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"God's Justice is About to Go Viral On a Whole Other Level"

By Johnny Enlow






On June 9, 2018, Justify accomplished the remarkable feat of winning the Triple Crown of horse racing by winning the Belmont Stakes. In doing so, Justify became just the second horse ever to have done so while going undefeated. Justify is also just the 13th horse ever to win the Triple Crown of horse racing. By doing so, it has ensured its owners of at least 75 million dollars in studding fees and becomes, in fact, its most valuable future commodity. By winning the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and at Belmont, Justify has already established his unique pedigree and value.


The prophetic messages to gather from this accomplishment are many. If you have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying—there is tremendous encouragement and a challenge to us all.


A Prophetic Narrative


Justify, who comes from the bloodline of Secretariat (the horse with the huge heart), broke the 136-year-old Apollo's curse, survived rained-soaked, muddy-tracked, thick-fogged and race day realities, to defeat the largest number of opponents of any Triple Crown winner ever. His jockey, Michael (Mike) Smith at age 52, was the oldest Triple Crown winner ever, and once again he gave praise to Jesus before any other comment.


"We must each cooperate with the great master-story that our Father is telling."


Justify was "discovered" by horse racing/pedigree expert Michael Wallace, majority owned by WinStar (60%) and the China Horse Club (25%) and trained by Bob Baffert, who three years ago won the Triple Crown with American Pharaoh. Kenny Troutt, owner of WinStar, is a devout Believer, as is President and CEO Elliot Walden. Teo Ah Khing is the chairman of the China Horse Club and he is a Malaysian billionaire who is also a Believer. When Mike Smith was interviewed after the race, he proclaimed Justify is "sent from Heaven" as he marveled and soaked in his greatest triumph ever.


The WinStar leadership let us know that Justify was named out of the book of Romans, where we are told that we are "justified by faith." Bob Baffert when elatedly commenting said of Justify that, "He broke every curse there was." After riding from the #7 position in his first two races, Justify was now running from the #1 position. He was #7 for two races and #1 for this race.


Prophetically, we know that our God who freely justifies all who have faith in Him, is simultaneously the God of "the 7 Spirits" (Rev. 4 and 5), and the God who is One God. 


Key Roles of Promises Fulfilled and Restoring Hope


For those who didn't follow the races, Promises Fulfilled and Restoring Hope are the actual names to two horses who had key roles to play. In March, Promises Fulfilled at 18-1 odds shocked the horse racing world by winning the Fountain of Youth race, defeating preseason favorite Good Magic. (There was so much significance to that race alone and I have written on that before.) Though Promises Fulfilled did not win any of the three big races, he was a significant player in the Kentucky Derby as a pacesetter riding next to Justify for much of the race.


Likewise, Restoring Hope performed a similar role in the Belmont, running ahead with Justify for much of the set-up of the race. Because Justify had an inside #1 post position, it was very helpful if not key to have Restoring Hope forcing any horse that might want to challenge Justify to go far and wide, thus tiring them should they opt for that option. Since Restoring Hope is also trained by Bob Baffert, some saw that set-up as being an intentional booster to Justify's chances, which were unassailable anyway.


Being the father of a daughter named Justice Hope, who has gone through so many tests in the last couple of years, it was quite encouraging to see much of the race with Justify listed as first and Restoring Hope listed second. My eldest daughter, Promise, has also had significant tests the last couple of years, and in the first race it was Promises Fulfilled and Justify listed on the leadership board side-by-side, as the race progressed.


I have been ministered to personally through these horse races, but the message is of course beyond that. For all of us, hanging on to our promises is huge and cultivating hope is huge, but they each have a lesser role to play than the Blood of Jesus that freely justifies all who put their trust in Him. Jockey Mike Smith wore red as a primary color in this last race, and it is a great reminder that the Blood of Jesus is what carries us to victory. That is above the highly rated Good Magic (paranormal power not sourced from the Blood of Jesus) horse that had to be left in the dust in the first two races.


The Michaels and 2:28 Winning Time 


I noted earlier that a horse pedigree/racing expert (Michael Wallace) and the jockey both have Michael as a first name. I think this is part of the message. Michael is the archangel who stands on guard over Israel. With everything else that is taking place in the world, there is no greater story than the Israel component of it all. Israel just celebrated a very meaningful 70th birthday and Jerusalem was historically recognized by the United States (and Guatemala and Paraguay!) as the capital of Israel. Meanwhile the anti-Semitic nations, movements and spokesmen around the world went crazy with several anti-Judaism "Jewish" groups now taking a lead position in bashing their own nation. Definitely sinister demonic stuff.


When we talk of the Justice of God and the Justifying of God running through the earth, Israel cannot be ignored. Appropriately enough the winning race time of Justify was 2:28 minutes taking us to Psalm 2:2-8, "The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against His anointed saying, 'Let us break their bond in pieces...' He who sits in the heavens will laugh; the Lord will hold them in derision. Then He will speak to them... 'Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession.'"


"If you have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying—there is tremendous encouragement and a challenge to us all."


In that chapter, there is some strong language as to what the Lord will do to those who conspire against His anointed. There is a "rod of iron" and a "dashing to pieces." This task is of course the task of Michael, the archangel, whose name means "who is like God". It was pointed out that with 9 horses in the race, Justify had to defeat more adversaries than any Triple Crown champion has ever had to do. Israel too has seemingly a record number of adversaries, but their protection also becomes secured "by the Blood of the Lamb" and the hands-on assignment of Michael. Those who scoff at this reality do so at their own peril.


Justify is a powerful horse that works with Promises Fulfilled and Restoring Hope to defeat the many adversaries. Once again, Justify was the only clean horse by the races end, because ultimately, if you run against the Justice and the Justification of God, you are going to get yourself dirty, and lose.


Washington Caps and Golden State Warriors: From Sea to Shining Sea


It cannot be ignored that on the same weekend, the NHL's Washington Capitals and the NBA's Golden State Warriors also won their respective sports titles. For the Caps, they won their first title ever since being founded in 1974; and for the Golden State Warriors, they won their third championship in 4 years completing a Trifecta of their own, which establishes them in history as one of the all-time great basketball teams.


The Caps interestingly enough were led by their star: a Moscow born Russian named Alexander Ovechkin. A huge celebratory parade just took place in our nation's Capitol with a Russian being very center-stage to it all. Is it not so interesting the political dynamics of Washington DC at this time with a Russian story being center piece? I believe that once it is all played out, we might see a celebration of sorts in DC that showcases a Russian star who is not against us, but for us.


The Caps mascot is the very American symbol of the eagle (remember Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champs), and this is all part of the meta-narrative before us. The two champion cities (Oakland and DC) sit at opposite coasts, as there is winning to be had from sea to shining sea. #35 Kevin Durant is again the MVP of the finals, and Isaiah 35 and its "highway of holiness" are a point of emphasis for what is about to be built from sea to shining sea.


The Personal Challenge


Though the whole message being prophetically played out before us is wonderful, we each have a personal challenge. We must each cooperate with the great master-story that our Father is telling. It takes intentionality to connect to the good things God is doing, and we can be visited by something special and still miss it. The Pharisees were the most steeped-in-the-Scriptures people of Jesus' day, and yet were the very ones who missed out on Jesus being among them. This is not just a curious coincidence but a lesson of instruction for all of us.


We need to personally stay inspired by His Promises Fulfilled (past, present and future), we need to be intentional in the business of Restoring Hope (personally and for others), and we need to be committed to living in and by faith. We are Justified by faith. We should follow Justify in getting out quickly from the gates once they open. If you delay, all kinds of distractions/hindrances happen: the dirt, the other horses, etc.


The season is an awesome season. The race is an awesome race. The challenges are awesome challenges. The rewards are awesome rewards. Even as Justify now accelerates into multiplication, so too our victories release to others this same heart of a champion. God's Justice is about to go viral on a whole other level. Yes, DC and California are in the spotlight, but it is a global thing. It is a season of Justice; it is a time for Justification. Wherever you are, find a way to cooperate with His heart.


"Then the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him, that there was no justice. He saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor; therefore, His own arm brought salvation" (Is. 59:15-16; this whole chapter is for now). 






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