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"Whirlwinds Are Blowing Across Our Nation!

Here's What the Lord Showed Me..."

By Rebecca Greenwood




Lately, we are seeing and feeling transition occurring on many fronts. Now is the time to receive the strategy to advance. Since June, I have seen whirlwinds in the spirit that seem to be bringing storms. As I watched these whirlwinds blow, I began to see the words hope and faith blowing across our nation in the midst of the churning winds creating the funnel cycle. For some, these whirlwinds are personal, for others it's corporate, and it is definitely being seen at a national and international level. I inquired of this to the Holy Spirit and He spoke several insights concerning the whirlwinds.


It is a season where the winds will blow and some will feel uncertain and unsafe. These are spiritual winds, as if they were winds of the Lord, causing a confrontation in the spirit realm and a shifting of spiritual atmospheres. In the midst of the whirlwinds, we are being invited into a now season of transition, crossing over and possessing anointing and strategies for the days ahead.


I have been seeing these whirlwinds since the beginning of June, and I saw that three of them were blowing across DC where they will affect government and the judicial system. (We have been currently witnessing this unfold.) I also saw whirlwinds blowing across Maryland. I saw winds sweeping across our nation, above Arizona, Indiana, Texas, Kansas, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, the plains of Colorado and many others.


The word of encouragement from the Lord is as these spiritual winds blow in this tumultuous time, they will produce the fruit of faith and hope. The Lord is causing a shifting and sifting that will birth a strategy to advance. Allow this season to bring you into a new place of surrender to Him. The season of stretching and uncertainty is inviting each of you and the Body of Christ at large into a place of abandoned and surrendered encounters, abiding in Him. We will see, hear and receive from Him a renewing of our minds as well as a newfound strength and fiery passion.


Be persistent to seek Him and listen for His direction. We are at a crossroads. I see spiritually many are coming down the familiar path they have always taken, but He is causing a new road called the "crossing over road" to bring many into an intersection of the new road that is ahead. He is causing a new road called the "crossing over road" to bring our nation and the nations into an intersection of the new road that is ahead.


There is a Sound of Strategists Arising!


Kingdom strategists are arising in this time. Their calling will not just be an event driven mindset. Relational alliances are being forged for transformation. Some have sat on the sidelines and waited for the perfect opportunity to present itself when the Lord is saying, "Be the pioneer to blaze a trail and birth the new that I am speaking and revealing to you." Come to the altar of surrender; His altar of surrender and cry out as David cried out in Psalm 57:8 (AMPC), "Awake, my glory (my inner self)..."


Lift up your sound of praise to Him. Listen to Him and say, "yes" to His leading. He's imparting a passion cry, "Lord, it's about You and Your Kingdom." It is a now time for the pioneers who have paid the price to arise. These pioneers must clear the path, blaze the trail and lead the way. We are in a season where the pioneers are arising to be a reconciling force in life, the spheres they are called to, cities, regions and nations.


Intercessors be ready to roll! Be ready to move! Be ready to advance! Now is the time for the giant slayers. Let the David’s arise! Now is the time for the city and nation deliverers to get your marching orders and advance. So all you deliverers (Moses') arise! It is time to get "out of the box", glory realm, and Kingdom birthed strategies. It is time to possess gates of influence! Joshua’s, Josephs, Daniels, Esther’s, and Deborah’s arise. Warriors arise to possess the gates of influence. Governmental intercessors arise and advance.


We are in a now moment and season – much is at stake. The Lord revealed that as we advance now in the strategies He is speaking, we will thwart the attempts of the enemy and his evil schemes planned in the days ahead. We must pray, intercede, strategize and war in His Kingdom assignments to usher in the harvest that is on the horizon.


It is a time of divine order and alignment for the strategies to be birthed for His authoritative holy truth that ushers in healing glory, fire, Kingdom victories and a harvest.


Strategies to Have Victory!


Your manifestation is according to your revelation. Get in those glory encounters with Him to see and hear your assigned strategies!


Strategies for victory are here and now concerning the things that you have pressed through in the past that you feel have held you back. This is occurring at a national level. Some have been asking the Lord, "What is this assignment of the enemy in my life or family bloodline that continues to hold me back? Lord, what is Your strategy as we pray for our nation?"


I heard the Lord say, "That the snake in the grass, that demon of darkness that has kept himself hidden is now about to overplay his hand and expose himself. And you will discern and see this serpent and his schemes and secure a sudden and swift victory!" When you see this dark scheme for what it truly is, don't hesitate to take authority over it! That moment is not the time to remain silent or shrink back. The King is in the field on our behalf.


Shake it Off!


Shake off the dust of the past that has caused weariness. Shake off the rehearsing of the past and all that didn't go right. Pioneers, intercessors, warriors, and Believers set your gaze on Him for the strategies and assignments He is releasing now and begin to move with Him. Allow joy, joy, joy to come back into your life. In His presence, He will restore joy and your joy in Him will move you forward! His joy becomes your joy and your strength and will carry through your assignments to victory.




Rebecca Greenwood

Christian Harvest International

Website: www.christianharvestintl.org


ElijahList Publications

528 Ellsworth St. SW

Albany, OR 97321


email: info@elijahlist.net

Phone 1-541-926-3250

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