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Laugh the Laugh of Faith

By Russ Walden




The Father says today – laugh the laugh of faith.  If you aren’t laughing, you are in danger of capitulating to the lie of the enemy over your life.  Laugh, says the Father!  Laugh the laugh of one who knows when the enemy does his worst,  I WILL DO MY BEST.  Be that one who completely trusts and aligns yourself with what I say happens next and not what the enemy is threatening.  I AM working in your life to confound the enemy.  I have been doing some things to confuse and create question marks to those who are looking on that do not have My perspective on your life. 


Do not worry or be concerned that others do not understand what I AM doing, or even deny that what you are believing for is of Me.  The promise is not for them – so don’t waste your effort trying to bring them along.  Identify the “Lots” in your life and learn from Abraham’s mistake.  Be willing in My purposes to leave some behind in order to step into that unique walk and promise that I have laid out for you.


Find your identity in My presence, says the Father.  You are not Generation X or Generation Y or a Baby Boomer or any of those false identities.  I have made My throne within your life and caused you to be a part of the JESUS GENERATION.  Don’t look back to what was.  Don’t pine for yesterday or some distant, ephemeral dream.  What I have for you is real and substantive.  Time and happenstance have no bearing on what I AM bringing forth in your behalf.  You are neither too young or too old!  Because I AM the God of time – you have time.  I AM elongating the timeline of your life. 


The span of your years is in your hand and determined by the words of your mouth.  Every one of your days is written in My book and not one of them is a tragedy or heartbreak.  Rejoice beloved!  Laugh even when you want to cry – for in the laugh of faith is friendship with God – friendship with My throne, out of which all the dust and ashes of past disappointments are redeemed and rendered into fresh blessing for you on this day’s altar of worship!



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Very god and blessing post. I am a deacon who supports widows and widowers and Iam learning a lot. Blessings

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