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"A Sizzling Summer of Liberty and Justice"

By Johnny Enlow





Agreeing with God and Overcoming Evil with Good


We have entered into a sizzling, summer season where Liberty and Justice will be warred over and where Liberty and Justice will win. Devious, demonic forces have targeted unhealed wounds in many otherwise decent people and people groups and have manipulated them into being part of a misinformed initiative to sabotage roots of Justice and Liberty in the United States of America.


Twisted narratives have been spun inciting even violent responses, and the enemy has desired and purposed to stir up a de facto civil war. He will ultimately fail in his objectives, but it becomes important for those called by His name to agree with God and overcome evil with good.


It's Time to Seek Our God-designed Identity and Destiny


As revolutionary winds blow through the land, it becomes important to know how to respond. One wrong response would be to rise up angrily and divisively. The political spirit would have us demonizing flesh and blood when that is not where our battlefield lies.


Another wrong response would be to just remain passive and hope that qualifies as loving. This is not a time for ANY kind of passivity. There may be instances where it is in fact important to show up in the streets and be a visible evidence of light. As this takes place, it becomes equally important to not be antagonistic or violent, but to show up in strength of numbers and resolve. Insulting and mocking is out, but firm resilience is in.


There is a renewed battle for the soul of America and it is time to agree with God over our nation's identity and destiny. Yes, the Kingdom agenda is greater than "patriotism" but our King's agenda is for every nation to find its God-designed identity and destiny.


We can be so quick to decry patriotism that we reject the concept itself of a nation having its unique identity and destiny. We are to seek the well-being of the nations where we have been placed because that is why we were put there (Jer. 29:7). As God sweeps through the nations, He is in fact looking for those who would feel His love for their nation's well-being and not just dismiss it as "patriotism". While it is possible to be "patriotic" and yet blind to the Kingdom, when you are in-tune with the Kingdom you will find yourself feeling a patriotic love for your nation while viewing it through a proper Kingdom lens.


Heaven Will Move as We Move


For some time now there has been unprecedented, angelic/hosts-of-Heaven activity over us, and many of these have been advancing on heavenly orders given to them. Many more are waiting to be released as we, the saints, arise and shine with a correct representation and understanding of our Father's heart at this time.


There is a great cleansing and a great clarifying that is presently taking place in our land and we have significant surprises yet before us. This summer will be much like the horse Justify running the third leg of the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes. The rain, the mud and the fog will be lifted and a great clarity will come. Liberty and Justice have been greatly challenged—even in many named Liberty or Justice—but Liberty and Justice are going to greatly triumph. 





Johnny Enlow

Johnny and Elizabeth

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Website: www.RESTORE7.com 


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