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Turn Your Face To The Wall, The Tables Will Turn!

By Dana Jarvis



I had a dream last night that The LORD wanted me to release.


I could see myself with my face turned against the wall praying.  As I prayed, the things around me began to shift and fall into place for those things of which I was praying for.


Then I heard The LORD speak, “Turn your face to the wall, the tables shall be turned!”


Then Hezekiah turned his face toward the wall, and prayed unto The LORD, (Isaiah 38:2)


There is something about the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous that will move God and change his mind.


When Isaiah came to Hezekiah and told him that he was going to die, Hezekiah turned His face to the wall and had a wall experience.


Before Isaiah could even leave, Hezekiah had 15 more years; three measures of grace were added to his life!


Tell the devil right now that you are about to have a wall experience!


It’s time for you to turn your face to the wall.  God is about to reverse some things for someone!


I speak, declare and decree an immediate turn around in the name of Jesus!


My dream that God showed me took me back to King Hezekiah who was a man that found himself in as desperate a situation as you can imagine, a situation that looked and sounded utterly hopeless, and yet against all odds this man turned his face to the wall and prayed, He had that wall experience!


God heard his prayer, and the world turned on its axis to prove that He hears and answers prayer.


Prayer changes things.  Prayer touches the heart of God and moves the hand of God.


Got any rivers you think are impassable?


Got any mountains you can’t tunnel through?


God specializes in things thought impossible!  He can do what no other power can do.


It is never too late to pray!  Even there, in the darkest and most desperate moments of your life, it’s not too late to pray.


Even after every negative report, even when the people have given up on you, if all you have to stand on are the promises of God in His Word, then keep standing, keep believing, keep trusting, because it is never too late to pray. God will turn this around!


I keep hearing The LORD say, “Turn your face to the wall, the tables shall be turned!”




By Dana Jarvis

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16.07 | 13:58

Excellent... straight from the heart of Jesus. Thank you Steve Porter

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keep up the good work

04.06 | 17:48

Thank you ♡

13.05 | 08:03

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