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"Be Alert, Flexible and Available to Pray"

By Randy and Barbara Walter




In 2010, the Lord told us to "oppose a spirit of death" in Salisbury, MD, the regional center of commerce and influence 20 miles from where we live. That year Salisbury experienced seven murders – a large number for a small city of 35,000. After seven years of our leading on-site intercession at hundreds of locations there, Salisbury went from being the fourth most dangerous city for its size in the nation to last year having the lowest crime rate since it started keeping records.


In the 2 1/2 months since June of this year, there have been seven murders in the city, plus it experienced both a tornado and a flood within a single week – highly irregular for our area. So we asked the Lord what happened:


"It's called encroachment. It's when the enemy breeches your perimeter. When you take military training, it's all based on the understanding that you will apply it in combat. So you don't study to know, you study to do.


"You've got to show people that taking territory from the enemy is more than just spiritualizing things, because that makes them sound out of reach so people don't do anything. If you don't defend what you have taken, it's like enjoying conception without caring for the child."


Calling the Intercessors!


"Life and death are within the power of the praying tongue."


One year ago, the Elijah List posted our article "Name Your Gates & Take Back Your Cities." We received dozens of reports from people around the world who described how naming their gates produced significant results. But as we have learned, if these advances are not defended, the enemy will come back in, such as has happened in Salisbury.


Barbara and I have been like the air-raid wardens of World War II – watchmen who ensure the public safety by training people about security and enforcing regulations for the common good. We taught principles of taking territory when we took teams out on dozens of occasions to pray at strategic places around Salisbury – municipal offices, the courthouse, police and fire headquarters, churches and ministries, drug and human-trafficking areas, crime hotspots, homeless camps, centers of gang activity, places of commerce, every public school and college, and the city's gates. But we did not sufficiently reinforce Salisbury's intercessors are responsible for keeping possession of what has been captured.


When things began to revert there, did people practice what they learned, or did they wait for someone to lead them? Has anybody gone to the places in Salisbury where these seven people were murdered, taken Communion, and repented for the sake of the land? Where are the people to stand up and speak to the weather and turn it out to sea? Did pastors lead their people in prayer over these things? Did they send out teams to conduct spiritual warfare and intercession on behalf of the city? Was there only one little older lady praying? God's people can no longer be bystanders. Let's wake up!


The Lord told us, "You'll know the spiritual temperature of Salisbury by whether anyone comes to you and asks what happened." No one has.


For our part, we took for granted that Salisbury would remain okay, and it didn't. Our task to "oppose a spirit of death" was under the larger assignment to "raise up a prayer army." Didn't we take our assignment as seriously as we should have? Father, forgive us.


Unusual Losses of Life


During the same period, the "Jesus At the Beach Ministry & Music Festival" was held in nearby Ocean City. Within two weeks of the event, there was a drowning. A man was crushed in a compactor. Another man fell into the inlet and died. And a woman's body was found buried in the sand near the festival site. These losses of life were out of the ordinary.


We instructed one of the festival participants to gather others, pray for the land, and repent for the city at the scene of the tragedies. The Lord has directed us to be "alert, flexible and available." Life and death are within the power of the praying tongue. In spiritual warfare, if we're predictable, we can be defeat able. If it is predictable that we will relax our vigilance once we experience victory, all the enemy has to do is "wait us out and come back in". We cannot afford to be predictable any longer.


Prayer for Our Children


"Didn't we take our assignment as seriously as we should have?"


Recently, we learned of a perpetrator trying to abduct children in our area. So we put oil on the ground and prayed at several strategic places:


Father, we ask You to send Your guardian angels to surround our neighborhoods, homes and schools, to protect our children from kidnappers, terrorists, predators, traffickers and drug dealers. Expose and intercept all evil plots to bring fear, intimidation, destruction and loss.


We bind the culture of death, which attempts to permeate the lives of our children. We call for a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to bring forth life and light to our children, and to sweep everything hindering, perverse, deceptive and of an antichrist spirit out of their lives, families and schools.


We pray for curricula in the schools, which will nurture young people in Biblical integrity and moral character. We pray for godly instruction in families and homes.


We declare God's perfect love, which casts out all fear over our neighborhoods and the schools. We plead the Blood of Jesus over this territory and declare people in this area be made perfect in God's love.


We declare perfect peace and trust in the saving power of Jesus Christ, amen.


God is seeking those among us who will erect a wall of protection and intercede on behalf of the land, that it will not be destroyed. Will He find anyone? (See Ezekiel 22:30.)


As the new school season has just begun, let's pray on-site for every school in your area, preferably before classes begin, and take others with you.


We hope and pray the lessons we learned in our city will help you to keep and sustain the God-given authority in your area too!





Randy and Barbara Walter

Shiloh Ministries | Chesapeake Revival Prayer Network

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