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"Fall 2017: You Have Entered Into an Early Harvest!"

By Andy Sanders




Waiting While Being Made Ready


Have you ever been in a place in life where your heart is somewhere else but your physical body is still right here, right now, held in the current reality of responsibilities and obligations that you are committed to? The times in life when you know God is leading you into new directions somewhere else but responsibility calls and just keeps calling. It continues calling long into the late hours of the night. In a prolonged state like this, eventually you might start to wonder, God, am I ever going to get there as You promised?


Something God laid on your heart years ago isn't quite ready yet but you're almost there. It is so close you can nearly reach out and touch it. This reminds me of when I was a young child and we would go over to Grandmother's for Thanksgiving Day. I could hardly sleep the night before, so I would stay up late to actually get some sleep into the morning hours, only to be up and off to Grandma's house. I couldn't wait to get into the door of her home because immediately inside the entryway, there it was—the smell of turkey and homemade apple and pumpkin pie. (The real kind from back then. Some of you will understand.)


Along with all of that was the savory smell of Grandma's homemade, oversized buttered biscuits. Getting through the door was the easy part. What transpired next would make or break a good or really bad Thanksgiving dinner—time! Yes! Time! Some of the food was cooked and in a warmer. Other parts of the meal were still in progress. At Grandmother's house that meant, "Come into the kitchen, look around, take a small piece, and then get out of the kitchen." As long as you followed those simple steps, all went well.


Back in that day, it was TV for entertainment and it was what the adults wanted to watch. So, if you didn't BYOT (Bring Your Own Toys) to Grandma's, eventually the savory smells would get to you and you would have to go into the kitchen just one more time—one too many times, and this often spelled trouble. At our holiday feast, once you crossed the threshold and created an additional mess within an already messy kitchen, it would go from fun to not fun, fast.


Looking back, the hardest part of it all wasn't getting sleep the night before or taking the slow, cold drive to Grandma's house. It wasn't even getting up the slippery steps and into the door. It was going through the door, seeing and smelling the food, being where you wanted to be, and having to wait another three hours or so until everything was ready and then you could eat to your heart's delight.


Final Preparations


Many are in this season right now where we are closer than ever before. We have gone through the door of Grandma's and we are in the room, seeing and smelling all of the realms that we belong in for the next phase of our lives. We have put in many long years, days, and nights coupled with huge and sometimes scary steps of faith. For some, you are tired and you want to quit. You are so close—almost there. What's the delay?


Well, it might not be a delay so much as it probably is the final preparations. What good is a well-cooked meal if it is only eaten in partials, here and there, through an hour, rather than in one sitting over an hour as a full-course meal? The only difference is in the final details, which are being worked on right now!


Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6 NIV)


We have entered into the early harvest. The final details will arrive!


An Early Time of Harvest


Growing up, I lived in corn country. A few times in my early years I remember pictures of corn on the front of the newspaper because the corn grew way past the normal length of a corn stalk. Why? It was an early, yet perfectly formulated growth season that took the crops into a gigantic harvest. This produced a large enough crop that it could pay the farmers a much larger profit than the standard corn harvesting season. A harvest like this one only happens when there is a good amount of rain, humidity and sun mixed just right over a set time.


From the middle of July, across the Body of Christ, we entered into an early time of harvest. This is a distinct harvest that has everything in it! It's like an "everything" bagel, the kind that smells like twelve different bagels at once while in the toaster because it has everything on it. For some, it is what is most important—a ripe time for salvations for family members and friends. For others, it might be healing. The list goes on and on, and this harvest is coming forth in bundles this year. This is an unusual spiritual harvest; I believe it is God giving back to so many who have lost so much over the past several years.


This Fall: Expect the Unexpected


From mid-July all the way through November of this year, we are walking into a supernatural harvest time for the Body of Christ. This is a time to dig deeper into God's Word, grow at stronger depths, and get our homes, businesses and ministries in tip-top shape for the coming year. This special season has been set aside to pay off debt, save money and use our resources wisely.


The Lord is wrapping up, preparing, and working some extremely important details out this fall. He is working out the details that matter most to so many of you—the deep treasures hidden within your heart that no one dares to know but God alone. God is in the details, and He will remain faithful in working out every element of your life. This harvest will bring many solutions to the misunderstood or unclear situations of your life. The final months of this year will bring confirming revelations for your future.


Expect the unexpected—divine appointments and divine connections with people who will later become very important to how your life unfolds. I see unearthed treasures coming up through the surface, being dug up accidentally and also stumbled upon. That which has been hidden for many years will be accidentally discovered.


Andy Sanders

5 Fold Media, LLC

Email: andy.s@capturingthesupernatural.com

Website: www.5foldmedia.com  | www.capturingthesupernatural.com




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Albany, OR 97321


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