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Dealing with Effects First

By Shelly-Ann Powell



Have you ever seen in real life where some people get trapped in really deep dungeons and pits?


Sometimes, because of the state of the pit/ dungeon and the messed they are stuck in, fire fighters or those equipped to get them out are never more focused on the stench of how they smell, or how they look, than they are about getting them free from what holds them bound, because of the intensity of the situation, and they realize life is at stake.


Sometimes it is way after they have been pulled out and have undergone the necessary inspection and examination to make sure their body is functioning the way it should be, that they realize how much they really need to be cleaned up.


What am I saying?


I am saying, it is the very same with God!  Sometimes when He sees the state we are in, and how paralyzed we are in our situation and how much we are unable to help ourselves, He will momentarily delay dealing with the cause to tend to the effects (and yes of course, the reason there is an effect is because there was a cause but if the effect is bleeding, then I think the wise thing would be to delay addressing what caused the wound in order to focus on getting the wound healed which will ultimately stop the bleeding).


Sometimes, because of the emergency and the mess you are in, God will sometimes delay dealing with what you have done in order to get you out of what you are in, because what you are in is more dangerous and life threatening than what you have done.


He recognizes that because of the state of your situation, it is more important to get you out and then deal with how you ended up in what you are currently in, and after deal with what you have done, and how to not fall back into it after getting you out.


If you notice, when you enter the emergency room of a hospital, the doctors are not really interested in knowing who did the damage, but are more interested in healing the wound.


When you stand in the emergency room, get ready for God to deal with your emergency.


Sometimes He will love you out of what you are in, and then deal with you, because of the intensity of the hurt and pain you are experiencing.


Have you ever noticed after the occurrence of an earthquake or other natural disasters, the rescue unit goes looking for survivors and if and when they do come across people trapped under rubble, they have very special ways of dealing with victims who are trapped?


The rescue unit is highly trained to deal with what comes with handling people trapped and who need to be rescued.


Therefore, they cannot be in a rush to pull out those trapped, but have to exercise patience and care to not cause any more harm and pain than what has already occurred.


Listen, if they should ever pull the person out from under the rubble without taking any precautions, they can hurt them even more.


God knows the intensity of your hurt and your pain and He knows He has to take the necessary precautions.


Understand, He will sometimes love you out of what you are in to not cause you more pain.


Not every situation is the same.  Sometimes how He chooses to deals with one situation is not necessarily how He will deal with another.


Jehovah knows what is best and He knows what He is doing.


If you are hurt and trapped, today I encourage you not to get discouraged because He cares more than you will ever know.


Rest assured;  God knows what He is doing.




By Shelly-Ann Powell



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Sherrie | Reply 27.11.2018 20.15

A very timely word!! I needed to hear that today. Thank you Miss Shelly

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23.08 | 21:36

Amen powerful! Thank you....

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Excellent... straight from the heart of Jesus. Thank you Steve Porter

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keep up the good work

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Thank you ♡

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