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You Have Not Been Forgotten About!

By Kelley Ewing



While spending time in prayer with my son, he was quickly taken into a vision.


He saw a big boat with large sails.  The anchor was coming up out of the water.


There was someone standing in front of the boat giving the direction to move forward.


As he is seeing this I am hearing the Father say these words this next year will not be like it was.  Those things that have held us down and back from being able to move forward is now being lifted.


God’s blessings are before us.  It’s time for advancement — full speed ahead!


As He is telling me what He is seeing, I also am seeing sail boats.  I see young children playing near a pond with their boats in the water.  Each moving quickly… in the wind.


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There is a song my mom would listen to when I was younger and I am hearing it now.


It goes like this..


And He walks with me

And He talks with me

And He tells me I am His own

And the joy we share, as we TARRY there, none other, has ever known


He is calling…

Come walk with Him…

Come talk with Him..

Come lay your head upon his shoulder


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I am hearing the words “Don’t turn your face from me, LORD”.


God is saying,  “I have not turned My Face from you, but there are others who have turned their backs on me.


I want to love them into eternity.


I long for your passions to be directed towards Me.  You have faced many advisories but you have not given up on your first love.”


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We are created to be like Christ in true righteousness and holiness. 


The former things are passing away, behold all things are becoming new.  We are to put on our new selves,  (Ephesians 4:23).


The only way to be like Christ is to worship him in spirit and in truth.  To learn of his ways and do as he says to do.


Time is fleeting, it’s passing away.  Much is changing around us for better and for worse.


The darkness is increasing but the light within us should be shining brighter.  His love can only do that.


We can’t make it happen.  Time in his presence is what changes us to be more like Him.


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“I AM coming against every adversary that stands In Your way.


You have been knocking and I have heard you.  I have heard your cries of desperation.


Know…. know that I AM fighting this battle.  I AM fighting this battle for you and with you. You are not alone.  You will come out of this victorious.”


There is someone — and I feel this burden so strongly (I am crying out) and I hear you saying to the LORD,  “I have been on my knees crying out to You in desperation!  But you seem to not answer.


LORD!  LORD!  I trust you!  I trust you Father but this has been going on far too long.  Rescue me LORD!  Rescue me!”


You have not been forgotten!  You have not been forgotten about!




By Kelly Ewing



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I Hear the Silent Cry of Your Heart

By June Sheltrown Reinke



“I hear the silent cry of your heart,” says The LORD.


“I can see every thought, every intent, every unspoken trauma, and I care.  I know the sound of your voice as you pray, and I hear your faintest whisper.


“You do not have to shout or wave your arms to get my attention, for I AM not far from you, but near very near.


“I AM closer to you than any other, and My love for you is unchanging, unimpeachable and powerful.  You will never know another purer love than that which I have given you, for I do not have selfish motives.


“I will remain faithful to you at all times and will comfort you on every side when you are troubled on every side.


“I AM that strong arm that you can lean on and I will hold you up and keep you steady and stable on your feet,” says The LORD.


“I AM with you all through the night as well as the day,” says The LORD.


“When things are bleak, I AM with you.  When things go wrong, I will help you to endure.  When nothing goes your way, just come with ME, and I will make a way of escape for you.


“I will help you through the midnight crisis as you face the darkest trials of your life.  You will come through them!  You will not be destroyed by any power!


“I hear your prayers, and I will answer you in power and authority, for I AM your everlasting FATHER, and you are MY everlasting child, because you have received Me as your only Savoir and Lord of your life,” says The LORD.




By June Sheltrown Reinke


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Divine Turnaround

By Syreeta Thomas



“I AM shifting you!  Your perspective and outlook at things!


You will begin to see things as I do with eyes of faith.  You will be amazed at how traumatic circumstances begin to align themselves and work for your purpose.


Is there anything hard for Me?


I framed the world and all that exists there in.  You will speak to things that are not as though they are and command the favor that is rightfully yours.


See yourself as you are, a mighty warrior, an overcomer, not a grasshopper.  For far too long you’ve been yet to realize your true identity.   I have made you one with Christ, in My image and likeness.


Come up higher, behold with unveiled face your higher self, the part of me in you.


Allow me to unravel the mysteries of your being and manifest the power to unlock your potentials.”





By Syreeta Thomas




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Be Careful What You Wish For

By Greg Laurie









“Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done. Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip.”

—Romans 1:28–29




When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he had two tablets that contained the Ten Commandments. The first four commandments have to do with our relationship with God, and the next six commandments have to do with our relationship with people.


Unrighteousness is the result of sinning against each other, and ungodliness is the result of sinning against God. And when you’re out of fellowship with God, you will have conflict with others, too.


If you want to run from God, He won’t stop you from exercising your free will. The prodigal son went to his father and basically said (loosely paraphrased), “Dad, I’m sick of waiting for you to die. I want my inheritance now. So give it to me.”


We would have understood if the father had said, “No, son, I love you too much. You will make bad decisions and hurt yourself. I won’t give it to you.” But that isn’t what happened. The father gave his son what he asked for.


The boy skipped out of town with his inheritance, and then he blew it all. He messed up his life. And he regretted it, of course. But his father allowed him to exercise his free will.


Be careful what you ask for, because you might get it.


The Bible describes what happens when you push God out of your life: “Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, He abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done. Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip” (Romans 1:28–29 NLT).


God will allow you to pursue what you want to pursue and do what you want to do. But be careful. Because when you reject God, ruin follows.



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By Elaine Tavolacci




This afternoon I was thinking about “New Year resolutions”. A New Year resolution is a tradition in which a person resolves to change a behavior, a habit or make a personal goal to improve their life as they enter into a New Year. As I thought about this the Lord gave me several words about New Year resolutions.


The other day I was cleaning out my closets and setting aside some clothes to donate. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that it is time for us to dispose of anything that is outdated, out of style, damaged or we have outgrown. There are some of you who have outgrown the place that you are in spiritually and it’s time to move on. You have been created for greater things but your growth is stunted.


The Lord gave me an analogy of a plant that was created to be immense but was hindered from growing any larger due to the size of the pot that it was planted in. The roots take up the whole pot, therefore the plant cannot breathe, it is strangled and restrained. It could no longer hold any water and there is no room for soil. If it stayed in this pot long enough, eventually it would die. In order for this plant to grow to its full potential it would have to be uprooted and replanted. Some of you are restrained just as that plant is. Jesus wants to enlarge the place of your dwelling and take you higher in the New Year.


As we come into this New Year the Lord is requiring us to walk in a new level of holiness. Holiness is not referring to a form of dress or hairstyle, but it is referring to the issues of our hearts. Just when we come to a place of walking in purity, the Lord then says, now come up higher. You cant take some things into the New Year that you allowed in the last season. In order to come up higher, you have to remove some baggage. The apostle Paul told the Corinthian church that they were not ready to receive spiritual things because they were carnal. He rebuked some for walking in strife and division and others who were following people rather than being led by the Holy Spirit.


The Lord wants to restore relationships, heal broken hearts, release people from anger, bitterness, contention and unforgiveness. As we allow Jesus to work in our hearts, our conscience will be cleansed and our minds will be renewed. As we forgive those who hurt us our lives will be restored. It is time to ask the Lord to search our hearts and show us anything that may be hindering our growth process.


As Holy Spirit filled believers we should not be governed by our five senses or our flesh. As we make our New Year resolutions, lets lay aside any weight and the sin that so easily besets us so that we could run the race and move forward into everything that we are called to do in the year 2020.



Psalm 24:3-4

Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord? Or who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart


Proverbs 4:23 (TPT)


So above all, guard the affections of your heart, for they affect all that you are.

 Pay attention to the welfare of your innermost being, for from there flows the wellspring of life.




Elaine Tavolacci

PO Box 60414

Staten Island New York 10306




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"Net-Breaking Harvest Is Here"

By Anita Alexander




It's Time!


It's time for visions and mandates to be birthed. It's time for dreams to be realized! It's the APPOINTED TIME.


The Lord spoke to me and said, "Though you think it tarries, wait!" In other words, it is not tarrying – your vision and your dream has an appointed time! Don't give up on it though it is lingering. Sometimes other things need to line up for your dream to birth in the right environment. Don't walk away from it. IT WILL SURELY COME TO PASS and IT WILL NOT DELAY. You haven't come this far to cave now! Are you weary? Yes – BUT GOD!


Net-Breaking Harvest


I felt the Lord take me to Luke 5, the story where the disciples were toiling, fishing all night and catching NOTHING. Jesus came to them in the morning when they were exhausted and told them to throw the net out one more time. Then they caught a net-breaking hall of fish!


Sometimes when we feel our weakest, frustrated and weary in heart because NOTHING is happening, the Lord comes to us and whispers, "Just one more time." Oh the resolve that is needed to surrender to that word! It can feel almost impossible! The disciples must have thought, "Do You know how much energy is required to throw this net out again?"


"And Simon answered, 'Master, we toiled all night and took nothing...!'" (Luke 5:5). In other words, "Don't you know there aren't any fish down there?" But in response Simon said, "OK, Lord, at Your WORD" (paraphrased).


This was trust, it was a declaration of surrender. Jesus, knowing He was going to call them to follow Him, wanted to demonstrate to them that He would never fail in His command, His power would always back up His instruction. Simon yielded to His command and thus it was so.


The Head Has Crowned


I feel like the Lord gave me a picture the other day of child birth in relation to birthing our visions. There is a stage at the end of the labor that is called "transition"; it is when the baby's head crowns. In other words, it is the moment that the baby becomes visible. This stage is where a lot of women feel like they can't go on anymore.


It's very intense and it's a stage where some women lose faculties of awareness. They may say things they normally wouldn't say, they may feel like they can't go on, etc. But this is actually the breakthrough stage, because when the baby's head has crowned it signifies it's nearly over with just a few pushes through the contractions.


I felt like the Lord was showing me this analogy in correlation to those who have come full term and have been in the birthing stage for some time now. I felt Him say that we are at the "crowning stage." For some in this phase, you may feel like you are up and down – normal one day, then under attack, hopeless and despairing the next, but you have actually been going through contractions. I've felt that recently the turmoil and turbulence have been extra intense. The contractions are coming closer together which means you are closer than ever to your breakthrough.


I heard the Lord say, "The head has crowned!" I felt He meant that going through these recent weeks, where the intensity has increased to the point that you feel like you will explode, is where the vision goes from being unseen to being seen.


In the areas where you have labored all night and felt like you've seen nothing, now is the time where they will begin to bud in visible forms. The head has crowned!


Now is not the time to stop. Throw the net out one more time. Keep pushing because before you know it, you will have your vision in your arms. And the joy on the other side of the travail will wash all the pain of labor away!


The Vision Will Not Lie – Vindication in the Reaping


In Habakkuk 2:3 it says, "For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie..."


I believe the Lord wants to encourage many of you who have been persecuted for the dreams you have carried because they haven't been understood by those around you. It has cost you greatly to carry and bring to full term what God has put inside of you.


Many a time the enemy has come to tempt you to abort. At different times, others, who don't comprehend the Kingdom you carry in your heart, have spoken into your life and counseled you to abort. But the Lord says that when you give birth to this mandate, this vision, it will have a voice itself, and that voice will be a voice of vindication. It will not lie, it cannot deceive, and it will speak this truth: your faith in God has been legitimate, tested and tried, and this promise and mandate is now established. It cannot be uprooted, because it is born of God and it overcomes the world; it was carried and birthed in faith.


Noah suffered great scorn and persecution, but when the rains came, his vision spoke; it did not lie, it told the truth of that which was previously only a voice in his heart. It was the fulfillment of the vision that spoke itself to those who didn't have eyes to see and ears to hear. It no longer needed Noah to voice it, the rain clouds and the rain were the voice. The manifestation of your promise in the natural testifies of God. It speaks and declares, and there will be great compensation of reward as you hold on to your fearless confidence and stand firm on your threshold.


Go with it, push through the final stages of these contractions with the joy set before you. See the promise in your arms, giving glory to God!


By Anita Alexander

Revival Flame Ministries






ElijahList Publications

528 Ellsworth St. SW

Albany, OR 97321


Phone 1-541-926-3250



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"It's Time to Be Drenched in This Move of God"

By Helen Calder



"I will make rivers flow on barren heights, and springs within the valleys. I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs." (Is. 41:18, NIV)


The move of the Holy Spirit is likened to rivers breaking out in dry, barren places, or an incoming tide or rain poured out on parched ground (Is. 44:3).


"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea." (Hab. 2:14)


If this resonates with you, take heart, for the Holy Spirit is moving! God is healing dryness. He is interrupting cycles of weariness. And He is removing hindrances that have led to frustration.


Voyage of the Dawn Treader


There is a book by C.S. Lewis in the Chronicles Narnia series called "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader."


As the story opens, the heroes, Edmund and Lucy, are discussing a framed picture on the wall. It is of a Narnian ship on the seas. As they observe the picture, they suddenly realize the boat and the sea in the picture are moving. A wind blows out from the picture, and a book in the room flaps and is tossed against the wall. They can smell the sea. A salty wave breaks out of the picture, and with a cold, wet splash, it breaks over the children – including Eustace, a skeptical onlooker. In a moment, all three are pulled into the frame, into a new reality, where they find themselves caught up in another kingdom and in the service of the king.


It Started with a Car Crash


Like the picture on the wall, many of us, over the years, have put God in a frame of our own understanding. But He's breaking out of the frame. This has been happening for both me and my husband Malcolm. Signs of our own "new era" with God started breaking out in January 2016.


One day, I was driving my car and turned right onto a main road. Just ahead of me, in a lane to my right, was a lady in a black SUV car with a baby strapped in a car seat behind her. We had the green light.


Suddenly, in my peripheral vision, I noticed a maroon car driving toward us from the right at a high speed. I realized he was not going to stop.


He hurtled towards us, narrowly missing the lady with the baby, and was about to collide with my driver's door when in that split second, I slammed on my brakes. Miraculously, I escaped injury by milliseconds, but my car was spun around, while the driver who crashed into me accelerated and disappeared, leaving only the smoke from his tires behind him. When I glanced up, it was just in time to see that there was no rear license plate on his car to identify him.


Twenty minutes later, I was standing in front of my car, trembling in shock and shedding tears over the loss of my car. The Ford Falcon wasn't new, but I'd loved it. And whilst I had only a slight bump on my head, the front end of my car was wrecked.


In that moment, I remembered something that happened the week before. I'd awoken sharply from a dream in the middle of the night. In the dream, I was speaking in an excited manner to an unseen audience about how grateful my husband and I were that the insurance company had written off our car, because now we could receive the upgrade we had prayed for.


My first response, before I went back to sleep, was to dismiss the dream. After all, in 30 years of driving I'd never had an accident! And we certainly hadn't been praying for an upgrade for the car. I later realized that the dream was symbolic and shared about it that day with others on our team. But we never imagined for one moment that the dream would literally come to pass.


When God Orders an Upgrade


Nine days later, I was standing in front of my crashed car. And as I remembered the dream, shock gave way to gratitude and amazement. My Father already knew about this and must have sent an angel to protect me!


Our insurer wrote off my car and released the funds for us to purchase another one. As my husband and I searched among many second-hand cars, our search narrowed down to one. It was a Ford Falcon – the same car I loved, but one year younger. It had less mileage on the odometer and it was my preferred color. Not only that, it was exactly the next model up from the one I'd lost. It was a small, very precise upgrade. But more than that, the event was a sign, and the dream I was given has been fulfilled many times over.


Kingdom Encounters


Since that time, God has been speaking to my husband and me more frequently through supernatural signs and unusual "coincidences." These can only be explained by divine orchestration. And often, objects or events in the physical realm, such as the car (and the shoehorn I wrote about in a recent word), are involved. God has been doing something in our lives that we had no prior frame of reference for.


A "King Tide" and Splash Zone of the Spirit


A "king tide" is an especially high spring tide. When there is a king tide, places that don't normally get wet become drenched. At these times, the ocean may stretch to reach ground it has never reached before.


Right now, we are living in a time where the Kingdom of God is advancing. Like a king tide, the water level of the Holy Spirit is rising, and many of us are about to be caught up in the "new normal" of what God is doing.


After decades of journeying with God and learning about the prophetic gifts, my husband Malcolm and I are living permanently astounded. The move of the Holy Spirit breaks over us, pulling and inviting us into the adventure our Father has called us to.


Then there is the "splash zone."


In C.S. Lewis' story, the selfish and unbelieving Eustace found himself in this "splash zone," caught in another kingdom, encountering a Redeemer.


When God is moving, stories of what He is up to spill over and touch those around us, and together we learn what it means to navigate this "new normal." It's not comfortable, yet it is glorious, for when the Kingdom of God manifests, Jesus is the only explanation for what is taking place.


Today, this is His invitation to you: It's time to be drenched.




If you've been hungry to see God move in a new way, breathe this prayer with me today:


Jesus, I ask You to move in my life. Give me ears to hear and eyes to see You at work. Break open the frame of my understanding. Let Your Kingdom life spill over me, over my family, my workplace, ministry, neighborhood and region. Drench us, Lord!


Father, may Your Kingdom come, Your will be done – and may many come to know Jesus as King. May there be a revival of Your Word and Your Spirit, and I say, Lord, let it begin right here, right now. In Jesus' name. Amen.


By Helen Calder

Enliven Ministries






ElijahList Publications

528 Ellsworth St. SW

Albany, OR 97321


Phone 1-541-926-3250


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By Ron McGatlin







The LOVE STORY of all time past and future is now in full measure upon us.


The immeasurable endless love eternally burning in the heart of God for His pure, holy, prepared Bride is now calling forth the beautiful Bride of His choice.


God has spared nothing in pursuing the love mate of His heart’s desire. He gladly and with great hope created a perfect place of perfect provision for everything needed or that could be desired by His created counterpart of mankind. All of God’s perfect provisions contained its seed within itself assuring continued provision for all that His love mate-to-be could ever need or desire.


The greatest, most gorgeous, and most magnificent gifts any man has ever provided for His bride pales in comparison to the gifts of this beautiful magnificent world that God as provided for mankind.


The beautiful Planet Earth placed in perfect union with life-giving light from the sun is filled with the fresh pure water of life that works together with the soil of the earth to produce growth of plants for food and materials for pleasant life. All the animals and every creature or living thing are provision for God’s chosen Bride. The magnificent mountains and beautiful mountain lakes with the streams and rivers are beauty beyond compare that fills our hearts with assurance of the loving care of Father God. There seems no end to the marvelous love gifts of God prepared for those who truly love Him.


The marvelous love gifts of God even include the provision of full pardon and redemption of the cross of Christ Jesus and His resurrected life to abide in and with us by the indwelling Holy Spirit of God. The cross and the resurrected life of Christ Jesus in us and with us now provide eternal life in this life but also for eternity in life beyond. There is nothing lacking in the pure love provisions of the love gifts of God for all who truly love Him.


The love Gifts from the pure heart of God is in anticipation of making known His love of His Bride to be coming forth to LOVE God with the love He has given to us. Our response of loving God with our whole hearts causes us to become one with Him in alignment with His loving order and dominion to lovingly care for His creation according to His will and purposes on earth.


Breaking the Heart of God


The beautiful Bride to be is given the free will to respond to the fathomless passionate unconditional love of God by loving God with our whole hearts or to turn from His love and love the created instead of our loving creator. (Romans 1:25).


Multitudes of the people who God so loves, including many Christians, are choosing to love and trust in the created over the loving Creator, Almighty God.


The created includes all natural or physical creation and all created spirit beings such as angels of God, fallen angels, and all human beings including ourselves. All religion in its practical matters of function tends to trust, at least in part, in the created over the creator, the natural over the spiritual.


Unrequited Love


The longingness of unfulfilled love beyond measure fills the heart of God. His love and pure desire for the ultimate holy romance of becoming one in union with His natural creation of Spirit beings as His wife and the mother of His many sons causes deep longing in the heart of God.


The end of the beginning facing us in this season at the close of this year is now beyond the preparation and beyond the beginning of the call of God for His Bride.














God loves all and chooses obedience over sacrifice. Obedience comes only as we totally respond to His LOVE. Love produces obedience. Love for God is visible in obedience. Postponed obedience is not obedience, and it is not love.


Instantly turn from all loves that are beyond love for the one true God. There is only one true God of life who now calls for the response to His love for you and me.


We have no time left to begin to get real with God. The time is now to turn to His love alone above all else and receive His fullness of love for you and the world around you.


You are the hope of the world. There is no greater hope or solution beyond the love of God in you: the chosen Bride of His LOVE today.


The longing heart of God awaits our response. The creation groans in travail awaiting our response. (Romans 8:22).




“And the Lord said, ‘My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh….’” Genesis 6:3.


Hear the Spirit of God. Feel the call of Spirit God. Allow your heart to be melted into His Spirit becoming one Spirit of molten love: “Awaken My beloved to the beauty of holiness and the brilliance of the glory of everlasting life. Today be transformed into the light of My love shining away all darkness. Rest, My beloved; bask in My love far above understanding in this place prepared for you in Me and Me in you now and forever. Never again stray far from this Holy Place of our Love. I am with you always.”


By Ron McGatlin


"A Dream: Finding Your Seat at His Table"
with Amy Thomas Davis

In this blog Amy shares the many expressions of family and the demonstrations of wisdom we will see in this new day. 





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Change Isn’t Harmful, Change Is Beneficial

By Russ Walden




The Father says today, change isn't harmful, change is beneficial. You are going to hear Me call your name today, says the Father. My voice is moving on the waters of your soul to bring a shift and a new direction in areas of your life that have been cast in stone for a long time. Your response at that moment will make all the difference as to what happens next in your life. Will you be a Father-pleaser, or will you go on maintaining the status quo? Are you willing and ready to step into the challenge and turbulence of a "now" answer or will you continue marching in place waiting for a convenient time that will never actually come?


Today, says the Father, I put the opportunity to shorten the waiting for the answer you have been seeking. Know this - change does not take place and cannot take place while you are making security and stability your highest priority. You must embrace the shaking and trust Me for what happens next. Yes, the waiting has been long, and you have wondered if I was even listening to the urgency of your cry. Understand that answered prayer is determined as much by whether or not you are listening as by whether or not I am listening. Are you listening, says the Father? My sound is coming into your life in this season. You are going to hear Me call your name at the appointed hour. Your response to that call will make all the difference.



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