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I AM Coming!


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Quick God! Deliver Me From Evil! Jesus Is Coming!

By Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer



“I AM coming!  I AM coming!  I AM coming!  Can’t you see Me in the clouds?  Don’t you hear the thundering hooves of many horses?


As the dark storm clouds break open, here I AM, ready and waiting for you.  For all of you to turn your hearts to Me, once and for all.


I have waited a long time for this, as has My Father.  We have waited for the timing, and the events to mark My arrival once again.


Are you ready?


Are you ready for Me to come again?


Do you have your life straight and in order?


Do you regret what you have done, or do you glory in yourself and not Me?


Have you repented and then repented again and again of the sins you have done or the things you have said, to make sure all the layers of anger, bitterness, un-forgiveness, vengeance and other issues are gone from your past?


Have you identification ally repented for your ancestors?


Have you renounced vows or words they said, or actions they did for secret societies or in anger, vengeance, witchcraft and bondages of addictions, so that the door to the past is closed and can’t come open to plague you and yours for those sins again?


The enemy tries to hide so much in people of their past, to continue to plague them in ways they don’t understand, so that he can continue in the lives of many.


Many, too, are in denial of what their ancestors did, or what they’ve done and believe it can’t affect them now, because of the life they lead.


But, it not only affects them, but those in their family line, as long as it continues and isn’t renounced so that that door is finally closed.


Once renounced, the door is closed, and you and the generations after you, walk in freedom you haven’t felt or had before.


Don’t you want more freedom in Me?  Or are you complacent and/ or too lazy to do anything about it, because you think you don’t have time or whatever to do it?


You must make time for this.  This is about your relationship with Me.  You are letting you, get in the way of our relationship.


Is it worth it?  Don’t you want everything I have for you?


You are the one standing in the way of your own destiny, when you refuse or think you don’t have time for deliverance and /or renunciation prayers.


Deliverance comes through renouncing prayers of things you or your ancestors have said or done.  Not understanding is not an excuse.  Ask Me what you need to know.


Is trusting Me and just doing it too much of a challenge for you?


I AM that I AM and with Me beside you, what more could you want?


Would you rather let your pride get in the way, by thinking you don’t have anything wrong with you?


You do realize you will stand before Me at judgment?


Anything you haven’t gotten rid of you will have to explain to Me why you haven’t gotten rid of it.  Do you really want to do that?


Just do it, because it is My heart for you to be clean before Me, so the enemy can’t continue to open doors to you, to cause harm, pain, suffering, torture, torment, harassment or death and destruction to you.


I AM coming!

Do not doubt the times and the seasons that are upon you.


Do not think it is a long way off, so that it’s not important now…..  Too much is happening now around you, to ignore that the enemy is trying to win, overtake and destroy what I have designed to worship and adore Me.  You know My coming is soon.


You know that you are in for a breakthrough, when the enemy tries his hardest to stop, distract, detour, or destroy you, before you get to the breakthrough or through the finish line of this race.


You know he wants to discourage you, so that you will stop, give up, and turn around to his way of thinking.  Do not allow him to do this to you.


Yes, I said “allow”, because I have given you choice, so it is your choice to allow him to rule and reign in and over your life, or would you rather have Me as your master?  Which is it?


Time is short.  Neither you nor I have time to fuss.


It is time to do as I do and do as I say.  Quit going back to the way things were in the past.


Be willing to move forward into My new for you.  Repent and move past the past.


Repent and move forward with your life.


I AM moving and changing things.


I AM creating clarity out of chaos.


I AM creating new out of the dust, and from the dregs of the past.


I AM moving in your life and the lives of others.


It is time for all to move with Me, not against Me or away from Me out of fear or anything else the enemy tries to throw at you.


I AM a loving God. I do not wish ill upon you, but there are times when you don’t listen, when you refuse to open your eyes, ears, mind, heart, and spirit to My way, when you refuse do what I have called you to do.


Anytime I ask you to do something, it is better you choose to do it, than to refuse it.  It is a test, because I want you to be constantly growing in Me.


Choosing My way, helps you to pass the test, and come more quickly into what I have for you.


So, if you choose to do it, I AM with you.  I will make a way when there seems to be no way.  I will make streams in the desert.


No matter how hard it seems, I AM there for you.  I will protect and provide for you as you need.


Yes, it may be hard, but not any harder than what you can handle, because I AM with you.


You do not have to strive for anything, when I AM with you.  I make the way for you.


You only have to seek Me, wait until I answer, and be obedient to what I ask of you.  Remember, I work in My timing, not yours.


When you refuse Me or choose another option or ask Me to lessen the task, you are not choosing My will for your life.  There is no plan B or plan C.  It is My plan or nothing!


Too many of you get yourself in trouble, thinking there are other ways to go.


I have said, I make nothing harder than what you can handle.  I AM there for you, when you choose My way.


My way is the only way.  When you choose your way, then you are choosing to have the consequences of your actions.


I will be there watching you, but because of your choice, I might only be able to watch.


Remember, the enemy is very legalistic, and because it was your choice, I may not be able to help you when you need it.  Remember Job?


Some of you are living or working or sitting in the middle of people who seem to have exaggerated characteristics of not listening, or being stubborn, rebellious, wanting their way or have other ways about them, that irritate you or you find hard to understand and you may not want to be around those kinds of people.


Has it occurred to you, that I may have placed you there for a reason?


It may be because that is what I AM trying to make you see in yourself?


Ask Me! 


Some of you are miserable in having to put up with “that” spirit in someone else.  Have you asked Me yet?


Is that same spirit, so comfortable in you, that it doesn’t want the competition from other spirits of the same name, so it is irritating to be around, because it sees itself and is afraid you will too?


Is that spirit so familiar in you that it has become a “familiar spirit” or one who believes they are so much a part of you, that you just think it is one of your characteristics?


So you think, it doesn’t need deliverance, it doesn’t need to leave, because it has become like a “friend” to you.


Ask Me:  Is that in You?  Is that something you need to get rid of?


In doing your way, whether you realize it or not, you open the door to the enemy to come in like a flood, as well as opening it to those who are under your authority.


You have heard that things flow from the top down, so it is in this too.  If you have others under your authority, your choices will affect their lives as well.


Your passing or not passing the test depends on your obedience to Me.  It depends on you doing everything I ask you to do and not continue to look for a way out of the test or a way to lessen the effect of what is happening to you and those you love.


If you fail the test, regardless of how hard it was, you will have to redo it at a time of My choosing.


Failing tests at this time and season is not a good thing, because it slows you down in coming into all that I have for you.


When you redo or retake a test, it is harder, each time you have to retake it.  This is because you were so hard headed the first time you did it, you did it your way, instead of mine.


Each time you fail the test, you retake it.  It is like getting back on the merry-go-round, because it feels like you are just going round and round and round.


So it is imperative that you pray to Me, that you will pass each test the first time, so that it doesn’t have to be repeated and that no matter what, you hang onto My robe and are obedient to Me.


I AM coming and time is short.


There is no longer time to dilly dally.  You need to pay closer attention to Me and what I ask of you to do.


Obedience to Me is key.  If you think you aren’t hearing Me clearly, then you probably need to spend more time with Me to develop a greater relationship with Me and you probably need deliverance.


Seek Me, I’m the one with all the answers!”




God Bless You!

By  Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

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Excellent... straight from the heart of Jesus. Thank you Steve Porter

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