If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Protection . . .



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A Prayer for Divine Protection

By Robin Gatto





I pray God’s divine protection over you, giving you direction in all that you do, as you follow His peace, knowing the richness of Love from the Father that is constantly moving towards you, giving you joy everlasting and full of glory, beholding the glory of God within His Word to know the fruit of Wisdom!




Yeah God!  Give us the fruit of Your Wisdom, as we have resisted the temptations of the enemy, where our sanctuaries are purified, walking in the Wisdom from above, not desiring things of this world, but only desiring YOU!


Send forth the four winds of Your Spirit and release the anointing of grace and power, as You paint us in Your Name Jealous, and in Your Wisdom, making us an Army of Your Love!


Wooo Hooo!  Yes God make us a weapon of mass destruction against the plans of darkness as we choose love on every end, knowing that the enemy cannot defeat the resurrection power of Christ Jesus in us, that is violent against the gates of hell, causing us to seize the Kingdom of Heaven by Force!


In Jesus’ Name!


Amen and Amen!


God bless!







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I hear the Father saying:

By Robin Gatto




“For I know the plans and purpose that I have for you, to bring you a hope and a future, and I will reveal the power of My Wisdom to you, giving you greater hope in the midst of your storm, knowing that I AM coming in power and glory, to direct your steps.


I AM the God of more than enough and I Am removing the carnality of the enemy off of your soul, as I take you deeper into My truth, where deep calls unto deep at the breaking forth of the water spouts, causing you to know the Light of My Son, the Character of Christ, as I anoint your head with the oil of gladness because you love righteousness and hate lawlessness.


I AM the God of your tomorrows and your today, causing you to dream big, in each and every way.


I will open your ears to hear the Angels marching in the mulberry trees as I did King David, causing you to know that I AM taking down your giants, giving you the victory of truth, so that the enemy’s plans will be utterly destroyed!


You will know that if I AM for you then who can be against you!


I AM your shield and your strong tower, taking care of My own.


I will cause you to enter into the Land of Promise, knowing that the victory has been brought by My right hand.


Do not be dismayed or forlorn, I AM the God of more than enough and will bring you provision on ever side, from My storehouse, giving you the unending supply of grace and strength, as your faith is increased to ONLY BELIEVE!


This is your season, only believe, and see what will transpire as I bring the dream that I have given you into being!


Amen and Amen!


God bless!









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The Darkness in Others

By Robin Gatto



The Holy Spirit showed me so much, down to the detail of even scientific proof, of the darkness that is in other people, of which they have no clue and do not have deliverance from, of how it can reach for you, which is why you have to guard yourself!


I have written about this in detail in my newest fictional book, Clawing and Gnawing, sharing the scientific proof and detail!


When God cuts people off of you, it is because of the darkness in them that attacks you, trying to look for any flesh in your person that can be operative by the powers of darkness, causing you to be vexed!


Saints of God, Jesus Christ has given us the Keys of the Kingdom!


Those Keys have all authority to bind the things of hell and loose the power of heaven!


The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church!


God revealed to me why in the past, people would have horrific dreams about me, and tell me about it, and why it vexed me so much.


It was because of the darkness in their souls of which they were unaware, that was the gates of hell speaking to and through them!


God knew that the person had to be cut off from me, so that the Holy Spirit in me would not be grieved!


It cannot be said enough, how you have to guard your mind and heart and not let everyone speak to you about everything.


It might not be them speaking, but rather the voice of hell, trying to vex you to the point of being emotionally disturbed that you are vulnerable to the plans of satan.


Stand strong on the truth and for purity and righteousness, and do not move!




A saint crying out to God for fullness of deliverance and the manifestation of salvation.


By Robin Kirby Gatto

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24.12 | 06:44

I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior!

06.12 | 03:38

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16Romans 6:23 - For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Chri

29.11 | 08:39

Great prayer for the children, we must pass it on!

27.11 | 20:15

A very timely word!! I needed to hear that today. Thank you Miss Shelly

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