If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Jesus is all you need beloved . . .



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Jesus — ALL You Need!

By Shelly-Ann Powell




To some people, to have Jesus Christ may not mean a thing to them, especially if they have never been in the position where Jesus is all they had and they came to the realization that when you have Jesus; He is really all you need.


This statement is no fable, it is the truth. “When God is all you have, He is all you really need”.


People may bury and reject you because you seem to be going nowhere, but let me tell you, people’s perception of you is not always God’s perception of you.


You may appear a “nobody” to some based on their perception of you, but that should never move you.


You may start off with nothing because you held on to your integrity but that should never move you either.


Look around you, if you notice people with money and much always have many friends but those with “nothing” are the ones with no friends.


The Word of God cannot lie.  It is sure truth.  The Word of God says, the one who is poor has few friends but the rich has many.


Many do not understand the ways of God, because to be honest, it was never meant to be understood by some.


Hence the reason Jesus always spoke in parables.  Luke 8:10 says, “Seeing they may not see and hearing the may not understand,”


You see, God will allow you to go through seasons without nothing and nobody and while people think you are going down and nowhere or you will not survive, that is when He begins to do a work on you, anoint you, open your eyes to show you things and people who are not for you or with you.


He begins to revel to you what you never imagine.  You see God is a Man of strategy, He will use what the enemy intended to use against you for your evil to do you good.


Some of us may find ourselves having nothing or nobody and think less or little of ourselves but honey, this is a perfect opportunity for God to work on you and show Himself to you.


God sometimes cannot show Himself to you in the crowd because you will be distracted and they may try to take credit for what He is doing.


Sometimes He has to set you apart to prove Himself to you that He is God.


Ask Moses who stayed on the backside of the desert.


Ask David who fed and tended to lions and bears before he became king, ask Jesus who was led into the wilderness and tempted by Satan.


Listen; sometimes because of what God knows is on the inside of you, He has to allow seasons of hardship to develop you.


The Word of God says, “Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.”


When they look at you, all they may see is garbage but God knows there is gold on the inside of you.


In your times and seasons of nothing and what seems to be nowhere, use it to grow closer to Jesus Christ who can never be outnumbered, overturned, defeated and dead.


I am telling you!  Jesus Christ is the only guarantee!


Anything else and anyone else will fail!  You put man first and surely they will disappoint you.


Put your trust in man today, tomorrow they turn their backs on you.  Always put God first, always place your trust in Him and He will lead you to those who are His and those who He has instructed to help and work with you.


It does not matter where you are in the world. God will always send someone to your rescue.


Even if you have to wait 50 years, He will.  You just have to position yourself live for Him and He will see you through.


If you find yourself in a season of nothing and nowhere, use that time to develop a relationship with God and work on yourself.


Write the book, go to school, start the business, whatever is your passion or drive, do it and God will make a way.


Wait on God even if it takes years, He will not give you the worst or what is not right for you.


Some of us lose our way because we jump too soon.  Satan sends a counterfeit or something that appears to be of God and without even consulting God you grab a hold of it because we are so desperate.


Not so, wait on The LORD and He will give you what He has and spoke to you.


Listen, God will not give you the worst as His child; He will ensure you get HIS best.


I can never speak for anyone else but I know when Jesus Christ is all you have, YOU HAVE EVERYTHING.


Never pity or look down on a person who only have Jesus Christ and may look to be going nowhere.


If you see a child of God down, pray for them because with God’s help the will bounce back.


I cannot speak for a man or a woman with only billions in his or her pocket or bank account but I can speak for a man or a woman who has nothing but Jesus Christ.


And when I say have Jesus Christ.  I am not referring to someone who is playing church or only blabbers with their mouth about God but does not know Him.


I am talking about someone who knows and are grounded in God.  I know there are times when we may not have God but God has us because truth be told,


I have been there.  Sometimes it is only matter of time before some come to Jesus because of how God predestined it.


The truth is, none of us who knows God knew Him before He knew us.  The Word of God says, I love Him because He first loved me.


It is when I was in sin and lost, it was He who loved and drew me to Him.


My Bible tells me those who put their trust in God shall be like mount Zion which cannot be moved.


When our trust is in God nothing and no one can move you because God will keep you.


God forbid, a man who has billions may lose his mind or his health and never recover or lose his friends (since they only know him for what he had) but a man or woman whose life is hidden with Christ in God can always bounce back and recover because God heals, delivers and sets free and He can always give you back your wealth or money you lost and sometimes even more than what you had.


I do not only read about God and His word but I live it and I live for Him.


I know Him and what He can and will do.


If you are going through hell and you see no way out get a hold of God, not money, not man but God.


And when I say this I am not saying do not work for money or seek help but I am saying, put God first and you will surely make it.









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Committed and Sold Out to God!

By Shelly-Ann Powell



The devil is not worried one bit about people he already has a hold on, he is worried about those COMMITTED and SOLD OUT TO GOD.


If this minute you are in and the next minute you are out you are no threat to him.


If you have one foot in and one foot out, you certainly are no threat to him but the moment you make up your mind to serve God, you become a threat because he realizes he is about to lose all his power over you.


You see, the devil will not pay attention to you if you are comfortable living in sin, but the moment you decide and begin to live for God you become a threat because now he has to fight to stop you because of the fear of what God will use you to do.


If you have the money, the house, the car; satan could not care less, but the moment you decide you want to surrender your life to God is the moment hell launches attacks to fight you.


Sometimes if he knows you love the material things he will use it as a hold on you by trying to convince you that what he is offering is much better.


He will tell you, if you come to God you will never have anything or if you leave the man or woman and come to God you will never be happy or find another but truth be told God has much better than what satan is offering you.  Satan will give to you because the aim is to destroy and kill you.


You see, satan may offer you what will keep you through the night but it will give you hell over and throughout the years and possibly cause you your life, your soul and your materials.


When God gives to you, He thinks about your future and your soul.


What The LORD gives to you will sustain and keep you and it will make you better.  The word of God says, the blessings of The LORD makes rich and adds no sorrow.


Will you allow the enemy to hold you in sin?


How long will you pretend to be okay when you are dying for so much more than what man cannot offer you?


There is a quote that says, “sin will take you farther than you intend to go, it will keep you longer than you intend to stay and it will cost you more than you intend to pay.”


You do have a choice and you do actually have a responsibility!  A building cannot save you!


A car cannot save!  Man cannot save you and my friend, a pastor cannot save you!


Only The LORD can.  You can choose to live for God and you can do it today.  You never lose by giving your life to God, truth is you gain more because most of what is done in the world is a risk.


There is so many diseases, infections, pain hurt, misery, evil, wickedness.


I mean, coming to Christ does not rid you of your problems but The LORD will help you to get you through them.


I encourage you to seek and serve The LORD while you have the opportunity today because tomorrow is promise to no one.


If you hear is voice, harden not your heart.  There is a popular song that says “Before you die my friend, seek The LORD.  Confess your sins to Him…”


Surrender your life to God, you will be glad you did!






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God Given Connections

By Shelly-Ann Powell




There are just some people and relationships God places in your life and connects you with who you never risk losing or take for granted be it family, friends, or colleagues.


Some people are simply not replaceable.


When God connects you to people, they will have His heart because He is the one who sent them.


You will never feel any pressure or feel like you have to try to fit in because they will accept you for who you are.


They will be free of hidden motives and agendas because their hearts will be pure towards you.


Because of their temperament, maturity and sincerity, you never have to worry about trivial matters, or where you stand because of who they are and what they are about.


The understanding of each other will be mutual because of similar goals, mission, achievements or desires you share.


The people God places in your life will be sincere and you will never have to try to figure out where you stand or if they are for or against you.


The moment you find yourself trying to figure that out something has clearly gone wrong.


When God sends and places people in your life honor, love and treasure and appreciate them.


Be the best version of you always, love freely, love genuinely and love passionately without holding back.


The thing is I have come to the realization that the best part of life is not always about receiving.


When God has poured out in you sometimes you intentionally make yourself a conduit He can pour from.


Give of yourself and time to the people God places in your life.




By Shelly-Ann Powell

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I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior!

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Great prayer for the children, we must pass it on!

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