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By Lana Vawser




I heard the Lord say today, "I AM SHIFTING THE "WHAT IF'S".


I saw many of God's people wrestling with "what if's" and the things I noticed about the "what if's" many were wrestling with, were they were all negative.


"What if this happens?"


"What if that happens?"


Fear whispering and shouting the "what if's" regarding the future, people and situations that was bringing unrest, anxiety and fear.


I then heard the Lord make a decree and His decree was:


"WHAT IF!!!"


But HIS "what if" was full of hope, expectancy, joy, breakthrough and miracles.


His decree of "WHAT IF" was an invitation into a higher level of faith, insight, breakthrough and dreaming with Him.


I heard Him say, "I am shifting the "WHAT IF'S".


Those who have been plagued with the negative "what if's" get ready, a move of His Spirit is upon you right now to shift you into a whole new level of faith and hope



The divine"what if's" of His heart are decreeing that He is about to show up in a way you have never seen....


He's whispering...


"What if this is the prayer that will bring your breakthrough?"


"What if this decree is the release of the tipping point in your life?"


"What if that step of faith and obedience will see you move into joy like you have never seen or experienced?"


"What if, you feel like giving up today and today is the day I am going to turn all things around?"


"What if, the enemy is attempting to derail you and attack you because of the large breakthrough of destiny upon you?"


"What if, this is the day and season of your greatest breakthrough??"


The "what if's" are shifting releasing you into a whole new realm of faith and dreaming with Him to receive more than you have ever carried!!!


Get your hopes up!!! He's about to show up!!



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I'm so excited my broken Marriage has been restored & my husband is back after he left me and our 3 kids for another woman. After 12 years of marriage, me and my husband has been into one quarrel or the other until he finally left me and moved to Californ

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There are NO items for sale at this website. If you want prayer, it's free!

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nice post

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