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A Fresh Wind From Heaven

Posted on October 8, 2018 by Dana Jarvis



A fresh Wind from Heaven is blowing upon the King’s Bride.


She is rising up from the place where the enemy thought he had won.  Where he thought he had dealt a hard blow.


Oh but now, he is standing in confusion for this Bride has a new strength rising up in her.  She will not stay down!


As the children of Israel were led by this fire by night, even so, His Bride will be led by this fire in the darkness.


Hold fast to what thou hast, that no man take thy crown.  I do not speak lightly!


You have been crushed and taken through the fire, and now you are vessels fit and holy for the Fire of your Master’s use.


His Fire will burn hotly within your spirit, and you will speak forth His Words with boldness.


Keep your eyes on the eyes that burn with such love for you.  You have sown in many tears, and now you will run with great strength through the harvest fields, and come into His Courts rejoicing, bringing your sheaves with you.


There will be no signs of fatigue when you arrive, for the Bride will come filled with the Glory of The LORD as the waters cover the sea.


In my spirit, I can still hear the faintest cry and the barest whispers of some in this hour.


They feel much like a sparrow that has fallen to the ground helpless and wounded.  Oh but I see Him walking onto the scene right where you are.


I hear the precious voice of the King say for you, ““I AM Jesus, Whom you seek!  Here I AM …  here you will stay.”


“Did I not say that not a sparrow falls to the ground, but that I see it ... and care?”


“I watched you fall to the ground, having a near fatal wound in your heart, but no more!”


I see Jesus place his hand upon your face and say once again, “I Am Jesus, Whom you seek!”


He is raising you up to be a light to the nations to free the captives, open blind eyes.


Tear down those walls as you are shouting His name.  He has made you like a sharp sword and a select arrow in His hands.


To many He concealed you.  He purposely has hidden you in his quiver.


But now the time is upon you and you are His Warrior, His beloved in whom He will show His glory mightily.


Feel this fresh Wind upon you as it is blowing even now.




By Dana Jarvis



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13.05 | 08:03

Don't forget to go to the Widow's Blog which is designed to spend time with the Lord each day! You will find you're not so lonely! The Father will never leave

10.05 | 06:12

God is obviously not finished with us, so we must draw close to the Lord and ask. Give Him all your burdens beloved. Give Him your loneliness & draw close.

10.05 | 06:05

Yes, I will pray for you beloved. I know exactly how you feel. In fact most of us if not all of us fight loneliness. Jesus said, He will never leave us!

09.05 | 13:30

Hello, I,have been a widow for 15 year's and I still struggle with Loneliness . Please Pray 4 me.I am just waiting for my own death,I turned 69 yrs old in Feb.

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