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A Word for Tallahassee . . .

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A Word for Tallahassee, Florida, USA

By Chuck Pierce



In Tallahassee, FL this July, the Spirit of God fell on Dr. Pierce and he gave this Word:


“The Spirit of God is starting to bring down revelation on top of us.  And it is very important that we grab hold of this.  This is why we have gathered.


I told Dutch when we walked in, God is saying something, but I am having a hard time grabbing it, but when you got us to that place [in worship] all of the sudden, I could see the word that was written across Florida.


And the LORD said that the word for this state is SURGE!


He said watch the signs are coming.  And there will be SURGES on both sides of the state.  And I say that will be a sign, because the enemy is trying to find a narrow way in through this state to effect an entire nation.


But I brought you together tonight to create a SURGE in the atmosphere.  And I say the SURGE will be like a light that shines down and when the enemy comes in by night trying to enter in to move up in the land trying to create a strategy, he will be exposed.


You will hear of him being exposed throughout this nation.


And I say to Tallahassee, I have called you into a new place.  I say I have called you together.


I’ve called you to secure the entryway in from this state into an entire nation.


And I say to you, you will begin to worship while the enemy is creating conflicts throughout the university systems of this state.


But I say to you tonight, I AM drawing you together to create a SURGE in the heaven and where darkness is trying to enter in, you will create such a SURGE that My glory will come in and overtake the state.”





Chuck D. Pierce

Glory of Zion International Ministries

Website: www.GloryOfZion.org

Email: chuckp@glory-of-zion.org

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