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You Are Waiting For The Watershed Moment That Changes Everything

And It is Right In Front of You

By Russ Walden



The Father says today, you are waiting for the watershed moment that changes everything and it is right in front of you. You don't have to do anything DIFFERENT, you just have to keep doing what you are doing and DON'T QUIT. Don't get weary in well doing. Don't get exasperated or walk away. You are in the territory that I am working in right now. I am making room for you in the serving line of My favor. I am releasing to the body of Christ a special anointing for that one who I choose to honor. Will you follow the Lamb wherever He goes? Then there is a place of honor for you in the counsels of heaven.


Do not be intimidated by those that are struggling. I will bring you into proximity to that connection that brings impartation. It isn't about what string to pull or what lever to push, but about being where I tell you to be, doing what I ask you to do. Remember, I haven't called you to be successful. I have called you to be obedient. Leave the success up to Me, I do it REALLY, REALLY well! Are you ready for success for a change? Are you ready for abundance and MORE ABUNDANCE? Then stay in your sphere of assignment. Stay faithful in the level of relationship and measure I have given you. There is where the extraordinary depth and outpouring of glory is found. Are you ready? Ready or not here I come, and My glory is coming with Me!


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Great word! Would you allow me to reblog it in Portuguese, in my blog www.libertosporele.com.br

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