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Freely we received and freely we should give!







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Just Sayin . . .

By Jo Ellen Stevens




Just sayin…


I understand giving and the principle of seed-time and harvest.


I really do believe that as we give with a cheerful heart that God blesses that and is pleased.


But when ministers say that if we pay such and such amount we will get special privileges to their revelation…..  isn’t that withholding the revelation from those whom God might want to reach and who aren’t paying that much to have those special privileges?


Is it just me, or does that reek of prostituting the gift?


Doesn’t that sound like you are selling the revelation to those that have the money and withholding it from those that don’t?


And isn’t it selling something that God gave to you free, so that many could be blessed?


I just think there is a better way of doing this brothers and sisters.


The Word says that if we seek first the Kingdom that all these things will be added to us.


Let’s use some of the faith that we preach about, that is all I am saying here…..


I believe in giving, but not the part where we give the revelation to “privileged” people because they have money.


Sad but true!   Oh, I know I won’t get too many amens on this one!


By Jo Ellen Stevens

Arise Shine!


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