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Anchor your heart to His Plumb-line . . .


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You Can Anchor Your Heart to His Plumbline

By Sandi Holman




The LORD is changing the tempo.


As HE has allowed us to slow down and push the pause button, it is as though behind the scenes, the last few days we are sensing Him move at a faster pace toward the promise and fulfillment of visions.


I see many missing links and pieces to what we see as a huge puzzle coming together as the body is being fitly joined together.


Even in separate places, we are all on the same time clock.  Our times are in His hands and He has stopped our time clock to write eternity in our hearts afresh.


Even as we are closed in, it is a special appointment to spend time in the secret place.


Do you hear the sound?


Even as the enemy has loosed the screaming sounds of fear into the atmosphere, I hear the sound of the heartbeat of the Father whispering comfort and peace in my ear.


I hear Him saying, “Never forget these are the times of the harvest and great faith.  What the enemy meant to divide and isolate, I AM using to draw my family back to Me to receive strength and courage for what is on the horizon.


I AM revealing the importance of Value.  You cannot put a price tag on the Value you have for others because of the Value I placed on you,” says The LORD.


Acceleration is upon us, even as we enter into some uncharted territory.


For many, it may seem like we are like a ship without a sail but He is saying, “The winds of change have brought you to this moment and now I AM releasing what you will remember as a “second wind” to carry you forward.


The wind of my breath will arise in your heart and you will move and take action at just the right moment of time.


As you breathe in my breath you shall be filled with courage and as you exhale, all fear must go!


You will feel a great SURGE to move forward with new momentum.  Great grace and favor shall abound to you,” says The LORD.


“You can anchor your heart to My Plumb Line.  My Hand shall draw a plumb line in this hour, “I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line,”  (Isaiah 28:17).


Acceleration and Action are working together for a dynamic manifestation of reformation and a true revolutionary movement of The LORD, for and through His bride.


It truly seems as though my heart is beating faster as I receive answers and connections only the heart of The LORD has heard and the hand of The LORD has released.


Beloved, find the ancient path He has gone before us and is putting our feet on the path of life for such a time as this.  It is all coming together!




By Sandi Holman



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Ready for The Great Turnaround?

By Heidi Bryden



I had a brief interactive vision this past night that stayed with me until morning.


It remained in my spirit so that I would study it and write it down.  I believe it is an encouraging word for The Body of Christ.




I was standing on the side of my street at the driveway of my home and a great powerful snowplow came driving up the street from the left (below) and was plowing up the street, scooping and pushing to the side slushy snow, gravel and debris.


Just as it went by me, pushing all this stuff out of the way, it abruptly turned and did a 360 degree turn back down and around.  This time, coming straight for me.


It crashed into me, like a spirit form would, and I felt the impartation of being lifted up.  The snowplow actually entered into me.


I knew this vision was important.  The suddenness of the turnaround and it scooping me up shook me.  As I sought The LORD about this in the morning, it was an encouraging Word for what He is about to do.


God is the Plowman, the Great Snowplow, His hand was the shovel, scooping all the left over melting snow and debris from the winter past and making a clear broad path for us to walk on.


No longer the struggle of stomping in ice and snow, but a clear, clean, wide path was before us.


This vision can be interpreted on several levels.


Financial Markets:

The market is taking a beating but the outlook is bright and it will abruptly rise again after a quick turnaround.


In this vision, the market seemed to rise, then it took a quick spin around, going down briefly and coming back up.


The outlook is clear and the path for the righteous is straight sailing.  I believe this is the treasure The LORD showed me as coming on the backs of the dromedaries on January 1st of this year.


In that vision, I saw a man leading a camel, laden with treasure.


I heard the Spirit say, “A benefactor will lead the dromedary.”


The benefactor is someone or something that will cause the treasures, that have been laden up for the past 2000 years, to be imparted to the righteous ones, who have not given up hope, but have been pressing in for their reward.


A dromedary is one of 3 species of camels that have not been bred naturally for 2000 years.


Your Own Destiny:

Your destiny is straight before you!  You may have taken a hit but The LORD has it all in His hand.


He is plowing the junk out of your life and clearing it out of the way!  Your health will improve, you will have had a much needed rest and will be ready to march on with new marching orders.


The Plowman is plowing the way clear ahead of you!


Spring Has Arrived:

The slush on the road indicates the arrival of warmer weather, a change in seasons, Spring has arrived!


Right now with stores, schools and places of business closing, it is a time for rest and recalibration of body, soul and spirit. In whom do you trust?


Look up, wait on The LORD, listen to the still small voice and have faith that death and disease will PASSOVER you.


I believe the great Turnaround will start this PASSOVER.


Consume the Word:

Read the Word, eat the Word, drink the Word.  Let it be life to your bones and to your soul.


In 2015 I had several angelic visitations that set me on the narrower road to a deeper walk with God.  In one visitation, a bright angel stood to my right side and fed me 3 wafers, one at a time, saying 3 times as he placed these wafers on my tongue, “EAT THE WORD, EAT THE WORD, EAT THE WORD.”


I asked which books to start with and he gave me 2 books of the Word that I have ingested and studied studiously since.


A hunger for the Word and for Jesus, Who IS THE WORD, consumes me.  May you receive this impartation of hunger as you read this article.


“A voice announces in the desert, clear the path for The LORD!  Make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God!  Every valley will be raised and every mountain and hill will be made low, and the crooked will be made straight, and the mountain peaks a plain, and the Glory of The LORD will be revealed, and all flesh will see it together, for the mouth of The LORD has spoken it,”  Isaiah 40:3-5.


“Sing and rejoice, for lo, I come. oh lo I come and I will dwell in the midst of you, and you shall be My people and I shall be your God!  — Selah,”   (Zechariah 2:10ff).





By Heidi Bryden



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Sheep Amongst Wolves

By Adrianne Kendell



Remember He said, He was sending us out as Sheep amongst wolves?  🙏🏾


The LORD says, “Do you remember My words?  Do you remember what I said to you in the Beginning?


Did I not say I was sending you out as sheep amongst wolves?


Many have lost sight of My Truth yet My Truth is all in My Word.


Will My People choose to Return to Me and Discern in this hour?


Open your eyes,” says The LORD. “Open your eyes!  For It is My Desire that you become a true DISCERNER in this hour.


But you must look deeper…..


You must come closer…..


You must remain teachable and humble to take heed to only My Voice.


Many false voices, many false prophets, many wolves in sheep’s clothing are among you, My People.


My People must Return and Discern!


For I AM indeed preparing My precious and priceless Jewels.  I myself am doing this,” says The LORD God Sabaoth.


“I AM cutting, I AM Shaping, I AM Molding them all….. for My Glory.


I AM preparing My true Bride.  Separating them from the false ones!


You must learn now and discern, the difference between what Is *Real* and what is *False* in My Kingdom.


You must now discern the difference between those who are Mine, and those who are NOT Mine. (Malachi 3:17-18)


For it is Written,


“They shall be MINE,” says The LORD of hosts, “On the day that I make them MY JEWELS.  I WILL SPARE THEM as a man spares his own son who SERVES HIM.”


Then you shall again *DISCERN* between the righteous and the wicked, between one who “serves God” and one who “does not serve HiM,”   (Malachi 3:17-18 NKJV).


“For I AM preparing My Jewels,” says The LORD.  “I AM cleansing My own Bride.


Yet the great deceiver has been at work, even as it was in the beginning (Genesis 4) And so it is even now. So many have been deceived in this hour.


Do you not see it Beloved?


All across the globe, the nations are deceived, and falling from Grace.


Yet I AM soon to come, and take back My Earth.  I AM not a Man that I should lie.  My Word is indeed True and it’s all taking place, the pages of the Bible, befitting for such a time as this.


Even as Eve, was beguiled by the enemy, deceived by her own heart and desire to be WISE, so are many today, grossly deceived by their own hearts!


Millions have been deceived,” says The LORD.  “Yet My Heart burns with love for them, to come to know Me and My Truth.


Yet time is short in this age, and the anti-Christ is soon to reign.


The Antichrist will come from the Vatican, the same place where they defiled My Word, changed My Laws and perverted the Sabbath!”


(The word “Vatican” literally means “Divining Serpent,”)


“For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do NOT confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh.  This is a deceiver and an ANTICHRIST,”  ((2 John 1:7 NKJV).


“Many have been made to believe that MY WORD IS A LIE!  That I AM a liar!?


Yet there is only one deceiver, the Great Deceiver, that serpent the devil!


While the world is saying come out and be clean, to be protected from the CORONOVIRUS.


Distance yourself!  Be separate!  Wash your hands!  Wash your hands!  Cleanse yourselves.  Protect yourselves from that which seeks to destroy you.  👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌎🌎


Do they not hear ME?




“Wash your hands!  I AM telling the whole world to Wash their filthy hands!


Many hands are full of blood!


I Sent My Son to Die for the sins of the World. It’s Time to receive MY TRUTH, in the Earth.


Will they yet come to Me?


When will they learn that I AM God, and besides Me there is No savior?”


“You are My witnesses,” says The LORD, “And My servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe Me, and understand that I AM HE.  Before Me there was NO God formed, nor shall there be after Me.  I, even I, AM The LORD, And besides Me there is NO savior,”   Isaiah 43:10-11 NKJV.


“There is so much blood on the hands of these wicked nations?  Their evil works they do in secret have wearied Me.


My People are scattered across the Globe 🌎.  But I AM WITH THEM, I AM WITH THEM!”


Cleanse yourselves!

“I AM saying, Clean yourselves My People.


Come out and Be Clean.  CLEAN YOUR HANDS, purify your motives, purify your heart —- (Psalm 24).


Come out and be clean and pure in your heart.  It’s going to take more effort to Stay Clean to stay closer to Me, and see the TRUTH in these last days of this Age.


So Much deception My people, for this world Is full of FILTH and WICKEDNESS,” says The LORD of Hosts.


“This must be intentional.  Come out and be clean, be set apart in Me.


Do you not see it?


Do you not see MY hand, turning over the tables across the nations?


Am I a God who sleeps and does not see these evil wolves in sheep’s coloring?  I see them all! Nothing is hidden from Me.


Separate yourself and consecrate your personal lives. ❤️  There is nothing in this world that surprises Me, I AM THE ONLY OMNISCIENT ONE, says God.  Pray and come together as One in Me.


I AM speaking to all the inhabitants of the Earth.  The whole Earth.


Am I not Ruler and Creator of Heaven and 🌍 Earth?


During this time of isolation and separation, will YOU Return to ME?


Will you take the time to learn of Me?”


Flee from the False Bride

“They are deceiving My own.  So many False Prophets sent to deceive *My True Bride.*  (Matthew 24) Yet I AM pruning My own Vine,” says The Father.


“For I AM the Husbandman, ❤️❤️❤️


Jesus/ Yeshua is the Vine, My sheep are the branches,” (John 15:1-7).


I AM the Keeper of My Vineyard — Cutting off Branches!

“I AM cutting off the dead branches and pruning My own Vineyard.  Looking and seeking for all those who are MINE.  Chastening My Sheep. (Hebrews 12) Pruning My Vine. Preparing My Sheep for the next move.”


My Word is Sovereign

“My Word can never return unto Me void My Children~ It is impossible for Me to Lie!


I AM married to My Word and devoted to My Sheep.  I AM THE TRUE SHEPHERD.  I laid My Life down for My Sheep, I will let no one pluck them out of My hands, yet many among you are NOT truly mine, they are IMPOSTERS.




“Return!  Return!  Return! Repent and Discern!  SEEK MY FACE!  Humble yourselves My children and I Myself will show you My Truth!


I would not let you be continually deceived.  But You must choose.  My People must choose.  Open your eyes.  Open your Eyes. For the Tares and the Wheat are soon you be separated Beloved,” (Matthew 13)


“I MYSELF — will watch over My own WORD TO PERFORM IT.”


Thus says The LORD,  “I AM not a Man that I should lie!”




Apostle-Prophetess Adrianne Kendell

Crown Jewel Ministries.


Where living Gems become Eternal.  Agape.


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