If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

The hour of the hovering Eagle . . .

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"The Hour of the Hovering Eagle –

Rise Above What Seems Impossible"

By Darren Canning




One of the great passions in my life is getting out into nature. I love the mountains. I love being in the desert. I love standing next to the sea. I particularly love animals. I have been all over the world and I have seen the animals of the nations. Animals speak to me about the nature of our God. You can think that is crazy, or you can read the Bible. The Lord has been using creation to speak to man since the beginning of time.


The Symbol of the Snake


In the desert the people began to speak against God. They complained about the food that they were eating and even wanted to go back into captivity in Egypt, because they felt that there they somehow had it better being slaves. Numbers 21:6 shows the consequence that took place because of such disobedience. This passage says that God Himself sent venomous snakes among the people, and many of them died. Then in the next verse we see the people repent. Moses interceded (vs.7) and he built a pole with a serpent on the top, so that anytime anyone got bit by a snake, they could run to it, look at it and be healed.


In this passage we see that the snake represented death and life. When Adam fell in the garden it was because of the temptation that came to him from the serpent. The serpent represents the devil. When God cursed the serpent, He said to it, "You shall no longer walk on your legs, but you will crawl upon you belly and eat the dust" (Genesis 3:14 emphasis mine). For the rest of the time of creation the snake represents the curse.


In the desert we see a picture of the curse being nailed to the Cross. When Jesus died on the Cross He took our sins, sicknesses and infirmities. By His stripes we are healed. The curse that came upon us because of disobedience is destroyed. He who had no sin became sin and a curse for us on the Cross, so that even though we might have deserved death, we are freed from it because of what He did. The grace of God is so great that He allowed His pure, flawless Son to die in our place. The serpent nailed to the pole became a picture of grace and life in Christ. Because He was raised up the rest of us can have life.


Dream of a Flying Eagle


Recently, I saw another animal in my dream that has great Biblical and prophetic meaning. I was standing outdoors in this encounter when I noticed an eagle flying over my head. It was majestic in its beauty. To describe it as majestic means there was a glory that you could see within it. It hovered without striving. It just glided past my head and its wings weren't even stretched out to do it. Flying was effortless for this bird of prey.


As it was flying past the light of the sun shined upon it. The bird radiated in a most gorgeous glory. I then became aware that I had a phone in my hand. As a photographer I didn't want to pass this opportunity up to capture the glory that I was seeing, but the bird was moving quickly. There are many times in life when I don't get the shot that I want. From the time I become aware, to the time I get my phone out, it can be so long that the moment passes without being captured on camera.


But this time was different. The moment passed as I was taking my phone out, but the eagle knew I wanted to take a picture, so it flew around in a circle to come back again so that I could capture it flying on film. It hovered about 20 feet above my head. It just hung there suspended by grace. There was absolutely no effort involved in this display from this great bird. It just hung there like gravity had no function against it. Then as I began to take pictures very rapidly, it began to rise. It shot up so fast! I was thinking, "I want to see the sun strike this bird again, so that I can see the color I saw before and capture it on film." As it rose up, the sun hit it and I think I got the picture that I wanted. It was amazing, and the encounter ended.


Underneath His Wings of Grace


The eagle has many prophetic meanings in Scriptures. It is a warring bird that can come to destroy. It is a bird that protects its young (Deuteronomy 32:10-11). It is a bird that can signify the renewal of our spiritual and mental strength (Isaiah 40:31). It can represent the enlightenment, wisdom and understanding of Heaven (Daniel 7:3-4, Ezekiel 1:10, Revelation 4:6-7). These passages describe the beings that surround the throne. Each has a face of an eagle. These beings see things that the rest of us can't see, unless our eyes are enlightened to see them.


The bird from my dream hovered in a way that seemed impossible for an eagle. I believe the grace of God is coming upon us, the Body of Christ, so that we can rise above what seems impossible; and as we do, the light of God is going to come upon us and the world we see that we belong to the King.


There are many circumstances that come against us that should destroy us. In the natural when a snake bites us we could die, but Jesus is going to touch us in such a way that even the venom of the foulest demons will not hurt us, because we are lost underneath His wings and protected by His sight. He will give His angels charge over us (Psalm 91:11).


You may be going through things today. I believe that the Lord gave me this dream to strengthen you and me. I need strengthening as well. I am just a man who can look at the stresses that come in life and grow faint, but the Lord knows me, and He knows how to strengthen me. He sent this bird to speak about His grace. I declare that you shall rise with the wings of eagles. You shall not grow weary, you will run and walk and not faint. God is with you, and you can do all things that He shows you to do. Get ready for your new day!  


By Darren Canning

Darren Canning Ministries

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