If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

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To Love Him Is To Obey Him!

By Thomas Downes



The Gift of repentance leads to the gift of obedience.  You may wonder, “what do you mean by the gift of obedience?  That’s not scriptural!”  You will see what I mean as I continue.


Repentance means to turn around, where before, you had your back turned to The LORD, now you are seeing that He wants you to face Him as the loving Father He really is.


Repentance also involves the renewing of your mind; the renewing of your mind is what proves the perfect will of God.


He does already know you, but you need to know how much of you He really knows….  Everything!


There is nothing that is hidden.  He knows when you stand and when you sit down.


He knows when you lay down and when you rise up.  And, He knows your thoughts from afar off.


Your attitude about what He knows about you will determine the true depth of your repentance.  If you don’t care enough to submit to His working in you, you will never become what He has called you to be.


Therefore, humble yourself in the sight of The LORD, and He will lift you up.


Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, and He will exalt you in due time.


This is where obedience will be the gift that you desperately need.  You can’t earn this gift. You must yield yourself into it.


The Holy Spirit will lead you into its beauty.


The Gift of obedience has tremendous rewards.


1.   You will obtain true knowledge of entering the Holy of Holies.


In the Old Testament, there is a pattern of how the high priest entered His Presence in the Tabernacle: The brazen alter, where the sacrificial lamb is offered.


The Holy Place where the alter of incense, the seven golden candlesticks, and the table of showbread are found.  And then the Veil through which the high priest would enter and offer sacrifices for the people in the Holy of Holies


2.   Obedience to His Voice will draw you into the Holy of Holies.


Now we have the right to enter the Holy of Holies by the only sacrifice needed for all mankind; that is the body and blood of Jesus Christ, the sacrificial Lamb of God that took away the sins of the world.


To as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to them who believe upon His Name.


I believe this is the true gift because of our obedience to His calling.


For Jesus said: “I am the Veil.  No one can come to the Father except through Me”


3.   Knowing Him will lead you to being filled by Him.


The Apostle Paul states,  “Be filled with The Holy Spirit.”


Jesus said,  “And The Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My Name will lead you into all truth.”


Jesus also said,  “Everything that the Father has is Mine.  And The Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My Name, will take from what is Mine and show it unto you.”


4.   Jesus also says “You are My friends when you obey what I say.


The LORD has given us a tremendous gift, the ability to obey Him.  And that will only happen when you know Him and know the Voice of the Holy Spirit.


Therefore be filled with The Holy Spirit, so that you can truly say “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.”


The Book of Acts of the apostles will give you great examples of obedience to the Voice of The LORD. and the baptism in the Holy Spirit.


Ask Him for the gift of repentance.


To Love Him is to obey Him.




By Thomas Downes




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Father God, in the name of Jesus, please don't allow any of us to be used as puppets (of the enemy) of offence/sin/works of darkness/rejection toward one another in Jesus name! Keep back thy servants from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me/us! Instead fill us with Your Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, and Temperance, against such there is no law.  Do not let me waiver to the right or the left but serve You from this day forward.  I ask for the gift of obedience because I LOVE You!  So, I bind these to the very layers of my/our souls. 


May the Spirit of God work inside our beings to guide and change us by changing the desires of our hearts to be in alignment with You and Your Will, Way, Word.


May the Spirit of God infiltrate our spirit being with His desires, thoughts, feelings, and urgings that bring guidance and purpose into our lives.

Let us be carriers of the Fragrance of Heaven and God!!!!!!


“Now unto Him that is able to keep me from falling, and to present me faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion, and power, both now and ever.”  Amen Jude 1:24-25.


"Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, [be] honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen." (1 Timothy 1:17 KJV)


"To the only wise God our Saviour, [be] glory and majesty, dominion and power, (Thanksgiving) both now and ever. In Jesus name . . . Amen." (Jude 1:25 KJV)







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13.05 | 08:03

Don't forget to go to the Widow's Blog which is designed to spend time with the Lord each day! You will find you're not so lonely! The Father will never leave

10.05 | 06:12

God is obviously not finished with us, so we must draw close to the Lord and ask. Give Him all your burdens beloved. Give Him your loneliness & draw close.

10.05 | 06:05

Yes, I will pray for you beloved. I know exactly how you feel. In fact most of us if not all of us fight loneliness. Jesus said, He will never leave us!

09.05 | 13:30

Hello, I,have been a widow for 15 year's and I still struggle with Loneliness . Please Pray 4 me.I am just waiting for my own death,I turned 69 yrs old in Feb.

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