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The Longing You Are Feeling Is Me Calling You

By Jo Ellen Stevens




2 Words in 1




The Longing You Are Feeling Is Me Calling You

~ Don’t Turn to Drug Addiction!


Many people have grown up with this longing in their heart and they have never fit in.


The LORD wants you to know that the doctors may have told you this is depression, but it isn’t!


It is just a knowing that you are called and that their is something inside you that knows that there is more to to your life than your everyday ho-hum circumstances!


There is a King inside of you looking to establish a Kingdom and a Queen looking tor her realm of rulership!  it is time to reign and your breaking forth into it is about to take place!


This is why the enemy is fighting you so hard!  He wants to see you fill this void with drugs to deal with this warfare that is going on in you, but God is saying….


“Yield to the call and peace will come. 


Yield to the call and you will find your purpose and reason to live!


Yield to the call and do not try and fill this void with other things and you will find your peace and joy and reason for living!


So many have gone after drugs and alcohol and the enemy has tried to even use prescription drugs for you to kill this longing in your heart but truly, I AM the answer to fulfill this desire.


Call upon Me and I will answer, and give you all that your heart has truly longed for!”


I am talking to someone right now and saying “Do not pick up that fix that will only leave you helpless and hopeless!  It is time to call upon the Name of the Lord, who only has a good plan for your life!”


It’s ALL About him!


When God calls us as prophetic people, one thing that we have to remember is that we only find comfort in Him.


But truly, it is not about us anymore and whether it is in trial or triumph, we must always endure and boast in Him and what He is doing in us!


This will get you through the good times and the bad.  It is all for who He has called us to and for His glory!




~ by Jo Ellen Stevens

Arise Shine!



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