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Rebirthing of SCOTUS & President Donald Trump!


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The Re-birthing of SCOTUS & President Donald Trump!

By Veronika West



A powerful Word concerning the United States of America and President Donald J. Trump!  Watch!


A time of re-birthing, the mighty eagles will soar to even greater heights…!


Today I was busy in my office when I clearly heard The Spirit say, “Watch!  A time of re-birthing!  The mighty eagles will soar to even greater heights”


As I heard those words, I stopped in my tracks and I began to press into what The Spirit was saying.


Now as I listened again, suddenly a powerful vision opened up before me, where I saw a mighty eagle sitting high upon a mountainside under the cleft of a large rock.


As I looked at the eagle, suddenly I saw the eagle begin to violently knock its own beak against the mountainside.  I watched intently as the eagle repeatedly did this, until its beak was completely broken off.


Then it was as if the vision moved fast forward in time, and I watched as a new beak grew back.


And then I watched as the eagle began to pluck out its own talons, and again the vision moved fast forward in time and I saw new talons re-growing upon its feet.


Then just as I had watched in the vision as the eagle broke off it’s own beak and plucked out its own talons, I watched as the eagle began to pluck out its own feathers, which were old and worn.


Now amazed at what I was seeing in the vision, I stayed watching as the eagle plucked out every single feather on its body until there was not one feather left to be seen.


With every feather removed, the eagle became incredibly vulnerable and its body looked weak and frail.


The great and majestic creature was no longer so strong and powerful, the eagle was now extremely vulnerable to many dangers roundabout him, and without his feathers and the ability to fly, he was easy prey for many predators.


But then again the vision moved fast forward in time and I watched as new feathers began to replace the old ones, and soon the eagle was fully covered with new and beautiful feathers.


Then I watched as the eagle took flight once again and spreading his strong and powerful wings he flew straight into a fierce storm and using the strong currents of the wind he began to soar even higher, then I heard The Spirit say, “Watch!  A time of re-birthing, the mighty eagles will soar to even greater heights”.


Now as I heard those words again, I inquired of The LORD and immediately I saw a powerful prophetic parallel begin to unfold before me, where I saw both the nation of America and President Donald J. Trump as the mighty eagle.


Then again I heard the words “a time of re-birthing” and then I saw in The Spirit mighty eagles beginning to emerge in greater power, strength and new life over the nation of America.


As I remained listening, The Holy Spirit impressed upon me to take a look into the life of the eagle and this is what I found:


The eagle has the longest life span of most birds and that the eagle can live up to 70 or more years, but in order for the eagle to reach the age of 70 or more, the eagle must make a hard decision.


When the eagle reaches its 40’s the eagles long and flexible talons are no longer effective for grasping and catching prey so the eagle finds its increasingly difficult to secure its food and can starve to death.


Furthermore, the eagles sharp and pointed beak becomes bent and brittle over time and it’s wings become old and worn out due to the thickness of its feathers which often becomes stuck to it’s chest making it very difficult to fly.


Now at this crucial time in the life of an eagle it has two choices, to either die or to go through a painful process of re-birthing which lasts for 150 days (5 months), and it’s during this process that the eagle plucks out its own feathers and talons and actually breaks off its own beak.


And it’s after this painful process of breaking, plucking and stripping off, that new and greater life emerges for the mighty eagle, its during this process of re-birthing that the eagle grows back all of its new feathers, new talons and a new beak.


The new feathers enable him to fly and soar higher than ever before, the new talons enable him to catch and carry even bigger prey than ever before, and a new beak enables him to tear apart his prey with greater ease.


Amazingly as I read about this process of the eagles “rebirthing” I saw that it powerfully reflected and confirmed everything I had seen in the vision concerning the nation of America and President Donald J. Trump.


Then The Holy Spirit showed me again President Donald Trump like the mighty eagle, that even now he is going through a process of re-birthing.


He showed me the president sitting high upon a mountain side under the cleft of a large rock (under the covering of God) I was shown that he has lost his old and bent beak, he has lost his old talons and he has lost his old and worn out feathers, he has been stripped completely of his old life and the old ways of doing things.


Like the eagle who sits vulnerable without its feathers and unable to fly so to the president is incredibly vulnerable in this hour to many dangers, unable to fly as before he has become easy prey to the wiles and the powers of the enemy.


But then The Spirit of God takes me fast forward in time and he shows me that “suddenly”, a new and sharp beak begins to emerge, new and sharp talons begin to replace the old ones, and new feathers begin to grow back which fully cover his body and wings.


I see a great and mighty eagle beginning to emerge from the mountain side, I see a great and mighty eagle take flight once again but this time he is stronger and more powerful than ever before, I see him flying higher than ever before, I see him flying fearlessly into the storms that rage and soaring upon the strong currents of the wind which cause him to go higher and higher and further and further than ever before.


Now as I have prayed over this powerful vision the holy spirit took me back to the word I submitted concerning president Donald Trump in the month of June; the bull and the matador:   “Urgent Word for the United States of America!“


What I found incredibly interesting was that God clearly showed me during that vision that the next (5 months) were crucially important.  That the next 5 months were marked with many dangers for the president and for the nation.


I saw shown so clearly that over the next 5 months there would be a dramatic increase in demonic attacks like never before both over the president and the nation.


While looking at the eagles re-birthing process and that it takes (5 months) I felt it was more than just a coincidence but rather a direct and powerful confirmation from God.


I believe that we must continue to pray like never before, this is a very dangerous and vulnerable time for both the nation and for the president.


God is revealing so clearly through this recent vision that the nation and the President and the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) are in a “process of re-birthing”.


This is a very critical moment for the destiny of the nation!


God is revealing these things, so we can pray without ceasing that we may see the victory of The LORD made manifest in the land.


Lastly I submit to you that as we remain vigilant watching, praying and seeking God in this hour, that after the midterm elections, President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court and the nation will emerge like that of the mighty eagles, “mantled in new and greater life, strength and power…”


See also “An Urgent Word Concerning Trump and The USA,” as The LORD says: “A double portion generational anointing, the Mantle of Jehu and Jehoshaphat will now begin to manifest.”


So friends keep praying for President Donald J Trump, the Supreme Court and the United States of America in this hour.


I see President Donald Trump, the Nation and the Supreme Court in the midst of a painful re-birthing process.


The old is being stripped off, which is now making way for new and greater life to emerge.


This is the season of great change and transformation in the nation, the Supreme Court and in the life of the President Donald J. Trump.




Blessings to you all.

By Veronika West


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