessor, but I did not see then what I see now, nor did I even understand what an intercessor was. I went through a season where I sought to harden my heart because I just felt like this sad sap, feeling everyone’s emotions. So when you don’t understand it, especially as a teenager, you work to protect yourself and at the time, I felt that a life lived with such sensitivity would surely be a difficult one. 

As I grew up and matured, the Lord began to call me into the life of an intercessor. I learned to look past the tears to see the end goal and the purpose for those tears. Over time, He taught me spiritual truths, bringing forth the necessary revelation so I could understand the purpose of the process, regardless of how painful it was, of getting to the end goal. 

Through this process, slowly but surely, the Lord revealed the scale of my immaturity and imparted a hunger for deeper truths to be revealed, a yearning to see the nation rise up in righteousness, a deep desire to weep on behalf of the innocent, for those who could not weep for themselves, because doing so would appease the heart of God. In my love for Him, my hunger for Him, my desire to please my Lord, I was gently drawn by the Holy Spirit into the life of an intercessor, which is exactly what I had been created to do. 

So, try as I did to resist being a weeper, the Lord loved me enough to be patient with me, and while I was not ready for the spiritual truth that I would one day receive, He drew me in until I was. It’s interesting how we often don’t realize how patient our Lord is until we are on the other side of a transformation process. 

To be continued next week…

Blessings & Love, 


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"Movement Writers: Releasing the Sound of

the Next Worship Movement"

By Dean Mitchum


If you've been struggling with songwriters block it may be time to make a shift from being a songwriter to becoming a movement writer. You're called to burn like a star but you feel more like a candle. The fire of the current worship movement is slowly losing its heat and you're searching for something new.


"My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King;


My tongue is the pen of a ready writer." (Psalm 45:1 NKJV)


Maybe you need a new position to write from. Maybe you need a new perspective to write from. Maybe God is calling you out like a star because your flame needs a whole new source with a new kind of fuel—the fuel of a movement writer.


"The Spirit of the Lord spoke by me, and His word was on my tongue." (2 Samuel 23:2 NKJV)


Movement writers write songs that cause the Church to move forward. Movement writers quicken the Spirit within the Believers causing new life and new breath, as well as awakening us to where the Church is going. We move forward as individuals and as a corporate Body – as the Church in each nation and the Church globally.


Some of you have felt conflicted and you have not found your home. You haven't heard the home sound yet. Once you hear it you will feel at home. Once you write it you will feel resolved. Movement writers hear the conflict between what is and what is to be. They are prophetic and write toward the future. They seek the sound of home. They write to resolve the conflict and fulfill the expectation of faith.


Characteristics of a Movement Writer


• Movement writers are awakened by new revelation. When prophets and apostles preach new messages of revelation something awakens within the songwriter and they want to put that message to music. They carry the spirit of the revelation, they don't just write it. As movement writers they don't just put that message to music, it is something that they have revelation of and the authentic authority rings true in the sound of the song.


• They write for more revelation. There's something incredible that happens when they write, it seems to release more revelation (Psalm 49:4). They write toward the future—even generations ahead. David demonstrated new covenant worship for future generations. His songs prophesied about Jesus. This is why Acts 15:16 declared that God was restoring the Tabernacle of David.


• Movement Writers burn with a musical fire to prophesy. They prophesy on instruments. They prophesy through songwriting. They prophesy according to the order of the King. The very words of their songs bring life through the voice of the Lord (1 Chronicles 25:1-3).


• They are compelled to cause change. David wrote his way to a new day. In the midst of a cave and hiding from Saul he sang a song of change and breakthrough (Psalm 57:8).


• They understand the connection between sound and movement. Sound is movement and movement causes sound. When God stirs and moves He releases new sound to go with that movement.


The Sound of the Third Reformation


Within the third global apostolic reformation movement is a worship reformation movement. That worship reformation is transitioning us from the Tabernacle of David to the Tabernacle of God. This is where the new perspective and positioning are found. The Tabernacle of God from Revelation 21:3 is the seed for writing the next movement songs. As Acts 15:16 was key to the discovery of David's tabernacle, Revelation 21:3 is the seed to discovering God's Tabernacle.


God is calling forth a new generation of songwriting movement writers. They are not content to write songs that only comfort, they are burning to write songs that awaken the worshipers and move the Church forward.


This is your next awakening. This is your next reformation. This is your next movement. Join the movement, write the movement!  




Dean Mitchum, Worship Leader

Vision Church at Christian International





Elijah List Publications

528 Ellsworth St. SW

Albany, OR 97321


Phone 1-541-926-3250



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I Am Disclosing To You My Ways

By Russ Walden



The Father says today, I am disclosing to you My ways. Many are those who see My acts and go on their way, none the wiser. I choose to reveal to you My ways and My thoughts that govern My purposes on the earth and in your life. Be teachable. Look through what is going on around you and not just at the surface. Shall I hide from you the thing that I bring to pass because it challenges your thinking? Truth heard the first time often produces a negative reaction. Set aside vain opinion and the convenience of your own suppositions. Let My deep call unto your deep and show you things to come.


My governance is upon the earth, says the Father. Men plan but I direct. Men cry out for the perfect plan, but lack of understanding is no exemption from instant obedience to the tug of My Spirit upon your heart. It is your responsibility to prepare, and if you obey according to what you do understand, I will enter into those arrangements and direct according to My fathomless judgments. How is this going to work if you don't do what I say at the moment that I speak? Think it not strange or a hard thing for all My pathways are peace, even when you don't know the end from the beginning. Just rest and trust for I am Authoring in you, and I am Finishing in you according to My will and wisdom, and in the end, you will come out like fine gold.



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By Glenn H. Jackson



 "Reflections Upon Reflections" [of The Father's Heart]


         ...."You, in Your great compassion, did not forsake them in the wilderness; The pillar of cloud did not leave them by day, to guide them on their way, or the pillar of fire by night, to light for them the way in which they were to go".... Nehemiah 9:19 NASB 





Words of prophecy:         


*       Begin to "stir up" [re-fire] the gift [vision, calling and destiny] that I have placed within you. For these are the days wherein I will begin to "establish" all those who love Me in their true Kingdom-position [both spiritually and physically] and, thus, I shall unite them [through a series of divine connections] in the true spiritual environment [both individually and corporately] that was their destiny from before the foundations of the earth. Rejoice, My beloved ones, for in these most glorious days your faith [love] will be rewarded a hundred-fold - and it is certain that you will see with your eyes and hear with your ears and rejoice with your heart over those things that will now begin to overtake you [come to pass].


"re-fire" - restore to brilliance, as of a gem; restore a burning passion; excitement or enthusiasm;


        ...."I am calling up memories of your sincere and unqualified faith [the leaning of your entire personality on God in Christ in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom, and goodness].... That is why I would remind you to stir up [rekindle the embers of, fan the flame of, and keep burning] the [gracious] gift of God, [the inner fire] that is in you".... 2 Timothy 1:5a, 6a The Amplified Translation


        ...."You have come to the kingdom for such a time as this".... Esther 4:14b NASB


        ...."Then the Lord answered me and said, 'Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run. For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay. Behold, as for the proud one, his soul is not right within him; But the righteous will live by his faith".... Habakkuk 2:2-4 NASB


        There is no question that the Enemy fears the children of God entering into [appropriating] and walking in the "fullness" of their precious inheritance in Christ - which includes divine wealth and prosperity. Many in the church at large are bound by certain "religious doctrines" that had their origins in a "poverty-consciousness". Much to the Enemy's liking many have fallen for his trap [these past 2000 plus years] - a trap that would surely keep the rightful Kingdom-wealth that belongs to God's Covenant people out of their hands and in his [the Enemy's] control.


        It is the Enemy's aim to keep God's people in a "just getting by" mind-set. In other words, enough to get by [or less] for themselves but not enough to actually help others to any great degree. However, in this hour, these "strongholds" [mindsets rooted in a "sin-consciousness" as opposed to a "righteousness-consciousness] are being broken down in the lives of all those who are truly seeking the fullness of their true Kingdom-position and destiny, in Christ and this is very bad news for the Enemy and his forces.


"Righteousness-consciousness"- a continual awareness of who we "actually" are in Christ;


        In this final hour, great Grace and Wisdom and Truth will be continually imparted in the earth through a holy people - a people who, in their complete reliance upon [and trust in]their Covenant-keeping God, will move forth in His unlimited Power to both devastate and destroy the Enemy's strongholds on every level of existence. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this hour will SURELY penetrate areas that, up until now, were not able to be penetrated. This is precisely why we all have gone through such and intense refining process through many years: it has ALL been for the perfect preparation that was necessary for us to walk with "both feet" firmly planted in the Kingdom


        ...."And ye shall know [gain a revelation of] the truth, and the truth [that revelation of the truth that enters your heart] shall make [and keep] you free".... John 8:32 KJV


Prayer of Proclamation


        Heavenly Father, we thank You and praise You that you are raising us up a "Kingdom-people" - a people who desire with ALL of our heart to enter into our true Kingdom-position and destiny, in Christ. We thank You, Father, that You are continually revealing to us the reality of Who we are in Your Sight - true sons and daughters of the Most High.


        We thank You, also, for the great mercy and patience that You have shown us through these many years of training and refining and we proclaim that NOW we shall surely "come forth as gold" to accomplish the various Kingdom works that You have called us to - both individually and corporately. And we declare all of these things DONE [on an ongoing basis], in Jesus' Name. Amen.


        ...."But He [the Lord] knows the way I take; When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold. My foot has held fast to His path; I have kept His way and not turned aside. I have not departed from the command of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food".... Job 23:10-12 NASB






 Read the Word of God!

The Word helps in casting down vain imaginations that exhalt itself above the knowledge of the Lord. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. To use a reading plan, just visit the daily reading page to see your daily reading. 


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