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Today, Make Your Case

By Russ Walden




The Father says today, make your case. Success is on the other side of denial. Be insistent, says the Father. Be determined beyond the point of past failures. Refuse to take no for an answer. Persistence is key in this situation. Do not stop two feet short of your goal. Things always look the bleakest moments before total victory and dominion. Get those first feeble attempts out of the way and step back up. Ask again. Seek again. Knock again. Seek and keep on seeking. 


Knock and keep on knocking. See the opportunity where others only see a valley of dry bones. Know that the wind of My Spirit blowing behind you, urging you on is the assurance of what happens next. Trust your heart more than outward information and opinion. My voice speaking in your heart is the assurance of positive outcome and not any other thing. Out of the dust and ashes of brutal disappointment and bitter downturn I will cause the orchid of success to bloom in your desert.


Write the vision and make it plain. Be courageous enough to imagine broadly and deeply what I am capable of doing in your situation. Read it out loud to yourself. Realize that I am not only capable, I am willing. Even when your heart condemns you for a fool, know this - I am greater than your heart and know all things. You are not stepping down, you are stepping up. Where you have been condemned and denied, I am granting new prospects. 


Where all avenues have been exhausted, I am causing the implausible, the impossible to be achieved. Know that everything is negotiable. Jacob understood this at Bethel and he got honest with Me in ways that others would be shocked to consider. State your case, says God. Do not waste time trying to talk Me into what I am already disposed to do for you and in you. My answer is yes. Step into that "yes and amen" today. You will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied.


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nice post

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