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He Wants Right Living — Not Debauchery!

By Barbara R Thomas



Debauchery:  the habitual and unrestrained indulgence of lust and sensuality. Excessive involvement with sex alcohol drugs.


The Spirit of YAHWEH spoke this Word to me several times today and as I asked Him about it.


He said this is the condition of many who say they are Christians.  They are involved in all manner of addictions.


He said,  “Look how My People love to party.  See how they even make their sanctuaries to resembles clubs and ballrooms!


See how they have create a place for those who have come out of sin to not be free.”


He said,  “See how they are now taking My Scripture about a little wine for the stomach out of context and are drinking smoking and having all manner of sex.”


He said,  “Can you smell the stench of sin that comes up in My Nostrils?”


He said,  “See how they fornicate, commit adultery, and now they are swapping spouses to gain more lustful pleasures.   See how they pretend to be married, but are living in sin.”


He said,  “Do they not know I see them?”


These acts of iniquity are holding many back from victory.


There is so much sin, but yet they don’t cry out against these evils.


He said,  “Look at My People.  See how they debate against righteousness.


See how many are upholding themselves in their sins.


See how they argue My Word so that they can continue to live unholy.


As it was in the days of Noah so is it now.  They are eating drinking and marrying without understanding that judgment was coming.”


This is what’s happening even now throughout the earth.  It’s sad to see people are not able to discern the times and are going on in life as if there is not a day that The LORD shall appear to get His Bride!


The Church is having a big party without realizing satan is setting them up for a great awakening for when they stand before YAHWEH, instead of hearing “Well done,” they will hear,  “Depart from Me!”


People, open your eyes and ears to know what the Spirit is saying to the Church.




Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

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