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"A Time of Breakthrough and Building - with the Hammer of God!"

By L. R. Niebergall



A Vision of God's Hammer


There is drastic transition taking place for many right now in the Church. God is realigning, shifting and refocusing many to be properly positioned for what He is about to do. I recently had a very short vision from the Lord, which I believe brings clarity concerning a unique transition taking place in the Church for many. In this vision, I saw the Lord seated on His throne and from His robe He pulled out a tool, which was a large hammer. Holy Spirit spoke to me saying, "This hammer is a new tool that is being given to the Church in this season."


As I got a closer look at the hammer, I saw two Scriptures written upon it. The first was Jeremiah 23:29: "'Is not My Word like a fire?' says the Lord, 'and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?'" The second verse written on the hammer was 1 Corinthians 3:10: "According to the grace of God which was given to me, as a wise master builder I have laid the foundation, and another builds on it. But let each one take heed how he builds on it."


As I consulted with the Lord concerning this vision, He spoke to me saying, "This hammer is being given to the Church because it is marking a season of both breakthrough and building."


God's Word is Like a Hammer


Recently, I have been hearing many prophetic words about God declaring breakthrough in the Church in this season. I agree completely with these words. Breakthrough for God's children is burning within His heart. However, something we need to understand is this: God doesn't only want to bring breakthrough in our lives; He wants to teach us to co-labor with Him in order to see breakthrough come to pass. God doesn't only want to slam His mighty hammer down to shatter our mountainous obstacles. In our lives, He wants to teach us to wield the hammer of breakthrough with Him.


This paradigm shift needs to take place. God is transitioning the Church from living in a mindset of survival, to a mindset of royalty. Instead of us coasting, hoping change happens, He is forging a tenacity within the heart of the Church to rise, believing for supernatural breakthrough. He is teaching His children to rise into authority to shatter the opposition of the enemy with Him. I felt like the Lord say, "There is going to be a drastic increase in this season concerning testimonies of healing, emotional/mental breakthroughs, rekindled marriages, multiplied finances and dreams resurrected."


Some of these breakthroughs will be from the sovereign hand of the Lord, bringing restoration. However, other testimonies will take shape through the Lord teaching His sons and daughters to stand in their birthright and to partner in faith for breakthrough with Him. Now is a time to rise, and not cower. It is a time to co-labor as royalty with Him. To walk in the full expression of our birthright. Let breakthrough come, in Jesus name.


A Time to Build and Dream with Him


Just as Paul the apostle was an expert builder (1 Corinthians 3:10), we are living in a time where God is raising up Kingdom builders. He is raising up those who will receive strategic vision from God's heart and begin to build that vision on the earth. God is declaring an expansion concerning faith in the Church, not only to dream bigger with the Lord but to also see those dreams established on the earth through building.


Dreaming and building go hand-in-hand. You cannot separate them. That being said, the Lord is inviting the Church in this time to dream wildly with Him. Take a look at this with me:


In Mark 10:35-40, James and John asked Jesus their most far-fetched idea and desire; they asked to be seated on thrones to Jesus' right and left in the Kingdom of Heaven. We often look at what they asked as though it was ridiculous to ask such an extreme request. The other disciples certainly thought so. Little did they know that the Father had a greater reward for those who are in Christ.


What we see in Ephesians 2:6 and Revelation 3:21 is that through the Cross, we are seated on His throne WITH HIM, which is by far better. In Jesus, we are seated with Him on His throne to rule and reign with Him in relationship with Him. John and James' loftiest request to sit beside Jesus hardly compared to the goodness of what God actually had planned for them, which was to be seated with Him and in Him.


Ephesians 3:20 says, "Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us." Now is a time to sow in faith to God our greatest desires and most far-fetched ideas, believing that He can dream bigger than we can in what He will accomplish both in and through our lives.


In this time of dreaming and building with the Lord, this is going to be a unique season of fresh mandates and mantles from Heaven being released over many individuals in the Church. Some who were going one direction will shift to begin building the fresh blueprint of Heaven for their lives, because the mandate of the Lord burns so deeply within them. I see this taking place not only for those in conventional ministry, but also for those in business, government, education, arts/entertainment, media and family. God is calling modern-day reformers in every stream of society to dream, build and establish vision from God's heart on the earth.


Declaration and Prayer:


For those of you reading, I declare over your life the breakthrough hammer of the Lord coming to shatter obstacles that may hold you back from experiencing the love of God. I declare breakthrough from obstacles that may hold you back from your destiny.


Jesus, give them a tenacity to stand in their royal identity as a child of God. Remove any caps or limitations that may hinder them from dreaming wildly with You. Teach them to build these dreams upon the earth to advance your Kingdom on the earth.




L. R. Niebergall

Royal Identity Ministries

Email: Info@royalidentity.ca

Website: www.royalidentity.ca

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