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Saints, Keep Hoping Against Hope!

By Robin Kirby Gatto




Saints you have to keep hoping against hope!


I hear the Father saying:


I AM with you My child, as I see your tears and the very little strength that you have, holding on dearly to My Word.


I AM bringing a change in this hour, as I have declared about My suddenlies that are coming.


I AM bringing a strength from on High that will cause you to be filled with My hope, having your hope renewed, as I cause you to be like Abraham looking for the Land of My Promise!


I will cause you to enter the inheritance of My blessings, which I have promised you, making you the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, causing your storehouses to be full!


As I open the storehouses of the treasury of My snow, I will open the treasuries of the earth and shake the silver and gold out of the place of the wicked, putting it into the hands of My righteous ones!


I AM the God of hope and expectation, as I increase your faith expect the delivery of My promise, as I bring your children from far and wide, causing them to enter into My salvation.


I will give them dreams and visions to know Me, and My great love for them, as I lead them into life and the light of truth, giving them a new nature.


I will heal and deliver them to the uttermost, revealing the great wealth of what I treasure in the earth of My set apart ones.


I will show signs in Israel in this hour as My feasts and solemn assembly takes place, declaring the season of victory and the season of greatness, which My people are entering, as David and Esther, My servants who did My bidding and obeyed Me.


I will strengthen you and cause you to see that which has disappointed you is about to be your place of appointment!


I will bring you in and show you off, giving you grace and strength, as many see you enter the season of the Land of the Living!




A saint crying out to God for fullness of deliverance and the manifestation of salvation.




~ Robin Kirby Gatto



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nice post

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