If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

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How to Hear God Clearly to Fulfill Your Destiny

By Doug Addison



Do you need some fresh direction right now?


Or, have you ever heard God speak to you and then you wonder, ‘was that actually God or was it just me?’


If you are not sure if you are hearing God, or you want to hear Him more, I’ve got great news for you.


God is speaking all of the time, 24/7.  We are in a strategic time in which God is releasing additional downloads and revelation from Heaven to help us through these difficult times.


There’s no shortage of revelation when you can hear God clearly every single day. 


Learn how so you can move forward in your life and fulfill your destiny!


In this Spirit Connection podcast, we are going to cover tips on how to know if something is from God, yourself or the enemy.


I will share how I hear God and track what He says, plus one thing that not many people are aware of — how to activate a prophetic word.


Here are some nuggets from this encouraging and practical teaching:


“God wants to use you right now to be able to hear His voice and, better yet, know how to respond.”


“You have access, like Jesus Christ. He had all the gifts, because it’s like a Holy Spirit tool belt.”


“God speaks in so many ways, but most people miss it.”


“The Lord said, ‘You need to stop complaining and start blessing.’  Within 90 days, everything opened up over me, including my finances!”


“There is an amazing connection between hearing and healing.”


“The sole purpose of hearing God is that we may know Him better!  It is not to get a wild prophetic word; it is truly about knowing God better.”


“The Lord said, ‘Would you stop doing all the talking …  and start listening, I’m trying to give you the answer to your prayer!’”


Listen Online Below:


Click link below for Audio Player:


How to Hear God Clearly to Fulfill Your Destiny [Episode 53] 

https://dougaddison.com/spirit-connection-podcast/  click here





By Doug Addison

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