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By Yolanda Ballard




Those with religious spirits operate by manipulation and judgment and not by unconditional love and acceptance.  They act like if you don’t line up to their standards, there is a price to pay.  Just like with ISIS that is motivated by hate and radical adherence to their standards they torture others.




Jesus says to forgive others for they know not what they are doing but He also says to some that they are vipers and white washed sepulchers.  He was talking to the Pharisees, those of a religious sect.  Those in elite religions they expect everyone to line up to the way they are and actually will reject and hate those that do not.




We must test the spirits behind some of our own motives, mindsets and actions to see if they are truly of God.  A good safe test is to ask our self “what would Jesus do in this situation?”  He says to love the sinner but to hate the sin.  Religion says to not show acceptance (love) until others do what they think they should be doing.  These are the legalists.




Jesus sees others through the eyes of faith believing the best for others.  He sees them set free, but the religious fear the negative actions of others and try to control them.  Jesus will woo one to Him by mercy and grace.  The legalists gain followers by fear of man, fear of rejection, judgment and accusation.




The body of Christ should unite by those things that matter like the pure doctrine of Christ, His saving grace, and repentance to His perfect will.  Whether there will be rapture, or things that are of a personal conviction or the light that God gives us will always be different.  Those things are what make us unique and we need to love and accept each other where they are.




There are things that will separate and they are covered in the word of God and must be handled correctly through the leadership of the church.  On the whole we must learn to love one another and allow iron to sharpen iron.  We are to die out and allow God’s love to flow.




Father, deliver the captives of the enemy of religion and set us free to truly love one another.  Fill us to overflowing with Your grace and truth.  Deliver us of all that brings torment and fill us with Your perfect love that cast out all fear.  In Jesus name.




Religion breeds fear but having true relationship with Jesus spreads love.  Yes, beloved let us love one another.









    Yolanda Ballard





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