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Ground the enemy has occupied in Texas is being uprooted...




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By Lana Vawser




As I have been sitting with the Lord and praying for Texas and the devastating situation with Hurricane Harvey, I heard the words..


“The tide is turning in Texas.”


I believe this is a decree of the Lord over the major breakthrough that has been happening and will continue to increase over Texas as the outpouring of His Spirit continues.


As I continued to sit with the Lord I heard the words:


“Texas, I am coming in, I am coming in, in a way I have never come in before. I am coming in a way you have never seen before. I am coming, I am coming, I am coming. I am going to make a way where there is now way. The tide is turning in Texas. The way it ‘has been’ will no longer be that way. There is a NEW DAY upon you Texas. There is a NEW DAY upon you Texas. I am with you, I am holding you, I am releasing the manifestation of the new day of destiny written in the scrolls of heaven over you Texas. As this storm has come to devastate, I am coming to ACTIVATE. To activate a greater tipping point of breakthrough upon you Texas. A new whole new level of signs, wonders and miracles as I show up. I am fighting for you Texas."


"I am standing with you My people as you decree. What the enemy has sent against you, I will turn! Where the enemy has come to devastate, I am coming to ADD to you! There is a battle in the heavenlies happening over Texas right now, but I have released my angels of recompense. Prepare for visitation. Prepare for visitation. I am coming. I am coming. I am coming and I am coming as the King of Glory. You will see My Glory like you have never seen My people. Lift up your eyes, and command this storm to pass, command this storm to turn. For the enemy’s attempts will be turned on their head, and you will see Me come, you will see Me come, your King of Glory. Your greatest days of visitation are upon you, My children. Your greatest days of outpouring are upon you and have begun and is about to increase in a way you have never seen. I am going to show up unexpectedly in your midst and you will be left in awe."


"The enemy has come to bring terror and fear, but I am coming to restore AWE. I am coming to reveal My goodness, My nature in a way you have never seen. The TRAIN OF MY ROBE will FILL TEXAS. My Glory is coming in unprecedented ways. It’s a new day. No longer moving with the old, the guards are shifting, the positions are changing, the ‘making room’ for the new thing I am doing is happening, I am coming fiercely and furiously with My fire and you will see My holiness like you have never seen before My people. Unprecedented encounters with Me, My Glory and holiness will be seen amongst you leaving you crying out “holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty.”




I then saw a tidal wave of His Spirit (I am not referring to this hurricane or flood, in the Spirit) come in flowing with such peace and strength through Texas and a DEEP UPROOTING was taking place. The Lord was going into the “hidden places” in Texas and He was UPROOTING the “ROOTS” and “LEGAL GROUNDS” that the enemy has had in Texas. I then heard the words:


“The ground the enemy has occupied in Texas is being uprooted. I have come in response to the cries of intercession of My people and I am uprooting strongholds and a whole new move of My Spirit is about to be released in Texas. The areas where the enemy has rejoiced over ‘land taken’, now his days of greatest mourning are upon him as he is reminded of his defeat, as he is reminded of his position, under the feet of My people, and now My people will rejoice and a whole new level of praise will rise from My people in Texas as the strongholds of old, come tumbling down and I make a way in the wilderness, streams in the desert and a whole new area of breakthrough in areas that have been held by the enemy, is suddenly turned and handed to My people to begin to extend My Kingdom in greater ways.”


I saw the enemy and other demonic figures dancing around what looked like an IDOL and it reminded me of Baal. As they dancing around and rejoiced at this idol that they had built within Texas, I saw lightning fall from heaven and suddenly strike this IDOL and it not only tumbled down to the ground, but it was completely destroyed into dust and then suddenly where it was, a HUGE FOUNTAIN appeared in its place.


I then heard the Lord say:


“The idol of religion is coming down. I am striking down religion, I am striking down the spirit of religion and where it has had its greatest hold, I am raising up FOUNTAINS OF LIFE and My living water where many will come to DRINK of My salvation and revelation from ALL over the world. The very areas where this spirit of religion has had its strongest hold, I am breaking it, I am removing it, and those places shall be known as WELLS of My Spirit and revelation to be KEY in the OUTPOURING I am releasing. Get ready Texas! Get ready Texas! I am coming in a way that is unexpected, I am coming in a way that’s completely new, and the TRAIN OF MY ROBE is going to COVER TEXAS, as I step in as the King of Glory and My HOLINESS is restored in Texas like NEVER before.”



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