If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Jesus is your healer . . .




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Speak Healing to Your Body

By Robin Kirby Gatto




I speak healing to your body, by the Word of God that says, by His stripes you are healed.


In Jesus’ Name!


I declare you are entering the grace and revelation of God’s truth, to know the power of His Truth, which sets you free, giving you light and life of the very nature of Christ Jesus, stirring up Holy emotions and thoughts within your mind, as you know the hope to which you have been called!


In Jesus’ Name!


I declare you hear the still small voice of God, keeping your eye single on His will, as you see the unveiling of the secret mystery of Christ Jesus, having a deeper hunger and thirst for righteousness, to be filled and overflowing in the righteousness of Christ Jesus, causing you to be jealous for His truth, knowing that greater is He that is in you, than he that is in this world!


In Jesus’ Name!


God bless!






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You Are Entering a New Day of Understanding

By Robin Kirby Gatto




I declare you are entering a new day of Understanding, by the power of Holy Spirit, Who opens the eyes of your heart, causing the strength of God’s Word to be made known to you, as you step out in GREAT FAITH, knowing that which God has called you to, seeing the Kingdom of Heaven come near, as you lean your entire personality on Christ Jesus!


I declare an increase of God’s knowledge be upon you, as you go from glory to glory, seeing the power of God’s presence, as you are persistent like King David, in his wilderness experience, that in your affliction, you are setting up Gold in affection for God’s temple!


I declare your faith that is being tested like gold, will redound to your glory, praise and honor as Christ Jesus is revealed, knowing the power of faith that God has given you in the midst of your trial, as you seek His face, knowing that in the day of trouble, God will lift you up and put you firmly upon the Rock of Christ Jesus, giving you His purpose, to know the greater works that He has called you!


I declare you have the Mind of Christ Jesus, knowing the transformation that has come to your mind, by the power of the Word, giving you increased strength to know the power of the truth that has set you free!










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Do Not Be Dismayed — But Be Hopeful!

By Robin Kirby Gatto



Saints of God, when you go into the dream that the LORD has for you, you have to know that you will be tried and tested beyond measure, shaking all that can be shaken, and that which is not of God will fall to the ground, as the divine nature of Christ Jesus will rise up, giving you the intentions and thoughts of the Father’s heart, seeking His face, to know the presence of God!


Do not be dismayed, but be hopeful; that means your breakthrough is just around the corner!


One of my favorite scriptures is John 1:5, and I love it alongside Micah 7:8.


In Jesus Christ is Life and that Life is the Light of all mankind! (John 1:4), That Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it, put it, nor is it receptive to it!


When God’s Light (revelation) pierces the darkness of your trial, where you do not feel that you can go on, that is when you know that you know, that you know the presence of God!


Micah 7:8 declares rejoice not against me oh my enemy, for when I sit in darkness the LORD shall be a Light to me!


So many people medicate their darkness, because it is uncomfortable for them to wait in it!


I had done that in the late 1990s as a single mother, when I was an alcoholic.  I was medicating my pain, because the darkness was so uncomfortable.


However, I chose in time, to not push back the darkness, but rather to embrace my season, knowing that God was true and did not change, and that somehow in my darkest trial He would visit me!


As I chose to embrace my season of darkness, I knew that I was not getting out of it, without A visitation from God!  The power of Holy Spirit!  Woo Hoo!


I might had fallen seven times but God kept getting me back up, calling me righteous, His, and accepted in the beloved!


You have to know that if you are not being visited by the power of God, it might be because you are medicating your darkness, instead of embracing the season, and waiting on the Light of God to come upon, where your Light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon you!


Embrace your season and wait for God’s power!







A saint crying out to God for fullness of deliverance and the manifestation of salvation.


By Robin Kirby Gatto



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24.12 | 06:44

I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior!

06.12 | 03:38

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16Romans 6:23 - For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Chri

29.11 | 08:39

Great prayer for the children, we must pass it on!

27.11 | 20:15

A very timely word!! I needed to hear that today. Thank you Miss Shelly

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