If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Receive . . .



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Get Ready to Receive!

By Dana Jarvis



That thing you have relied on for so long, that thing that has kept you bound, that thing that has hindered you and held you back, throw it off as Bartimeaus threw off his cloak for freedom is coming to your house today!


Your cries have broken open a dead atmosphere and released power!


Miracle working power!


Hear the gentle knock at your door and as the doorknob turns, feel the gentle wind of His Spirit upon your face.


He is walking in the room right where you are.  A divine moment to which nothing can compare!


Get ready to receive!


I see Him reaching for your hand as I then hear these words so softly flow from Him as he speaks to you,


“Come a little closer, I have something special for you!”




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By Dana Jarvis



Many may tell you that situation won’t ever change.  They may tell you that broken part of you may never mend.


They may tell you to just let go of that dream, it is too far fetched.  They may even tell you that backslidden believer or the prodigal who walks in the world have no hope left.


These same people may call themselves a Christian, carry a bible, and sit in church service.


Their Bible may be highlighted to the point every page looks color coded, but that don’t mean they have arrived.


You must have a passion for those dying without THE SON, a Holy Fire to keep pressing when the situations looks opposite and to speak life to those broken wounded spirits.


Get out of the saltshaker for we are called to be the salt of the earth.  Called to be the light in the darkness.


Close those ears to the naysayers that choose to take everything to the phone rather than the Throne.


There is HOPE! I ask you, “Can these bones live?”




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The Roar…

By Dana Jarvis



The roar in the hallways of your mind may be more threatening.  This roar wants to steal you of your desire to pray. He seeks to pounce on you at your weakest moment.


This roar of intimidation, gossip, and fear.  The roar that tells you to quit, tells you that your prodigal child is lost, tells you there is no hope for your situation. It tells you that you won’t make it!


Brothers and Sisters, it is time to release the battle cry!


This is no time to sleep and slumber, but awaken yourself.  It is no time to pull your curtains and let the thoughts of fear flood your mind leaving you in a paralyzed state.


It is time to keep the fire on your prayer altar burning like never before. It is time to silence the roar of the wicked one over your life, your family, this nation.


The LORD took me back to a time when my grandmother who was a minister would begin each gathering by prayer.


You would hear the heartfelt cries unto God coming down the road way before you reached the doors of that sanctuary.


They would pray and linger at that altar of prayer.  Let us get back to that!


Prayer is releasing this battle cry upon our knees.


The LORD is showing me an altar flooded with people in unity crying out and worshipping him.


They are lingering there as their cries are being heard so strongly in my spirit.  I see a fire rising from this altar, a mighty fire and cloud of His Glory rising.


I feel this so strongly as The LORD has turned my attention to this.


Let there not be one dry place upon your altar.  Effectual prayer availeth much.  Give all to God blazing that the fire never be quenched.


May his hand pour upon you that sacred oil. The fire shall ever be burning upon that altar and will not go out!



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Time to Pray!

By Dana Jarvis




It is time to pray like never before.


The LORD has been speaking to me so much about the altar and keeping that fire burning; not only the altars of our hearts but our prayer altars, releasing the battle cry from the secret place of intercession.


Let our cries arise unto God!


I see His Glory and power arising from those closets of prayer.


The weeping between the porch and the altar.  Praise to our Mighty God!  Keep praying! Keep pressing in!



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Again The Roar!

By Dana Jarvis



I hear a roar, a mighty vibration in the Heavens.


I heard it so clearly during church service tonight.  It is reverberating in the Heavens and saturating his Bride with his glory waves!


This roaring sound caused wave after wave of glory.  They are coming to soak His Bride, transforming, positioning and bringing them to attention.


This roar is changing some things.  There is a deeper release of His Glory!


He is roaring over us!  We are part of that Mighty Lion of Judah company!


The LORD utters His Voice before His Army for strong is He that carries out his Word!


I assure you to stand even when you feel like you done all to stand for his words to you will not return void!




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The Esthers, the Sarahs, the Hannahs, the Deborahs!

By Dana Jarvis



I see the Esthers rising with courage.


I see the Deborahs rising up to declare victory in her land.


I see the Sarahs stepping out to follow God’s promises.


I see those like Mary Magdalene leaving behind the old life and stepping into that new identity.


I see those Hannah’s praying fervently and receiving answers to those many prayers.


I see those like Elijah calling down the fire from Heaven.


Those like Daniel standing bravely in the face of bloodthirsty lions.


Those like David determined to recover all.


Those like Caleb crying out, “LORD, give me this mountain!”


Those like Nehemiah refusing to come down from the wall.


I hear the Lion of Judah roaring over you.  He roars with power, authority, and victory. Lean in Beloved and hear him roaring over you this day.


Hosea 10:11 says, “Judah will plow!”  Judah means praise so let your high praises plow the soil and prepare to receive what God has for you.


Hear Judah Roar!



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It Is a Time of Revelation!

By Dana Jarvis


Deliverance didn’t begin when the Children of Israel walked out of Egypt, but when the Word of Deliverance was Spoken Into them.  You do not belong to Egypt even now!


It Is a Time of Revelation!


God is working through the wounds of the broken ones.  They shall be redeemed from their pain!


Those wounds that have cut deeply shall be healed.  When hell looks at them, they see a cell.


However, when God looks at them, He only sees a throne.  The attacks that you are under is preparing you for your next level of authority.


You are moving from all the junk to his very best.


Goshen was his assigned place of miraculous provision.


You are a supernatural people that shall walk in the Goshen prepared for such a time as this!




By Dana Jarvis



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keep up the good work

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Don't forget to go to the Widow's Blog which is designed to spend time with the Lord each day! You will find you're not so lonely! The Father will never leave

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God is obviously not finished with us, so we must draw close to the Lord and ask. Give Him all your burdens beloved. Give Him your loneliness & draw close.

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