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"The Church is Entering a Groundbreaking Year"

By Andy Sanders





The Church is Entering a Groundbreaking Year


On November 1st, the Lord woke me up at 4:13 in the morning. Around 6:30 am. I started dozing off, and while coming out of a short dream, I went directly into an open vision. I saw a pastor and church celebrating a groundbreaking ceremony for a new building. Watching closely, I noticed that the pastor and church elders had shovels in their hands. Unexpectedly, little shovels appeared with the numbers "2019" written across the blades. Then the little shovels fell into the hands of children and other people in the congregation; everyone celebrated a groundbreaking year in 2019.


"The era of fire and the double-portion mantle (Elisha) has begun!"


Here the Lord said to me: "The Church is entering a groundbreaking year in 2019. The ground breakers will emerge. An era of fire has begun!"


Completion of Unfinished Projects


Church and ministry projects that have been on hold, due to regulations and city ordinances, will break free again. I see partially-finished church properties being worked on and many getting completed this year.


The Lord says, "I am setting the records straight this year. I am revealing the entanglements that have stopped these projects from moving forward."


Some of you have put down your shovels. It's time to get them back out! (Perhaps you should make a statement this year, and place a shovel right at the front of the sanctuary as a sign that your building project is moving forward!)


Children with Hearts Ignited


Unity within the Church is the force that will break the ground in 2019. The steps of faith taken by the leaders will ignite the hearts of the children who follow. There will be many, young children and teenagers having radical dreams and life-changing divine encounters with God. Countless amounts will receive their life callings in this season. God is erasing abandonment, neglect, confusion, doubt, and fear off of this younger generation!


Sound Breakers Will Break the Sound Barriers


Church, get ready for some of the most life-changing worship moments! God is placing an uncommon worship mantle on worshipers and worship leaders this year. This will change the structure and format of how we do modern church. What I saw here was worship leaders actually getting caught up in a "vortex of worship." It was like the sound of Heaven clothing them, to help elevate the Body of Christ to break through spiritual barriers.


Stretch your faith—unfathomable worship and supernatural manifestations will take over the atmosphere as God's people worship Him. (Don't try to stop this—you can't!)


The Emergence of the Ground Breakers


Remember, God woke me up at exactly 4:13 am. During this time He led me to Acts 4:13: "When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus" (NIV). Then He led me to Mark 6:30-42 where Jesus feeds the five thousand (6:30 am was around the time when I had my vision). The Church is giving birth to a genuine, global awakening. This is the year of miracles! The unyielding territories you battle will be broken open.



Open from the Inside Out


A few weeks back I had a remarkable dream. In the dream, I watched a dark, black cage (a gate) open up from the inside out. The locks were on the outside of the gate, but the door opened from the inside. During this dream, as the door opened, I could physically hear the sound of a gate unlatch and swing wide open. It was so loud that it woke me up. Then God said, "I am opening the gates from the inside, out."


Some uncross able borders in closed countries will supernaturally open from the inside, out this year. This will be world news for some countries! At least one of these historical events will be as significant as the Berlin Wall crumbling (June 13, 1990). Extraordinary opportunities for the Gospel to be shared will be released over some of the most unthinkable countries during this time. Some of you have been waiting for decades for a specific country to open; the gate is opening from the inside. A specific, war-torn country will soon find peace.


A Special Anointing on Missionaries


"Unity within the Church is the force that will break the ground in 2019."


God is placing a special anointing on missionaries. Some of you reading this will end up in another country by this time next year. Others reading this have given up trying to be a missionary, but I see the hand of God stoking the hidden embers—the flame you never knew was there. Even now, some have recently thought or said, "Yet another year, and it looks like we still won't get there. We won't be going again!" But...surprise! Pack your bags by faith, because the Lord is taking you there.


Some of you had to leave your post—your field, the place you love—because of funding issues. I see the ground collapsing beneath the walls that have financially stopped you. Others had to leave because of sickness, and I hear the Lord say to you, "You will come up out of the sickbed that you lie in. You're going back to raise the dead this time!"


An Era of Fire Has Begun! Unity within the Five-fold Offices


"Calling the Twelve to Him, He began to send them out two by two and gave them authority over impure spirits." (Mark 6:7 NIV)


Here, in my vision, I watched two people come together, joining hands (forces). The Lord gently spoke, "I AM pairing up 'repairing' pastor and evangelist relationships."


The pursuit for unity in the Body of Christ will be a major theme this year. This is a special time for the five-fold offices; God is restoring splintered relationships that are within Church leadership. The pastor will discover the value in the evangelist; the evangelist (and prophet) will find shelter with the pastors.


Fiery Messengers Are Coming to Your Town


At the tail end of this open vision was America. I could see many states on a map with the borders marked out. As borders between certain states melted, "fiery messengers" crossed the borders from one state to the next. The prophet's mouth was carrying the fire of God. This fire was residual and kept burning long after the prophets were gone. Many messengers (prophets) crossed back and forth from one state to the next, each time with increasing favor.


Then the Lord said, "I am releasing My fiery messengers to this nation (America). I am sending My fiery messengers to the nations. To the prophets and evangelists: You two have been sitting for too long. Put your armor back on, because you're coming off the bench. I am sending you forward on a mandate to the Church. I am setting you on fire until I have finished watching you burn."


The era of fire and the double-portion mantle (Elisha) has begun!


"Therefore, since we are receiving a Kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our 'God is a consuming fire'" (Hebrews 12:28-29 NIV)





Andy Sanders

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Great prayer for the children, we must pass it on!

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