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By Lana Vawser





I prophesy over you this week will be a week of hearing the Lord with greater clarity. I prophesy that you will hear His heart with greater clarity and hear His voice in HIGHER DEFINITION.


I had a vision and saw those drawing close to Jesus, He was placing headphones on their head and there was a cancellation of other sounds and a greater focusing in on what He is saying.


The Lord showed me in this, that the "noise" that has tried to prevent you from hearing Him clearly, as you press in this week, will be FINALLY drowned out and there will be a greater focus upon Jesus and what He is saying come upon you by the empowerment of the Spirit this week.


This week will be a week of hearing NEW SOUNDS. You will hear new sounds of His heartbeat, you will hear new sounds of His revelation, you will hear new sounds of His freedom and direction.




And the Lord came and stood, calling as at other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant hears.” - 1 Samuel 3:10


This Scripture has been on my heart... get ready to be surprised by the voice of God this week. Get ready to hear Him call out to you in a way you may not expect. Get ready to see Him speak to you in a way you may not have experienced before, but when it comes, lean in, "Is that you Lord?" and the position yourself to hear.




There has been great swirling in the spirit, confusion, distraction happening, the Lord showed me as you press in this week, there will be a great breakthrough of clarity of hearing His voice and empowerment of having your face towards Him as a FLINT.


Get ready to hear new sounds this week, greater accuracy in hearing His heartbeat and the rhythm of His heart.


I heard the Lord say:


"Get ready to step into Holy Spirit surround sound!!"


The Lord is about to increase what you hear and recalibrate and tune you in, in greater ways to the frequency of heaven and the rhythm of His heart. To hear more, greater increase of HEARING is available to you this week. Receive it!


There's a great shift this week in HEARING. Be intentional to position yourself and get ready to step into "Holy Spirit surround sound" and greater clarity of hearing what is taking place in the Spirit and the sound of what He is birthing and is to come.


This week, for many of you, what you hear from the Lord, is going to see a lot of pieces of His divine puzzle come together, greater breakthrough... this week, things are going to make greater sense.


Get into the secret place and let Him place the “Holy Spirit headphones” upon your ears to hear with greater clarity!

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nice post

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