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I AM Not The Taker, I AM The Giver

By Russ Walden




The Father says today, I AM not the taker, I AM the giver.  There is a paradigm shift coming in the world supplanting guilt consciousness with sonship awareness.  Begin to think like a son(daughter).  Begin to presume upon the entitlement that was purchased for you in the shed blood of Calvary.  There is no need to strive fearfully to preserve natural life or livelihood when the eternality of My Spirit is in you causing extension of life and fullness of blessing every moment, every year of your sojourn in this existence. 


As I promised in My Word, My peoples lives will be as trees standing long upon the earth as witnesses to My goodness and My blessing from generation to generation.  Get ready for a longevity in the earth that is generational in scope as you give witness to young and old to My testimony in your life.


In My Spirit is the life giving, life potential that reframes and reestablishes completely the baseline idea that men have about what blessing looks like and where this victory is walked out.  Heaven is a reality for you but much that heaven affords is also available to you here and now. My whole plan includes not only heaven in heaven but heaven come to earth.  Receive heaven come to earth in your life, says the Father. 


This isn’t something that flesh can inherit, so set the flesh man and all self-interest aside.  It isn’t necessary to walk in self-interest because the over flow of how I use you to bless others will always come back upon you as blessing, benefit and surplus, every time.  This isn’t something you can move in through your own strength.  Receive My strength and pour out of yourself today and every day that you might come to inheritance in Me now and in the life to come.



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nice post

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