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The Valley of the Shadow of Death

By Gail Manizak



“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.


This is My Word to you.


For the valleys have been deep so that there is even a shadow of a cloud that shades the valley to cause even greater darkness.


This is the darkest valley that My children, who are called by My name, will pass through.


But listen, My dear children.  I said, “Pass through the valley of the shadow of death,” yes, including the valley of the SHADOW OF DEATH, the deepest and the darkest valley.


I, the LORD, know at every moment where you are and how you are.


I carry you over.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  You are Mine, bought with a price and I will never let you go.


You are My beloved.  I know those that are mine.  I know My sheep.  They are the ones who call Me Father, My little lambs, precious and at one time lost but now you are found”, says the LORD.


“And you say you found Me, but I tell you, My children, I you did not find Me, I came after you with a vengeance.


The enemy would have taken your life and stolen eternity from you.  I have watched over you all of these years for you are Mine.


If I came and found and brought you into My Kingdom, if I took vengeance on your enemy and came and brought you to Myself, would I not heal you?


Will I not make you whole?


Will you not walk in the calling I have called you to walk in, from even the time of your conception?


You had victory at a young age in your life, yet you chose the pathway of defeat.  But as My word says, I came and found you, My little lambs that became lost along the way. Yes, you were the ones.


That was you, My children as you read listen.  I cherish your words of love to Me and the honor of your heart. When you hear My name spoken, your heart within bows at My name.


I see the heart.  You are full of love and adoration for Me.  Those that have been forgiven much, they are those that love much.


I see the desire within. I see the hunger to do My will.  When the time comes to do what I have called you to, you will know when that time is here.


There is much you will learn before that time will come.  Think not that I am saying you will not minister My word, for everywhere you go, you minister My word, for your love for Me is great and your knowledge of Me is greater than many I will send you to.


Do not fear the world and the ways of the world.


Do not resist going to a doctor, nor to someone in the world to whom I would cause you to go.  How do you know but you may be that doctor’s only voice for Me?


Do not fight your way through but lie still in My hands and know that I am in control of everything to do with you.


Not one hair on your head will be harmed.  Not a sparrow falls to the ground that I do not know it.


I AM the potter, you are the clay…  Does the clay say to the Potter, “Why hast thou made me this way” or “What are you doing?”?


Do not resist what you think is not of Me.  Everything that you think is not of Me, I will turn around for good and all things to do with your life will glorify Me.


I AM in complete charge of all things, the good and the bad.  Learn to rest in Me in every avenue of this life.


I want you to realize I AM God.


I AM He that created, can re-create, can heal, doing whatever needs to be done for I AM the Great Physician.


There are times I want you in a certain place at a certain time for a certain purpose.  Does this seem strange to you?


I love you, My child.  You are Mine.  Fear not for I AM with you every moment of every day.


You are Mine.  You walk by faith, not by sight.  Even in the darkest hours, you will walk by faith.


I have taught you perseverance through challenges and yet will teach you greater degrees of it for now is the time that My children are warring, fighting the good fight of faith.


War on your knees, war on your face before Me.  I will cause your enemies to run from you and you will walk in the freedom of Holy Spirit.


You will minister in the freedom of My Spirit,” says the LORD.


“Think not too far ahead, lest you would be overwhelmed with all that is happening, for soon, time will run its course.


You are My children of light.  I have filled you with light and everyone but you can see the light for I have designed it that way to keep My children humble.


Rejoice!  Great is your reward in heaven!


Read My Word and it will be life to you and many to whom you will be speaking.”


Amen and Amen.




Gail Manizak







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By Johann van der Hoven






Our greatest challenges are many times to accept:


That salvation is not the end of our deliverance, but the beginning thereof.


We are not made perfect in our salvation but we begin a journey towards perfection.


That we can never achieve perfection in our own attempts to please God, but only in our willing obedience in surrender as He completes His TRANSFORMING work in us.


That an experience in Christ does not equal the end of our journey, but that there are processes that need to be worked out daily, and that we remain in Him as we allow His Spirit inside of us to work out His salvation in our lives, causing us to be unclothed of more of ourselves, as we are clothed upon by Him.


That the process is an enduring one.


Everything God did for us on the Cross was to work out His Plan in perfecting us!


There are no shortcuts.


There is SURRENDER in daily love-Union with His Presence and a yielding to His heart – WE WALK WITH HIM!






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In My Spirit

By Johann van der Hoven




In my spirit there lives a Son of Perfection.


In my soul there is a Son under construction – God’s desire is to work out His will in me, so that there may be only One SON that will live His Life in me and through me (body, soul and spirit).


I am (eagerly) daily being constructed into His Perfection!







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Are YOU The Bride Of Christ?

By Johann van der Hoven





Are YOU The Bride of Christ?


A bride has covenant with her groom.


A bride yields to her groom.


A bride follows her groom.


A bride is sensitive to her groom.


A bride believes in her groom.


A bride submits to her groom.


A bride obeys her groom.


A bride serves her groom.


A bride becomes one with all her groom is, so that his influence is seen, felt and experienced in all he graciously, by example, leads their home to grow into, to become.




Johann van der Hoven


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Peace on The Earth?

By Prophet Ken Dewey





All along, the scriptures have warn us that division will come causing peace to not be found [except one can expect peace within their own heart as they know and understand spiritually].


Today we in America have watched the division growing more and more every day, until today we wake up to the fact that America is so divided that many are saying America will cease to be America.


People are rising up against people until there is rioting in the streets, war and rumors of more, and worse war.


Civil disobedience and civil war is breaking out in our political system.


American leaders fight every day in the Capitol buildings, until there is hardly any real nation alive.


All peace seems to be going down the drain.


But not in political arena only, but in the believers also.


I see those who believe one thing, and others who hate them for believing it.


I see believers in religion, fighting believers in faith.


Churches divided, and communities torn with strife.


Bitterness breaking out, and words that cause bitter fighting and disagreements.


The “Church” in America has never been more divided than today.


But we must know the most alarming of all division is taking place in families.  Son against fathers, daughters against mothers, and on and on, until the family is literally killing each other!


Jesus warned that it would be this way…  And literally He said: “Do you suppose that I came to grant peace?”   No.  Fact is, Jesus said that what He did would cause division.


Literally, what Jesus said was that men would have to choose Him over the world; Him over sin; Him over the pleasures of this life; Jesus over loved ones.


It was going to be decision time for sure.


Today we should not be surprised to see this division growing and the lack of love and understanding happening.


It is a sign of the times.


Scripture tells us that in the end times there will be perilous times, the most difficult of days.


Now is the time for real spiritual believers to stand up and walk with God and not let the division all around them,  “Divide them away from the LORD himself”


Now is the time we must be strong in faith and decide finally to walk with the LORD and live for God, despite what anyone else does.


Now is the time we must choose the Word of God over the political correctness of the day.


Now is the time to choose to walk holy, when the world is walking in ungodliness all around.


Even if we lose our families.  Even if we loose traditions, culture, etc.  We must choose the Word of God and the LORD over all…


Else we will be divided even against our God!


“51 Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth?  No, I tell you, but rather division [between believers and unbelievers]; 52 for from now on five in one household will be divided [over me], three against two and two against three. 53 They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”


54 He also said to the crowds, “When you see a cloud rising in the west, you immediately say, ‘It is going to rain,’ and that is how it turns out. 55 and when [you see that] a south wind is blowing, you say, ‘It will be a hot day,’ and it happens.

56 You hypocrites (play-actors, pretenders)!  You know how to analyze and intelligently interpret the appearance of the earth and sky [to forecast the weather], but why do you not intelligently interpret this present time?”   Luke 12:51-56.




By Desert Prophet Ken Dewey


The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.



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The One Blood & Life That Mattered!

By Pastor Mark Cyril



The one blood and life that mattered…


There seems to be a spiritual law that governs the law of life redemption and it is:


“To save a life, a life must be taken!”


That law reigned in the Old Testament and apparently all times even among those in cults today!


But in Christ, that law is abolished.


Christ has given His Life for all lives to put an end to even animals, being slain.


Now, if He did this for lower creations so they are no longer killed for a ransom, how much more for man?


I am so glad that in Christ, I don’t have to offer any sacrifice for longevity or any of such, nor can my life be exchanged for another’s!


Christ has given His Life that I may have eternal life (Zoe) inside of me.


His blood is the only blood that mattered!


His life is the only life that mattered!




By Mark Cyril



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The LORD Asks: Why Do You Limit Me to an Audible Voice?

By Syreeta Thomas



I believe the Holy Spirit spoke:


“I’ve always been with you child. but you’ve never perceived Me because of the worries and cares of life that you make to bombard your mind and seal your senses.


Am I a distant God?


Why do you limit Me to an audible voice?


Have I not spoken in a gentle breeze, even the howling of the wind?


Have I not spoken in a baby’s cry?


The cry of that baby declares new life!


Have I not spoken to you in ways beyond human comprehension, the dashing waves, the roaring sea?


Have I not spoken even in the cool of the day?


My child, it is time you put off childish ways, it is time you know me as God and Father and that I’ll never leave you neither forsake you.


When you were being made, I was there, when you were being wrought in your mother’s bowels, I was there.


I spoke you into being.  I placed My Spirit on the inside of you.


I made you to carry My Glory, not to live as a mere mortal.


I created you to show forth my praise and be a living testimony of My power and awesomeness.


You are no grasshopper in this land, I created you to rule, to have dominion, to be fruitful and multiply!


Let there be therefore no shadow of turning in you.


Know this, that the Words that I have spoken concerning you are already written of you, already established.


Only seek to know Me, know My ways and I will show you how to accomplish these things.


Why are you now disquieted within you as if in you there is no King?


Shake yourself from the dust!  Know you not that the righteous is as bold as a lion?


Be not afraid, I AM with you even forever.  I have engraved you in the palm of My hands My child, you are My masterpiece, My mark and seal are upon you and I’ve loved you with an everlasting love.


Remove from that place of never coming to the fullness of knowing Me.


For I know you and every plan I have for you.”





Syreeta Thomas



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“Choosing to Trust: The Truth in your Trials"
Part 3
By Nita Johnson



“Now if the dispensation of death engraved in letters on stone [the ministration of the Law], was inaugurated with such glory and splendor that the Israelites were not able to look steadily at the face of Moses because of its brilliance, [a glory] that was to fade and pass away, Why should not the dispensation of the Spirit [this spiritual ministry whose task it is to cause men to obtain and be governed by the Holy Spirit] be attended with much greater and more splendid glory?”  2 Cor. 3:7-8 (AMP)  


Consider what happened at the time the law was given. Moses was so filled with the glory of God that the Jewish people around the bottom of the mountain could not bear to look at his face. The glory flashed like lightning from his face. The top of the mountain was surrounded by angels that looked like a wall of fire. A trumpet blew that seemingly called the entire creation to attention. The Word of God spoke from the top of the mountain down to the people at the bottom of the mountain.


They were not just bland words—every word was living, released with power. His words were full of revelation, which means that they were full of light and illumination. As God spoke, an entire race of people was being transformed in their inner man to see and understand God and His Kingdom. We still have not seen it but these people saw it. Have you been taken to heaven and shown the Kingdom of God throughout? Not only did these people see it, but they were taken into it. Every word God spoke built up their inner man to be able to contain the revelation they were being given.


Now I want to tell you something that happens with revelation. Revelation will do something very good for you or it could do something very bad for you. If you are given a magnanimous revelation from God, where your entire being is taken into the experience, it causes your spirit to come to a new level of life. It also causes your soul to be stimulated very deeply by this new level of life. If you abide by, meditate on, pray over, and chase God in respect to this stimulation, then you will find a certain level of transformation taking place in your soul as a result. If you do not, and you treat it like something that is unimportant, the very next thing your soul will do is desire more of the world. This happens because your soul has been excessively stimulated, and you have to do something with it; you cannot just sit on it. Your soul will become so active that you have to respond to it, either by moving deeper into the Spirit and running after God, or by moving into the lust of your flesh. The latter is what happened to Israel. They did not know to run after God, the Author of this stimulation.


What is the very next thing that Israel did? They got busy making themselves an idol. People will make all kinds of idols behind revelations, including letting the revelation become the idol rather than the Author of the revelation. What Israel did in that season is very normal, so we can quit condemning them. It is exactly what you will do if God visits you and you do not do the right thing with the revelation.

What is His goal? He has inaugurated a dispensation of grace through which His intent is to let the world see the Kingdom of God. He desires to grant to the world a revelation of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Author of salvation. That is why so often when people get saved, they want to go out and get everyone saved. Not many will retire to their room and say, “I think I'm going to become a mystic.” They want to go out and get people saved. I was terrible in that way. I wanted to get my whole real estate office saved. It got so bad that when I came in, they would leave. It seemed like the safest thing they could do.


Something was stimulated, and for me, the stimulation drove me to the Word. I was so hungry for the Word—I could not get enough of it. I spent hours a day in the Word. Then the Word began to create in me a stimulation of the desire to worship the Lord. I wanted more of Him, and I cried out continually, “I want more of You, Lord! I want to know You more! It just seems that there's something I don't have that I'm supposed to have.”


The thing I did not have was the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Lord made sure I received that and then I was really crazy for Him—just ballistic. I had to have even more of God. I had to be in Church all the time and I had to get everyone saved. I was seeing dreams and visions; I had no idea what that was. I was born again in the Charismatic era, and they did not know about prophets back then. So here I was, experiencing the maturing of a prophet, and I did not understand what was happening to me but that did not stop me a bit. I just kept running harder and faster, wanting to know more. I would get the Bible out, and I would read it and cry, “Please help me understand Your Word! Open Your Word to me.” Something had been stimulated. My spirit man was now in connection with Jesus and His Kingdom.


What is the purpose? When we were born again, there was in you and me an inauguration of glory. It was a glory that God wanted to use to lead you into the depths of understanding the ways and the nature of God. The goal is to bring you into a glory that is greater than what Moses experienced. What exactly did Moses experience? When your heart and your soul have been properly conditioned by the Lord by chiseling away or burning away the chaff that is in your soul, He fills you with glory.


To be continued next week…


In Him,





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My Peace Is Available For You At All Times

By Bev  Robinson






My peace is available for you at all times.  You are beginning to believe that, so much that, whenever something happens that could shake you to your core, the first thing you think is: all will be okay.  That pleases Me My child.  Because I want you to be used to live that before others that they too will come to the reality that My peace is available at all times, and they will live knowing that.


Colossians 3:15 (NASB)  “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.”  


Bev Robinson





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Satan Would Have You Believe That You’re

 Always On The Outside Looking In

By Kevin Robinson



Satan would have you believe that you’re always on the outside looking in.  Others are given preferential treatment and you are kept at arm’s length.  Interestingly enough, it is from an outside perspective that you are able to see and discern matters that those in the inner circle cannot perceive.  You have always thought outside the box.  It is who you are.  The prophetic gifting is often a lonely reality. Embrace the position I’ve put you in.


Mark 6:4 (NLT)  “Then Jesus told them, “A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his relatives and his own family.”  


Kevin Robinson





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I Know Your Situation

By Robin Robinson Bohlin




I know your situation.  You have the power to change this situation through your thoughts.  When you begin to think My thoughts, then the frequencies and vibrations of My words begin to penetrate the atmosphere.  Simply by changing your thoughts the situation can change.  Let your thoughts line up with My word and an explosion of possibilities will begin to happen.  It will be hard at first but a disciplined thought life will bring you much peace!


Philippians 4:8 (WE)  “Here, my brothers, are some things I want you to think about. Think about things that are true, honest, right, clean and pure, things that are lovely, and things that are good to talk about. If they are good, and if they bring praise to God, think about these things.”  


Robin Robinson Bohlin


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There Are No Shortages In Heaven

By Russ Walden




The Father says today, there are no shortages in heaven. There are no deficits in heaven, and I am working to bring heaven to earth in your life. The inventories of heaven are always an upward count, never a diminishing supply. I have given you in the earth an inherited right to the unlimited resources of glory. I said in My word that I would meet all your need out of My riches in glory. Are you banking in the glory? Are you drawing upon the wealth of blessing that is available for you in the glory? Step out today into the economy of the kingdom and realize that the economy of man will no longer define what your fortunes represent.



Begin this day to spend the currency of the kingdom. Faith is the coin of the realm where I live, says God. Spend your faith. Spend your faith on your necessary needs. Spend your faith on highest heart’s desire. Spend your faith by speaking to your mountain. Are you speaking to your mountain? What are you saying to your mountain? Are you saying, “My, that mountain is getting bigger…” or are you commanding “be removed and be cast into the sea”? “Stand up on your feet,” says God, “and speak to that mountain of those things contrary to My purpose and see how it will be cast into the sea to be replaced by the manifest substance of answered prayer in your life.”



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 "Reflections Upon Reflections" [of The Father's Heart]


         ...."You, in Your great compassion, did not forsake them in the wilderness; The pillar of cloud did not leave them by day, to guide them on their way, or the pillar of fire by night, to light for them the way in which they were to go".... Nehemiah 9:19 NASB


                                                       March 21st – Glenn H. Jackson


                                                        THE KINGDOM


Words of prophecy:


*       The "Kingdom" is the sphere in which My Will is carried out to perfection - in the power of My Spirit.


        ...."But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right)".... Matthew 6:33 The Amplified Translation


        ...."I [Jesus] am sending forth the promise of My Father upon you; but you are to stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high".... Luke 24:49 NASB


        "Fixing" one's eyes upon Jesus [the Word of God] is THE catalyst to one "abiding" in spiritual reality [the gaining and maintaining of an ongoing revelation of the "finished work" of Jesus - and the Kingdom].


        ...."let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith".... Hebrews 12:1-2 NASB


        ...."For our light, momentary affliction [this slight distress of the passing hour] is ever more and more abundantly preparing and producing and achieving for us an everlasting weight of glory [beyond all measure, excessively surpassing all comparisons and all calculations, a vast and transcendent glory and blessedness never to cease!], Since we consider and look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen; for the things that are visible are temporal [brief and fleeting], but the things that are invisible are deathless and everlasting".... 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 The Amplified Translation


Prayer of Proclamation:


        Father, we thank You and praise You that You have raised us up a Kingdom-people - a people whose eyes are continually focused on a "revelation" of Your Word [the Truth]. And we declare it DONE [on an ongoing basis] in Jesus' Name - to Your greatest Glory. Amen.





 Read the Word of God!

The Word helps in casting down vain imaginations that exhalt itself above the knowledge of the Lord. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. To use a reading plan, just visit the daily reading page to see your daily reading. 


Click the following link: 





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Signs of the Last Days

By Mary B Dovie



“But when Pharaoh saw that there was relief, he hardened his heart and did not heed them, as the Lord had said…


… Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”…


… Therefore as the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of this age,” Exodus 8:15; Matthew 13:30, 40 NKJV.


“My child, in this hour, many have hardened their hearts so they cannot receive truth anymore.


It is a sign of the last days as the tares come into full maturity.  Their stiff-necked resistance to Me, My Word, and My people will bring great damage to them and all who follow them.


Their resistance is not against a man, your President, but it is against Me.


They are like Pharaoh in the days of Moses.


I will use their words and actions to bring glory to My name.


I will not relinquish My claim on this nation that was consecrated to Me when she was born.


The turmoil, strife, and chaos that the enemy has planned will back fire.


In fact I will use their own plots to expose their dirty laundry for all to see.


I will break the back of their illusion of compassion and show them for what they are: murderers of children, possessed by unclean spirits, worshipers of demons, and lovers of themselves.


By their own words judgments will be pronounced.  What they planned to use to destroy My people will, in fact, be their own destruction.


Yes, even as Pharaoh learned many centuries ago: I AM THAT I AM; there is none who can defeat Me.


In all of this there is a caution to My children to stay humble and obedient to My Word.  Do not rejoice as you see them sitting on their ash heaps.


Be willing to pray for their souls, perhaps they will repent.  Celebrate My goodness instead because I have given them a chance to turn from their sins.


Let My compassion and love guide your every step.  Heal their sick; raise their dead; cleanse the leper, and cast out demons.


Let Me do My greater works through you so the world will come to know Me and the Father Who sent Me.


Harvest time is here.  The wheat and the tares are being separated.  No time for playing religious games.


Choose wisely and follow Me into the fields.  We have much to do.  I release My blessings and peace to you even now.  All is well.  Shalom.


“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way…


… And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’  Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons.  Freely you have received, freely give…


… I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me,”    Psalm 37:23; Matthew 10:7-8; John 17:23, NKJV.


Scriptural References:

Exodus 3:14;  1 Samuel 8:7;  Psalms 7:14-16; 11:1-7; 35:6-8; 37:1-40; 57:6; 140:9-11;  Romans 1:28-32;  1 Corinthians 15:33;  2 Timothy 3:13;  Revelation 19:20; 21:8.




Mary B. Dovie


“In God We Trust”

“Let God Arise & Let His enemies be scattered!”





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A Prayer of Surrender

By Johann van der Hoven



“LORD, lead me in Your will.


Teach me Your ways.


Show me what I do not know.


I want to serve You, for no other reason than serving You.


I want to be with You all the time and be aware of Your Presence.


I want to live in harmony with Your will and in obedience to Your heart.


I want to live in worship of You and with You.


LORD use me as You will.


Change me and continue to change me.


I don’t want to be anything more or anything else, or anything other than what You would have me to be, and do.


I want all things in me, and done through my life, to always cause You to be seen and glorified.


I never want to stand in the way of Your glory.


Please hide me always that others may see You and never me, or rather keep me from being seen at all.


I love You and I want to remain in Your Love always.”




This prayer I prayed in 1991 at the beginning of my ministry when God began using me in a powerful miracle ministry.


It has been the prayer of my heart ever since, and still is today.


It is the prayer that will position you in right standing with Him if it brims over your lips from an overflowing heart.


It was His prayer poured out through my heart – study the points in it carefully.


It is the prayer that centers everything around Him, focuses everything on Him and brings all in your life to remain in yielded worship at His feet.


It is the prayer that is a pride slayer, that keeps Him on the Throne of your life and you worshipping before it.


It is the prayer of SURRENDER!




~ Johann van der Hoven

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