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Freedom and the Kingdom of Heaven

By Veronika West



Many across the Body of Christ have stormed enemy territory and with that A NEW alignment has now begun.  Stay expectant!


The Spirit says, “Realign with Me now…  Realign your thoughts, your actions, your purpose to me NOW”!


Watch!  For the nations of the earth are being stirred up, times ahead will be tumultuous for many; “Fear not!  I AM with you!”


“Freely you have received, freely give.”   (Matthew 10:8)


You received without paying;  Now give without pay!


The last time I looked the only price tag in the gospels reads: “For free…not for profit!”


In my last miracle encounter with my Heavenly Father, He did not request a payment for what He provided for me.  He whispered, “It is Free!”


Whatever God has given us will be used for His glory but ONLY when we freely give it back to Him for the benefit of others!


We have received all our blessings freely, and freely we must give them away.

Ask God to tell you how, where and to whom you can bless.  As you use your gifts to serve others, you will experience a blessed life!


We have the authority to be conduits of healing and blessing every day; God’s Spirit inhabits us to impact and influence the world.


The Kingdom of Heaven is here:  “Heal the sick, raise the dead… drive out demons…   Freely you have received, freely give.”


What does it mean to freely receive?  It means to receive from God without strings attached!


HOW we receive will impact HOW we give.  Learn to discern lies!

We are told to give money, time, talents, and most anything else.  Only then, we are told, will God give to us.  This is a lie!


Remember that “Living under the law,” will always carries with it the meriting of a reward!


A true sign of the Kingdom is when people joyfully and freely share what they’ve received!


Give freely and receive resurrected relationships, resurrected perspective, and resurrected resources.



Blessings to you all.

~ by Veronika West



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nice post

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