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"A Revival of God's Word is Releasing Wisdom to Impact Nations!"

By Ella Onakoya,




I recently woke up from a dream where the Lord told me to search out "hidden nuggets of wisdom" from the book of Kings. I believe a revival of God's Word is being released where God's people will be guided daily by powerful revelations. Heaven's light of illumination is being released on Scriptures as the Spirit of wisdom and revelation is released into our hearts.


God is on course to remove clouds of deception and the darkness of ignorance from our hearts and minds as the truth of His Word is revealed. Diligent seekers of the Word will be rewarded with great wisdom and increased authority.


As I read the book of Kings, the Lord revealed and reinforced these nuggets of wisdom to me, which I believe is a timely message for the Church today:


1. Visitations from God Will Increase With the Purpose of Releasing Wisdom


"We overcome regardless of the enemy's strategy because of who GOD is."


In 1 Kings, Chapter 3, Solomon was visited by God in a dream where God asked him to request what he wanted from the Lord and He, the Lord, will give it to him. Seeing the gigantic task he had been given to lead the nation of Israel, he asked for wisdom. Such was the scope of wisdom given to him that he was described as the wisest man on earth. He was able to make astute decisions that brought justice to the people of Israel.


Today, I sense the heart cry of God for us to ask for wisdom as the principal thing. Proverbs 4:7 declares "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." Kings in the old covenant understood the importance of ruling with godly wisdom. As kings and priests under the new covenant, we have been given supernatural wisdom in Christ to help release Heaven's righteous rule on earth. Immersion in the Spirit-breathed Word of God will cause us to be mantled with divine wisdom that releases the fear of the Lord, direction in our personal lives, and heightened discernment in the operation of the gifts of the Spirit. I hear the lord say, "Wisdom in these days will deliver us from craftily hatched plans of the enemy.


The Lord also revealed to me that He wants to release wisdom in government leadership across the nations concerning long-standing and complicated issues. I hear the heart of God that these issues will only be solved by "the administration of heavenly wisdom." Kings in the Bible needed the wisdom of God to rule successfully. Heaven is urging us to ask for wisdom for the government of our day so they can lead with Heaven's strategy and insight.


God specifically spoke to me about the current conflict with North Korea. Heavenly wisdom is needed with the ongoing conflict between North Korea, the United Nations and the United States.


How Do We Solve a Problem Like North Korea?


Several years ago, before I knew about the situation in North Korea, I had a vivid dream where I saw a terrified oriental woman being manhandled and forced into a concentration camp. I woke up feeling I had physically visited a place where great terror was taking place. I shared the dream with other Believers who later told me that the place I saw in my dream was North Korea, where Christians were being persecuted and put in terror camps. Both Christians and non-Christians are often tortured, starved and killed.


With the revelation, came a burden from the Lord for me to pray for the people of North Korea. Currently the situation with North Korea has grown increasingly intense with many fearing war as a result of the conflict. I believe the Lord wants to release justice on behalf of the afflicted people in North Korea. I believe the Lord is calling the saints of God to ask for wisdom for President Trump and the United Nations for much needed wisdom – to resolve the conflict with North Korea that will also see justice restored to its people.


While also in prayer recently, the Lord spoke to me and revealed strategic wisdom for dealing with the situation in North Korea. He told me about the necessity for the Body of Christ to disarm the ruler of North Korea in prayer, so he could be humbled. I felt this disarmament was to break him free from the demonic strongholds that hold him bound and causes him to act so wickedly.


According to 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, our weapons are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. I feel the direction of the Lord for us to specifically pray is to tear down every argument and thought in the heart of the North Korean ruler that is against the knowledge of Christ, and bring these thoughts to the obedience of Christ. When we pray to disarm the North Korean ruler in the spirit, this will assist the nations around the world to successfully disarm him in the physical. Many prayed before the end of the era of the Berlin Wall in 1989!


2. Obedience to God Will Protect Us From the Spirit of Deception Which Seeks to Bring Us Out of God's Will


"Heaven's light of illumination is being released on Scriptures."


This is one of the most important nuggets of wisdom that the Lord is leading me to share. 1 Kings 13:1-31 is an account about an amazing prophet that God used to bring instructions and signs and wonders to King Jeroboam. After the king experienced the signs and wonders from the prophet, he told him to come home with him to eat and drink. The young prophet declined and said that God had given him instructions not to eat or drink or turn by the same way he came. He obeyed God at that point, but an older prophet came and tested him telling him to come and eat at his house. Again he declined, but the prophet told him that he too was a prophet and insisted that he come to eat at his house.


Sadly, the younger prophet disobeyed God and was perhaps impressed by the older prophet's experienced walk with the Lord. The young prophet chose to disregard God's personal counsel to him and followed the old prophet home to eat. For his disobedience, he experienced God's judgment. His disobedience opened him to being removed from God's protection and he was killed by a lion.


What a sad outcome for a prophet who had walked diligently with the Lord! I felt led to encourage you with this gentle warning: Cleave to God's counsel for your life and your heavenly assignment that you have received from Him! While we have many leaders in our lives that we respect or admire, our first love must always be to God; our first accountability must be to Him who we must choose to obey above all else. Don't be so impressed or swayed by the experience of others to the extent that we forsake God's purpose that has been revealed to us.


3. Our God is a God of the Hills and the Valley!


This is a prophetic word of wisdom for those who are in a valley situation where everything feels dark. The same God who brought you victory when you felt at your strongest, and you felt like you were soaring with Him in the heavens, is able to bring you victory in a dark place where despair tries to overwhelm you.  



In 1 Kings Chapter 20:1-29, the Lord fought for Israel when their enemies, the Arameans, encamped against them while they were on the hills. Israel won that battle as the Lord had promised them victory, but the king of Aram proudly boasted that Israel only won because their God was the God of the hills and God would not give them victory in the valley. The Arameans then devised a strategy where they would fight against Israel while they were in the valley; but God demonstrated His amazing power that transcended places, time and the enemy's strategy, and He also gave victory to the Israelites against the Arameans in the valley.


Friends, we overcome regardless of the enemy's strategy because of who GOD is. We can rest in the revelation of who He is as we focus on Him. Make the valley your "secret place of worship and intimacy" and watch Him fight for you and turn things around. God is committed to releasing victory to you in any season of your life regardless of whether you are in the valley or on the hills.




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