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I Am Disconnecting You From Every Curse . . .



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I Am Disconnecting You From Every Curse &

Sin Laced Inheritance In Your Generations

By Russ Walden





The Father says today, I am disconnecting you from every curse and sin laced inheritance in your generations. The illegitimate will not enter into My house to their tenth generation. I break off of you the curse of the bastard. You are not an orphan. You are not born of an orphan spirit. You know your father, and you know your mother, for I am both father and mother to you. You are not born of fornication. Stop telling others that and stop saying it to yourself. Know this, says God - in Christ, I am your Elder Brother. When you denigrate yourself, you denigrate Me and what I have done for you!


Receive the vindication of heaven this day. Your paternity is not in the natural for you are born of My Spirit. I am eradicating the human, fleshly past and integrating heaven's pedigree as your own. You can now say with the Apostle Paul "I have wronged no one, I have defrauded no one..." The person in your life who says otherwise does so in defiance of the finished work of the cross. What will you choose this day, says God? What will you believe? What I have said, or what that interloper and his interlocutor who stands in your life repeating the empty words of the enemy says? That holds no sway against you because the blood has wiped away your sin.

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thanks to the writer for the wonderful write-up. very impressive.

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