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He is Risen Indeed!

By Deborah Waldron Fry



The Angels are still asking, “Why do you seek the Living One among the dead? He is risen!” He is risen indeed!


“Oh My Beloved, whatever you are going through, whatever thoughts of fear have captured your heart, whatever lie the enemy has told you, I have come with GOOD NEWS.


I AM the First and the Last. I AM He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I AM alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of Death.


The Earth Realm was invaded by Heaven. My Glory burst forth from the tomb and the spirit of death has been conquered. Let JOY fill your heart today.


Take off those grave clothes, for I have clothed you in a Garment of LIGHT. I have translated you from the kingdom of darkness into My MARVELOUS LIFE-GIVING LIGHT.


I have called you by name and you are Mine! I did it all for the JOY set before Me! You are a Child of Light and Life.


Come out of that tomb, Beloved, run out of that grave into My Everlasting Arms! It is a GLORIOUS DAY!


Look at the Nations and watch — and be utterly amazed. For I AM going to do something in this Day that you would not believe, even if you were told.


It is the Day of Greater Things!


“Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”


Go forth now, My Child, Walk in My Resurrection Power!”


“Now on the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they, and certain other women with them, came to the tomb bringing the spices which they had prepared. But they found the stone rolled away from the tomb. Then they went in and did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. And it happened, as they were [b]greatly perplexed about this, that behold, two men stood by them in shining garments. Then, as they were afraid and bowed their faces to the earth, they said to them, “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen!” Luke 24:1-5.


“And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me, “Do not be afraid; I AM the First and the Last. I AM He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I AM alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of Death.” Revelation 1:17-18.


“Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I AM doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I AM going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” John 14:12-13.




By Deborah Waldron Fry










Genesis 50:20 What you meant for evil, God meant for good. What a beautiful promise!...Amen. | Word of god,
 Finding god, God loves me




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Do Not Fear the Shaking!

By Syreeta Thomas



Let not the abundance of Knowledge and Revelation bring pride, but Humility!


* * * * * * *


To be able to not wilt under pressure, be unperturbed or undisturbed by injustices, joyful even in the midst of tribulations, to have faith in adversity, to quickly forgive, to be still and know requires a great deal of Mastery of one’s disciplines (mind).


A transformation and renewal that for many come under immense pressure (crucible)


* * * * * * *


The LORD gave instructions to Moses in the book of Exodus 12 to take a lamb without blemish, a male, and kill it; use the blood and sprinkle it over the lintel and side posts of the house as He would pass over the land of Egypt and execute judgment that His people would be delivered from oppression.


Jesus Christ Yeshua Hamashiach, was offered up as the spotless lamb that we may be delivered from the destruction of the destroyer, the wasting of the waster and be delivered from every form of bondage and captivity (1 Peter 1:18-19, Revelation 13:8).


In this Season of PASSOVER as we walk UNLEAVENED that is without bitterness, malice, unforgiveness, evil habits and wickedness in our hearts, may we remember The LORD our God who delivered us from mental, spiritual, and physical oppression, bondage and captivity, and satanic imprisonments in Jesus Christ Holy name alleluia!


May we see, in this the first month of every months, experience new beginnings, shifting, divine change, miracles, signs and wonders, and redemption and glorify our Father for what He has done..


* * * * * * *


“I Declare in the name of Jesus that I am a pioneer of new territories.


I walk in favor with God and man, and I will possess all the land God has given me. There will be no holdups, no holdouts, no setbacks or delays.


I will not look back to return to the old.


Father, cause me to ascend into new realms of power and authority and access new dimensions of divine revelation.


Breathe new life into every dormant dream. In the Name of Jesus, amen.”


* * * * * * *


Until we are completely Healed, Delivered from or learn the lessons from our experiences we will keep attracting the same kinds of persons, situations and circumstances that mirror what’s happening on the inside of us.


* * * * * * *


Do NOT Fear the Shaking!

Do not fear the shaking! What the enemy meant for evil will be used for good.


Hearts and minds will be exposed, destinies and purposes will be fulfilled, the GREATER ONE in you will be manifest, and nations will come to the light.


The Kingdoms of the earth will become the Kingdom of our LORD.


“Know that in this season, there will be even yet stranger occurrences.


Nothing takes me by surprise says Father for it is written that there will be signs in the heaven and earth in the last days but the end is not yet for my children shall occupy till I come.


Rejoice, for though the enemy has come down with great wrath I will shake heaven for My Elect’s sake and deliverance will come for Zion.


I say to you in this season:


Be wise as a serpent.


Listen for my instructions.


Move when I say move and be still when I say.


This battle is not yours, says Father, I will fight.


Do not grow weary when tribulation comes for I will be your strength and Rear Guard.


Hope and Trust in ME.


I will never leave you nor forsake you. I made a promise to be always with you even till the end. You will see My Salvation.”


This is what I believe The Spirit says to me at this hour.


“But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.” Genesis 50:20.


“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” 1 John 4:4.


“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.” Revelation 11:15.


“Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” Revelation 12:12.


“But on Mount Zion there shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.” Obadiah 1:17.


“And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of The LORD shall be saved. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance, As the Lord has said, Among the remnant whom The LORD calls.” Joel 2:32.


“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. But beware of men, for they will deliver you up to councils and scourge you in their synagogues. You will be brought before governors and kings for My sake, as a testimony to them and to the Gentiles. But when they deliver you up, do not worry about how or what you should speak. For it will be given to you in that hour what you should speak; for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father who speaks in you.


Now brother will deliver up brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death. And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved. When they persecute you in this city, flee to another. For assuredly, I say to you, you will not have gone through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes.” Matthew 10:16-23.







Syreeta Thomas











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The Spirit of Burning Comes to Cleanse

By Priscilla Van Sutphin



Years ago I was laying on the floor in the living room when I was sick, resting, and had been praying.


I fell asleep and had a Vision of a huge lizard with human teeth.


When I awakened later, I asked The LORD what that was and He said, “A biting and devouring spirit.”


Also years earlier, I had gone home for the death of my older foster brother who died of AIDS, and while there, one thing that stood out as I was standing in the Family Room with a lot of the family there, was the critical spirit that was flying around, as they bit and devoured my niece’s husband who was Polish and an R.N.


I realized at that moment, THAT is where I got it… this overwhelming pride that criticizes everything and is part of a complex of spirits that make up perfectionism.


I have battled this thing for many years and don’t want to be part of biting and devouring others, yet I would find myself with critical thoughts now and then, and other thoughts I thought weren’t critical, but justified by the heinous actions of others!


I have a strong sense of social justice which I have had since a little girl. Partly because of the many abuses of childhood, but also partly because of rebellion that came with all that and the rejection.


I have heard those who advocate slamming everything in The Church that is not right and bringing correction.


So often The Church does not bring correction at all, or with the right kind of love, but more with a judgmental, perfectionistic kind of stance which is NOT LOVE, but a perversion of love. It is the “I’m-better-than-you-are” stance.


On the other hand, you have those who have a “sloppy grace” that thinks you should ONLY be loving and that loving means never to correct, which is just ridiculous, because a good Father always corrects his child for his protection and the building of self-control.


Then you have the Church that in leadership never corrects their own, or demands perfection from the sheep, and hides their own faults.


Also there is an element, that in order to hold on to their POSITION in the leadership of the Church, never accept any correction from anyone in the Body, because we are ONLY to HONOR our leaders, according to them.


They preach a lot on “honoring,” but you never hear any preaching about control or witchcraft.


Think on the last time you heard Witchcraft talked about in your Church. Could that be because it’s in The Pulpit, so never touched on?


Also those demanding honoring, are not always so honoring to the poor or homeless, the single moms, etc. Honoring is a two way street, all deserve respect at the very least.


You have also have the bitter “prophets” who never say anything with GRACE in it, but only judge, judge, judge with the letter of The Law, but no Grace, which is, if you read Galatians, a form of WITCHCRAFT.


For if you still walk under The Law, you are not under Grace and Paul exhorts that you then are under a CURSE if you walk under The Law instead of Grace.


I definitely want to walk in GRACE, because when you do, you are far less vulnerable to the enemy, and closer to God and His character.


Where there is a door, or hole in the door of your soul, there is a way for the enemy to get in and twist and turn and sow lies and get you to do things you don’t want to do.


In Romans it says,


“Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should obey it in its lusts. And do not present your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin, but present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God. For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.” Romans 6:12-14 NKJV




“Do you not know, brothers-for I am speaking to men who know the law-that the law has authority over a man only as long as he lives? For example, by law a married woman is bound to her husband as long as he is alive, but if her husband dies, she is released from the law of marriage. So then, if she marries another man while her husband is still alive, she is called an adulteress. But if her husband dies, she is released from that law and is not an adulteress, even though she marries another man.

So, my brothers, you also died to the law through the body of Christ, that you might belong to another, to him who was raised from the dead, in order that we might bear fruit to God. For when we were controlled by the sinful nature, the sinful passions aroused by the law were at work in our bodies, so that we bore fruit for death. But now, by dying to what once bound us, we have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit, and not in the old way of the written code.” Romans 7:1-6 NIV.


“We know that the law is spiritual; but I am unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin. I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me. I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do-this I keep on doing. Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.


So I find this law at work: when I want to do good, evil is right there with me. For in my inner being I delight in God’s law; but I see another law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members. What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God-through Jesus Christ our Lord!” Romans 7:14-25 NIV


“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death. For what the law was powerless to do in that it was weakened by the sinful nature, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful man to be a sin offering. And so he condemned sin in sinful man, in order that the righteous requirements of the law might be fully met in us, who do not live according to the sinful nature but according to the Spirit.


Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace; the sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so. Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God.” Romans 8:1-8 NIV.


From this last scripture do you see that it is our DEPENDENCE on the HOLY SPIRIT that is necessary then to walk in a life controlled by the Spirit of God, rather than our OWN MIND and heart which is corrupted?


The soulish realm of the heart, mind and emotions is NOT where we are to live. We are to SEEK GOD in ALL things so that we walk according to HIS WILL and not our own!


We often say we know this, but don’t DO it or know how to do, or are unable to do it because of being controlled by a will that has the enemy sitting on it.


That is why SURRENDER to GOD is a daily thing, an hourly thing, a moment to moment thing, and as we GROW in The LORD, we are more and more sanctified by His Grace and Glory, and we become better and better able to follow His will and not our own.


Well, back to the critical spirit, which is no different than any other to get rid of. God has to WORK in our hearts to remove it. We have to be willing and our soul has to be altered by the TRUTH.


Now to the experience I had on Wednesday.


On Tuesday I went for prayer meeting and it was wonderful as usual; then after fellowship, I went home and since I’d not slept the night before, finally got some sleep.


The next morning as I turned on worship, the Fire of The LORD came more strongly than usual for a while, and I was SO grateful as I’ve been through a long time of dryness which The LORD told me last week is over.


I had errands to do, and on the way home was worshiping when I was overcome by The Spirit while in the parking lot before getting out of the car… so I went in and worshiped some more.


The LORD told me He had assigned another Angel to me, and I kind of joked with Him that it must be a Seraphim, as I’m getting so hot whenever I worship today, there is a Spirit of Burning.


I had a wonderment sort of about all this, and felt to go to Church that night. As the couple who were there normally do not lead worship — but only once in a while — it was interesting when the wife went to give a prophecy.


There was a powerful anointing on her Word, and she couldn’t even stand at the end of it.


At the same time I was feeling such burning again, and I felt The LORD was saying He wanted control of the whole Service.


I was asking the young man who sometimes translates for me what she said, and she had said that God was saying He wanted ALL of our attention. And then I took to write down what He told me to this young man, which I shouldn’t have.


I felt to go outside and pray as she spoke, so I went to the car, knowing I’d blown it and should have kept what He told me to myself.


I went and worshiped and as I was worshiping, I saw a Vision and in the scene we were going to Mexico with the Pastor and his wife. But at the border, the guards checked me and frisked me in a very ungodly way, and I was sorely embarrassed.


Then The LORD SHOOK ME violently and said very strongly, “I will humiliate anyone who comes against another!”


So The LORD was likening criticism of another Christian to a molestation of sorts. I was filled with The Fear of The LORD, and I knew He was shaking off from me this critical spirit I’d been asking to get rid of!


Humbled, and after some Repentance and Prayer, I went back inside.


But the effect of that Encounter left me contemplating more on all that had happened.


The understanding I came to is that The GLORY increased, because He was wanting to bring to the surface something that was a HOLE in my armor.


We women are really good at talking and sometimes what HE tells you, is not for sharing!


Sometimes He is showing you secrets that HE wants you to pray about, not talk about.


That is the nature of discernment, you know. It is NOT for amplifying your giftedness or your ability, but HIS wanting you to PRAY for that stronghold or whatever to be brought down.


And the heart that comes to know LOVE will not take advantage of another. WE will not take advantage of The LORD and we will not take advantage of our own gifting, or another’s ignorance either!


He is teaching us how to be loving. When you have never been loved much by other human beings these are hard lessons to apprehend, to learn trust and love and to walk in honesty and integrity.


I have made every mistake there is to make in my life and with my walk with The LORD. He has assured me He allowed this, because He wants me to teach His Grace!


WOW… that means essentially, that He has withdrawn His Grace at times deliberately to allow me to be humbled, and to not allow me to walk in Pride or Arrogance, which has been another prayer of mine for a long time.


For a long time I’ve asked for all the pride inside me to be rooted out, and I’ve had a lot of it, because of all the abuse I went through and allowed also when older.


God is bringing His Spirit of Burning to come NOW that we may be Healed and Delivered from all that has beset us, and I realized I HAD to share this as A Warning to The Body of Christ, that we are NOT to say anything unless HE is telling us to say anything.


We must learn to depend on HIM for every step, and all the more as each day passes.


Do not be afraid to ask HIM to remove everything that opposes Him in your heart.


It may be painful, but not as painful as humiliation He could bring, or death even like Ananias and Sapphira, if we don’t press into walking in TRUTH.


“When The LORD has washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and purged the blood of Jerusalem from her midst, by the spirit of judgment and by the spirit of burning, then The LORD will create above every dwelling place of Mount Zion, and above her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day and the shining of a flaming fire by night. For over all the glory there will be a covering. And there will be a tabernacle for shade in the daytime from the heat, for a place of refuge, and for a shelter from storm and rain.” Isaiah 4:4-6 NKJV.




By Priscilla Van Sutphin










First published: 2006











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Our Path of Righteousness

By June Sheltrown Reinke



“I have given you the ability to discern the difference between good and evil,” says The LORD.


“It is unlike the shortcut that Adam and Eve took as they ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.


“The righteousness that I have imputed into you will make you distinct from the unrighteousness around you. Your heart will know what is good, and you will also hear My voice that will direct you on the path of righteousness,” says The LORD.


“It is not an obstacle course, confusing, or dark. The path of righteousness is well lit, and I AM not the author of confusion. The enemy is, and He will do everything he can to bring you into compromise, and distort the truth that will remain the same forever,” says The LORD.


“There is no likeness between My Kingdom and the kingdom of darkness,” says The LORD.


“They can never come into agreement or blend. Light puts out darkness, and the darker the darkness is, the brighter My Light in you will be. Never think that the two can make a treaty and coexist in harmony and unity, for it is impossible.


“The diabolical works of the enemy are unchanging as well. Though he alters his strategies and changes his approach, they always lead to death, destruction, ruination, utter darkness.


“The enemy always comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He never tends to life and light, never has a life source, but will never produce anything. Lies are easy to discern, for if they promote death and destruction, they cannot construct anything but only tear things apart,” says The LORD.


“Choose Life,” says The LORD. “Choose to serve Me with everything you are and everything that you have. For compromise is not going to work.


“You are to be separate, holy, distinct, and you cannot conform to the world and please Me. Be separate. Be holy. Be light, and be MINE!


“For as you choose Me, I will USE you for My Glory and your life will honorable, righteous and powerfully fruitful for My Kingdom that is without end,” says The LORD.




By June Sheltrown Reinke










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Crossing Over Into Your Destiny!

Key Prophetic Words!



Dear Advancing Ones:


The sounds from Judah going first in yesterday’s Celebration Service were a wake up to prepare for war.


We must allow the roar of The Lion of the Tribe of Judah to rise up within us. The Voice of The LORD is setting our course, and these prophetic words from yesterday will help you gird up for this Passover week:


“Many waters are being troubled. In the midst of the troubling waters, I have a people who will learn how to stand.


In the midst of the troubling waters, I have a people who will learn to walk through the waves.


In the midst of the troubling waters, I have a people who will begin to rise and not sink.


Many troubling waters are around you, but in the midst of it, you will be one who surfs to a new shore.


Some of you are grabbing hold of the plow, but you’re looking back. When you put your hand to the plow, keep your eyes focused on the field ahead.


Many new fields are forming, and if you keep looking back at the field you were in then you will never see the harvest of the field ahead.


I AM calling My People to grab hold and move forward into their new field. Do not keep looking back at that field that once produced, but jump into the field that is ahead and watch this field be cultivated.


Many of you have fear that you will not have the strength to plow that new field. The fear is making you confused over how I can infuse you.


Let go of the fear of the new! In that new field you will find the treasures that you’re looking for.


‘Comfortable’ is the enemy to the strength that you need … so be careful!


I AM producing new strength as you expand into the future.


I AM digging deep in you because you have no idea of the field I’ve been working on in you.


And yet, you are limiting Me with (your) vision. You are limiting Me with (your) ideas. You are limiting Me based upon your own knowledge.


I’m digging deep because you’re going to dig deeper. Many think My Presence is sweet and angelic, but My Presence can blast through mountains.


My Presence can uncover minefields. This is the day of knowing My Presence so your gift that you are nurturing can explode into what I intend it to be.


Many of you have chosen to like ‘vanilla’, and many of you have chosen to love ‘chocolate’.


But I AM sending a fire to melt them together, and then I AM adding My own flavors that you know not of.


I AM a creative God, filled with flavor and creativity. Your choice will be to taste and see the new taste that I AM producing.


I AM sending you into some rough territory and rough terrain for I have lost sheep that I AM hunting.


You’ve grown comfortable in trying to harness and shepherd the boundaries that I have, but I AM hunting for lost sheep.


So develop a new cry within you because you have no idea of the wolves that are on the path.


The cry that I put in you will disperse the wolves that have surrounded those that I AM intending to bring in.


Get ready! You are headed into new terrain!


Some of you are being pressed greatly, but don’t get weary in the pressing. Stop along your pressing journey and taste the wine that’s being pressed out of you.


You have no idea of the sweetness that’s coming out of you. Honey will eventually come out of you. Stop along the journey and taste and see that I AM good.


I want you to press through until I expand you into a place you’ve never been before.


My People always hear My Voice, and they are always in alignment with Me. But the enemy whispers in your ear and tells you to pick up your old chains and wear them like jewelry.


You walk in My authority! Walk with Me now and pull off those chains. I will put them in the fire and they’ll never be picked up again.


Be watchful the next 10 days because I AM coming to wobble your ox cart. When I wobble it, are you going to try to touch it with familiarity to upright something that I AM pouring out?


These next 10 days I will shake your ox cart, I will shake it, and I will shake it again. Then when you come into a realization that your order is not going into the fullness of the order that I have in store for you, pull aside and let Me reveal to you the new order.


When I reveal the new order to you in your spirit and you rise up outside of your might, it will usher in My Presence not only in your life but in your Neighborhood, Church and Office.


When I usher in the new order and judgment rises up for many who would not let go of their order, let them stand in the judgment of barrenness.


But you go on in with Me because I AM calling the city to rejoice. When I call the new order, the city will rejoice in a way that it has not rejoiced in the last two years.


Watch the next 10 days, watch the next 90 days, and then you will see a breaking that your heart has truly longed for.


This week, I AM going to take you by eminent domain. Because I live within you, you will take your sphere of influence by eminent domain.


Greater am I in you than you are in you. Therefore, I AM calling you to yield yourself this week. Yield yourself and take all that I point out in front of you.”


(Chuck D. Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Mark Waldrep, Keith Pierce, Suzanne Harrington)






By Chuck D. Pierce

Glory of Zion International Ministries

Website: www.GloryOfZion.org

Email: chuckp@glory-of-zion.org




My help comes from the Lord..." Psalm 121:1-2 - #typography by @ladysnowangel | Psalm 121, Psalms, Scripture verses 



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       Lift Him Up!

         By Lion Bites





The Spirit of the Lord is saying, "Be like the Psalmist who opened his mouth to sing of the Lord’s greatness. Encourage yourself in humility by declaring, ‘My help comes from the Lord.'


Those who put me and no other on the pedestal in their lives will hear my accolade saying, ‘Good and faithful servant.’"


Just as Jesus drew men to Himself through the crucifixion and resurrection, so He continues to draw people as you raise Him high by your words. Your humility and determination to put Him first will draw men to the King.


Praise Him as your Saviour and Deliverer. Tell of His deeds among the nations. Our help does come from the Lord!


Psalm 121:2 NIVUK

My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.


1 John 4:4 NIVUK

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.






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"To the Wild Ones: This Is Your Hour!"

By Nate Johnston




Prophetic word released on March 29, 2021:


"For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father's house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" (Esther 4:14)


Get Ready for a Rude Awakening


I was up early a few mornings ago when God began speaking to me: "Here they come, Nate, here are My wild ones!


"I have opened the gates and I have decreed that the time is over for those who have been in waiting for this moment. The moment I have prepared them for is here, and now the earth is in for a rude awakening because My front-liners are stepping into the light. They are My movers and shakers and demonic-stronghold breakers, and here they are to usher in a season of the revealing of My glory through My Bride.


Undignified, Clothed in Glory, & Coming from the Wilderness


"Right now, I am bringing them out of exile. I am gathering them from all over the earth where they have been hidden and in waiting for a long season. They have wondered if I had abandoned them or if they would ever be used in the Kingdom because they were never fully accepted as a part of it, but right now they are emerging in the world's greatest moment of pain and the Church's hour of desperation.


"They are My undignified Davids that care more for My presence and My will and My plans than the wise plans of man. They aren't politically correct or motivated by reputation, but they have only one thing in their sights – and that is worshiping Me and giving Me glory. Can you see them coming? Will you have eyes to see them? Will My Church accept them? Will they keep turning them away?


"They haven't been given a red-carpet welcome, but they will be clothed in so much glory it will be hard to deny them anymore. The fire of My presence is all around them, and they aren't here to play games but to carry the torch of revival and establish My Kingdom on the earth.


They Aren't Rebels – They Are the Rescue Team!


"Remove the barricades and the gate-checks, for they aren't the rebels that they have been seen as. They are, in fact, the rescue team! They didn't quite fit the mold and they didn't measure up to the standards of the institution, but they are sons and daughters who know My heart and know My house well. They have been in hiddenness for this very moment to bring HOPE to where many are prophesying hopelessness. They are the ones who have My eyes and see how I see. They know what is to come next. They aren't swayed by temporary storms, but they are the ones that will point the way to where I am moving and what I am doing.


"Look now – they are peeling back the veil and lifting up the curtain. They are speaking into what is to come and they live from that reality. If you want hope again, watch where they are going! They are setting the stage for the new production and unraveling the new blueprints and plans I have given them.


Ushering in a Move of Holiness & Breaking Ties with Mixture


"I am using them to raise a new standard for My people. Where there have been foxes that have stolen from My people and their faith for generations, I am restoring faith. Where foxes have come and stolen the revelation of My abiding glory, My signs and wonders, and My healing virtue, they will restore them. They will point the Church back to true north and clear the overheads. They will come with their hammers and chip off the pieces of rock that have been stumbling blocks and not building blocks, hindrances and not stepping stones. They are coming as a sign of the new wine and the beginning of a new era of My Church.


"I am not shutting down church as we have known it, but at the same time, the Church will never be the same way it was ever again. What had to be shaken was shaken. What had to fall and die fell and died, and what hasn't had My Spirit upon it is right now breathing its last. For I am jealous for My Bride to be the PURE Bride!


"What they thought was rejection from the mainstream culture was in fact My protection for an upcoming season, and that season is here now. They have been set apart so that they can usher in a move of My holiness and power; a holiness so mighty that it will reveal the thoughts and intentions of men, and reveal who is for Me and who is about building their own kingdom. This is a move of purity that is exposing the double-mindedness, duality, and mixture that has subtly crept into the hearts of Believers and disconnected them from My heart.  


Bridge Builders & Restorers


"Their hammers will be mighty, and they will seem ferocious, but it isn't out of rage but out of righteous conviction to set the record straight and RESCUE & LEAD the Church forward. In fact, I am right now baptizing them afresh with a love for the Church, in all of her expressions and parts, so that they won't be the demolition team but the bridge-builders. Like Nehemiah, they will grieve that parts of the city are in rubble and they will build and restore what has been broken down.


"They will raise up other builders and teach them to build the new while still honoring what has been built before them. They will seamlessly connect the seasons and the moves of My Spirit and reveal the pathway forward for My pioneers to run in. For many have said, 'They are against what I have built!' but I have not raised them to tear down what I have given you to build, but to tear down the enemy's work and add and increase what you have been building. I have given them an anointing to see the cracks in the foundations and to fix and address them.


Breathing Life Into Dry Bones, Broken Systems, & Burnt-out Movements


"And as they build, they will breathe life into the dry bones of dead and burnt-out movements that religion tired out and caused to expire before their time. They will be revivers of revival fire and they will cause fresh fire to enter those who have been barely flickering; they will get a second wind to finish the purposes I gave them to accomplish. Broken systems will be reinvented and reinvigorated, and My Spirit is going to cause wheels to turn where there has been no oil.


"They will especially revive the dead movements and dreams of those who were shipwrecked. They will cause hearts to start beating again in tune with Mine, and begin to burn with a love-sick desire where they have grown cold and deeply discouraged. In but moments, they will take the weariest, oppressed, and wounded of soul and cause their furnace to be ignited again.


"They will find the hurting and derailed fathers and mothers of previous movements and restore honor to them, purpose to them, and give them a reason to believe in the impossible again. They will unearth the gold in people; but to get to gold you need the hammer, not just water – the hammer and the shaking – but soon the gold emerges.


Confronting Giants That No One Else Will


"I have asked the Church, 'Will you stand up and be a voice? Will you confront the opposition and advance the Kingdom, or will you cave in and either maintain or retreat?' The intimidation and assaults have been relentless, but I have raised up a remnant who will not stand aside when evil is at their doorstep. This remnant will confront the giants that no one else will. They will be the Davids that will choose to fearlessly face the principalities in the land and call them for what they are. They will not water down the Gospel or sell out to win the favor or man, but they will bravely move in offense against the assignments of the enemy that have defied the Church.


"Innocent blood has been shed for far too long in the nations, and there has been but a few that have stood to face true evil and given their lives to see it overturned. But My wild ones will not be those who back down – no, they will be like Esther who chose to give her life to see every injustice overturned.


A Voice in the Midst of Fear & Spearheading Campaigns of Justice


"As they march into battle in places that none have dared to tread before, they will break open the way for the Church to gain back ground and advance where they have been slowly shrinking back. These wild ones will be like battering rams that break open the way, and will be the spearheads of justice that enter into new territory in which they have not had influence before. If you think that you have seen the positioning of My people in high places, wait till you see where I take them next. I am sending My reformers into the lion's den and the leopard's lair for the sake of the outpouring that is going to take place in the enemy's own campground.


"These wild ones will speak when I tell them to speak and they will not have a religious filter that edits or politically corrects/adjusts what I ask them to say. They have not been tainted by the fear of man and they will simply SPEAK, and the word will go forth. As they speak it will set in motion a domino effect of courage in those who have been afraid to speak.


Wildfire Movements in the Most Unlikely Places


"They will leave all behind in this season to launch wildfire movements that have less concern for the tangible structure or program, but they will be focused on the people. They will have an apostolic anointing to build quickly and easily gain momentum, and I have given them favor to do it. It will look messy and foolish at the beginning but soon fire will spread effortlessly.


"And I will move upon those whom man would not choose. I will choose whom I choose, and I will move upon whom I move upon, and I am going to pour out My Spirit upon the most unlikely people in the most unlikely ways. So, get ready to see undeniable fruit from places that would offend the pious and self-righteous, because I have come for all, not for a few, and I will pour out My Spirit upon ALL. (Photo via Unsplash)


Clearing the Air & Making Jesus the Main Thing


"I have given them an anointing that will be like a clear clarion call to the Bride, calling her back to first love, and it will clear the air from all noise pollution and the chasing of vain desires, and bring the hearts of My people back to Me again. Above all, My wild ones will offend the Church out of her idolatry of her own brands and reputation and cause her heart to return to Me. My wild ones will usher in a move of repentance that will cause those who have veered off course to correct their path, the lukewarm to run to Me, and those who have been chasing buildings and empires will forfeit them like crowns at My feet. They live for one thing and this is to point and lead people to Me...to reveal Me in the earth.


Opening Up a New Realm of Acceptance & Re-Activating Lost Encounters


"Their keys were stolen and it's time they got them back! And I am using this remnant to remind the Church of what she has settled for in this season. Religion has caused My Church to forget how loved and accepted they are and the permission upon them to do what they have inside of them. But they (the wild ones) will usher in a new season of permission to those who were squashed and crushed under religious red tape and protocol.


"The gates of My affection will suddenly fling wide open for them and they will see Me not as a hard taskmaster, CEO, or head bishop, but as Father and friend, and suddenly every seed and idea inside of them that has been lying dormant will begin to germinate. Suddenly innovation and creativity will spring forth and hope-deferred will lift.


"When was the last time they boldly came to the throne? Religion has created a minefield of impossible hurdles to get to Me, but I am not like that. It has created a mindset of unworthiness that has stopped people from encountering Me and even longing for Me to make them feel known. To replace encounters, religion has instead made an intellectual idol out of Me and I am removing it from the Church in this season, and My wild ones will overturn those tables and restore My presence again!


Distributing Hammers of Reformation & Restoring the Voice of the Bride


"They will be the brokers of Heaven's storehouse for this hour. They will be the ones who lead the Church back into My domain and open up the forgotten storehouses of access and authority which they have forgotten existed. They will take the empty-handed and hopeless into My house and put back hammers in the hands of reformers who had theirs stolen, songs back into the mouths of worshipers who were shut down, books and pens into the hands of the scribes, and restore the voice of the Church where she has been silenced and voiceless.


"At first, it is going to feel foreign as they hear the sound of their voices rising again and see the powerful impact of their mantles upon darkness and injustice, but this is the awakening of My Church in the revelation of who they are in Me!


The Convergence Season & the Legacy of Laid-Down Lovers


"They need to know that I am so proud of them. I know it hasn't been an easy road to walk, and at times it has felt like I have abandoned them or dealt them an unfair hand, but NOW it will all make sense why I made them the way they are. THIS is the moment where every season converges together, and they finally see the purpose in the pain and the pressing that has turned into power and anointing to break yokes of bondage and set captives free.


"Watch them now, running out of the wilderness, out of hiding, out from behind the facade of other roles that were limiting them and keeping them at bay. Watch now as My wild ones begin to emerge from all walks of life and all streams. I can see the looks in their eyes as they are, right now, standing to their feet. This is worship to them, not a task. This is the life of laid-down lovers, not the objectives of a servant. These are My friends and My Spirit is in them, upon them, for this magnificent hour of the unveiling of the Bride, the great TURNING of hearts, the harvest at hand."


"And to present her to Himself as a radiant Church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless." (Ephesians 5:27)


"The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God's glorious sons and daughters!" (Romans 8:19)


"'But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,' declares the Lord 'because you are called an outcast, Zion for whom no one cares.'" (Jeremiah 30:17)


"Who is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on her beloved?..." (Song of songs 8:5)


"...You will be known as Repairers of the Cities and Restorers of Communities." (Isaiah 58:12, emphasis mine)




By Nate Johnston

Everyday Revivalists

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Website: www.nateandchristy.co




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Romans 15:13 Inspirational Image




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Hope in the Lord

By Derek Prince



Psalm 130:1–2; 5–6


Out of the depths I have cried to Thee, O Lord. Lord, hear my voice! Let Thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications. I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, and in His word do I hope. My soul waits for the Lord more than the watchmen for the morning, indeed more than the watchmen for the morning.     NASB



     There’s a picture of a man in a desperate place. He’s in the depths, and out of the depths, out of his agony, out of his despair, he cries to the Lord, he lifts his voice to the Lord. His only hope from then on is in the Lord.


     Perhaps you have been in that place. Perhaps you can look back on a situation like that. Remember that when you cry in your agony out of a sincere heart the Lord hears, but sometimes you have to do what the psalmist had to do: you have to wait for the Lord. He’s heard your cry; He’s coming to your help. Don’t let go; don’t give up your faith.


     The psalmist said, “I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, in His word do I hope.” Don’t give up your hope. Your hope is so precious; it’s so necessary. There’s a saying: “While there’s life, there’s hope.” If you give up hope then you may not see what God is preparing for you.


     Wait for the Lord, be instant, be urgent. Wait for Him, like the psalmist says, “More than the watchmen wait for the morning.” But don’t give up, don’t stop waiting. The Lord heard your cry and He’s coming to your help. Hold on just a little longer and you will see what God will do for you.


By Derek Prince


To view a video of scenes from Israel with Derek's original audio on our website click here.



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"In Christ, Be Full of Life!"

By Francis Frangipane



The Church will be Full of Life!


Two forces are increasing in the world: the power of life and the power of death. The Scriptures tell us that before Christ returns, satan will be cast down from the spirit realm to the earthly realm, "having great wrath, because he knows his time is short" (see Rev. 12:12). Jesus warns us in Matt. 24:22 that unless those days had not been cut short, "no life would have been saved." Prophecy after prophecy warns of these days. Satanic darkness is on the face of the earth, and where the devil is, death and destruction are soon to follow.


At the same time, the sons of the Kingdom should expect to enter ever-increasing degrees of life. Through repentance and faith in God's Word, we are seeing more of the Holy Spirit and more of Christ's actual presence restored to the Church. I believe before Jesus returns, the Church will be as full of life as Christ was when He walked in His earthly ministry.


Paul tells us that a time will come when "that which is mortal may be swallowed up by life" (2 Cor. 5:4). At the last trumpet sounds, our perishable bodies will put on imperishable bodies and what was mortal will put on immortality (1 Cor. 15:53). Think about it: immortality, death and decay swallowed up by life! We are not facing death; we are discarding death. We are facing LIFE – abundant, eternal and indestructible!


This is important for us to grasp because I believe that what seems to occur "in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye" (1 Cor. 15:52) is actually the result of years of progressively laying down our self-lives and progressively absorbing and living in Christ's life. The Scripture tells us that now "your life is hidden with Christ in God." But, "when Christ, WHO IS OUR LIFE is revealed, you also will be revealed with Him in glory" (Col. 3:3-4).  


The key to the revealed glory is the hidden life we daily share with Christ. It must be a true statement: Christ is my life – in my home, my hopes, my heart, my future, and in all my relationships. At the same time, we must honestly face the fact that there are areas in us which Christ is not yet our life. And we must do something about it.


The Hidden Manna


There is a mystery concerning life. Although life is obviously within and around us, Jesus said, "Few are they who find it." Most people just exist. They go through their days afraid to live and afraid to die. We need to know that the life Christ came to give us doesn't automatically fall on us like the sunshine and rain He gives us; God hides His life in His will. And if we could find His life, we must do His will.


In Rev. 2:7 Jesus promised, "...To him who overcomes, to him I will give of the hidden manna..." The life God has for us is hidden. Jesus called the Kingdom of God "a treasure hidden in the field" (Matt. 13:44). Even though life is within and around us, we must search for it like fine gold and dig for it like silver.


Additionally, Solomon tells us that even though "God made man upright," he "sought out many devices" (Ecc. 7:29). There is something perverse about the human nature that even though we love light, we are bent towards darkness. We want relationships with people, but we don't want to maintain them.


It is so easy for a man to come home and look at his wife as one of the "things" in the home – there's the chair, the couch, the table, my wife, the lamp, etc. Men must cultivate being sensitive to the person of his wife. On the other hand, a woman might complain that her husband doesn't communicate with her; when he finally does talk, instead of making it an enjoyable time, she might ruin it by telling him how often he fails to meet her needs.


It is so easy to blame others for the failure we have in our relating, but the problem is latent within us all. We desire, but how often we fail to give it! It would be safe to say all of us need God's help.  


In the book of Daniel, the angel Gabriel approached the prophet to give him understanding concerning a vision. Daniel explained his reaction to this supernatural encounter. He said, "Now while he was talking with me, I sank into a deep sleep with my face to the ground..." (Dan. 8:18). It is unfortunate, but this is actually how most of us approach the things of God: in a deep sleep with our faces to the ground.


Daniel continued, "...But he touched me and made me stand upright" (Dan. 8:18). Every time God deals with your heart, every time He touches you, He is making you stand upright. When I see you cry during worship, I know that the very Spirit of God Himself is waking you and pulling your face up off of the earth. And when your heart is burning within you at the reading or preaching of the Word, it is nothing less than Christ Himself making you stand upright.


Don't be afraid of letting the Lord touch you. Don't let defeats or failings or circumstances keep you from remaining open to the Lord. More life is coming! More of His presence is at hand! Stay vulnerable to Him and He will progressively pour more of Heaven's power into your life. And as you continue to seek Him for His life in your relationships, gradually you will see the attitudes which are human in you become divine. In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, you will see "what which is mortal, swallowed up by LIFE."




By Francis Frangipane

Ministries of Francis Frangipane

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Psalm 37:4 | Psalms, Psalm 37, Faith




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The Desire Of Your Heart

By Russ Walden



The Father says today, the desire of your heart is not just a good idea – it is a GOD idea. This is a year of refreshing and reinvention. You may feel like your dreams are cast in ruin. You may be tempted to despair that things will never get any better. That is the temporal view. Forsake all such vanities. Keep your eyes upon the eternal realities that shape and fashion what your tomorrows will look like.


I will give you beauty from the ashes of bitter disappointment. Forgive others, forgive yourself and move on. Cease wallowing in the mire of self-pity and remorse. Stop blaming others for what they did and what they did not do. That is what they are and who they are – forgive them, dust yourself off and journey on into the things that I have for you just ahead.


You have asked, what is necessary and what is it going to take to break through into the new day I have longed for? I say to you, it is just having the FAITH TO MOVE AHEAD. What is that in your hand? Do what you can with what you have and stick with it – I will take care of the rest. Relinquish the need to understand or to have an explanation before you move forward. I declare to you that there is a peace that PASSES understanding and puts you in the fast lane of blessing and favor.


Do you want peace, or do you want understanding? You can’t have both. Let go of the need to comprehend just how I AM going to do the things I have promised you. Your part is not to understand but to obey, and as you obey, I will enlarge your steps before you and cause the heavens above you to open and the beneficial rains of My goodness to water every desire and dream you have planted so long ago.




Water Reflection,
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By Glenn H. Jackson



"Reflections Upon Reflections" [of The Father's Heart]

        ...."You, in Your great compassion, did not forsake them in the wilderness; The pillar of cloud did not leave them by day, to guide them on their way, or the pillar of fire by night, to light for them the way in which they were to go".... Nehemiah 9:19 NASB





Words of prophecy:


        When I speak of one's "sphere of existence" I speak not only of their "physical" existence but also their spiritual existence - an existence that includes those they have met in the past [friend and foe alike] as well as those they have yet to meet, as they continue on the path to the fullness of their precious destiny, in Christ.


____ ...."Bear one another's burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ [which is the law of Love]".... Galatians 6:2 NASB


        ...."For we are God's [own] handiwork [His workmanship], recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that we may do those good works which God predestined [planned beforehand] for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live]".... Ephesians 2:10 The Amplified Translation


        ...."All things are legitimate, but not all things are helpful [expedient, profitable, and wholesome]. All things are legitimate, but not all things are constructive [to character] and edifying [to spiritual life]. Let no one then seek his own good and advantage and profit, but [rather] each one of the other [let him seek the welfare of his neighbor]".... 1 Corinthians 10:23-24 The Amplified Translation


        ...."Therefore, having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear [reverence] of God".... 2 Corinthians 7:1 NASB


____Once one has a "revelation" of the Father's Will [and all that it entails: spirit, soul, body, financially, relationship-wise, location/environment-wise and ministry-wise] THEN it is certain that they will refuse to settle for anything [or anyone] less than His "best" - knowing [having a deep revelation of the spiritual reality] that if they did [through the maintenance of self-desire and self-agenda] the fullness of His purpose in their lives [and in the lives of those in their sphere of existence] would be hindered [blocked]. As one comes to "abide" [dwell] in the place of revelation [the secret place of God's Presence] it is certain that all that which is "unprofitable" [inexpedient] to their calling will be made clear to them by the Holy Spirit - on an ongoing basis.


Prayer of Proclamation:


        Father, we thank You and praise You that You have raised us up a people who absolutely refuse to settle for less than Your "best" - not only in our own lives but, also, in the lives of all those in our "sphere of existence". And we declare it DONE [on an ongoing basis], in the Name of Jesus - to Your greatest Glory. Amen.

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 Read the Word of God!

The Word helps in casting down vain imaginations that exhalt itself above the knowledge of the Lord. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. To use a reading plan, just visit the daily reading page to see your daily reading. 


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