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Stop Leaving Yourselves Open for Attacks!

By Barbara R Thomas



I just got finish praying, asking YAHWEH to reveal secret conversations of sabotage and to bring light to acts of evil, to uncover those who are working evil, to reveal connections that are false, misleading and are demonic entrances.


I prayed that He will uncover the very source of warfare, to pinpoint the trackers of darkness, and to reveal the exact word curses that have been spoken.


I prayed that this day will be a day of unmasking secret jealousies, to let those who have lifted up their hands to works  of witchcraft and divination and all works of darkness, to be reveal.


I asked ABBA to let what’s in their hearts come forth, so that those whom they seek to hurt,won’t entertain them and give them easy access to them.


I asked Him to bring their faces before those whom they seek to destroy, and to dismantle every demonic grouping that has been purposed to discredit and destroy the character, name and reputation of YESHUA’s anointed!


No sooner than I finish praying, The Spirit of The LORD said go on Facebook, “I need to show you something.”


As I came onto Facebook and begin to stroll down, The LORD said to stop at an Apostle’s post, one who is suppose to be a friend of mine, and to check out his comments.


As I begin to look, I saw something that shocked me.


The LORD said,  “I want you to see that they are knowingly conversing and entertaining a person whom they know wants to hurt you.”


I looked and I saw the name of a person whom I had blocked a long time ago, a name that I should not have been able to see.  But ABBA highlighted it and they were conversing on this post, but it’s what was said that let me know that he was feeding them information.


You see, in this hour, ABBA is not allowing you to just be a sitting target for the enemy.


As I was praying, ABBA said, “Be careful of witches disguised as intercessors who say they are praying for you, but in reality, they are trying to send harm to you.”


He said,  “Tell My People to stop leaving themselves open for attacks.”


YAHWEH spoke again to guard ourselves against the death blows that they were sending.


He said,  “Even though the weapons won’t prosper, you don’t just let the enemy have free reign to attack!  You have to assault the works of darkness with warfare and worship.


You see, in this day, I AM uncovering their wickedness.  I AM unraveling the plans of satan.


My People sit in darkness, in ignorance of the enemy’s plots to take their lives and to destroy their souls.


Many are too casual with those who seek their lives.  I shall reveal them now, so that they will know who is for them.


I AM doing it, because they are hindering My Will from being completed in their lives.”


He told me keep scrolling as there was more.


“This day some of you will see them and know them.  You will not be ignorant no more of where your warfare is being sent from.


You will know them that labor among you.  They will show themselves.


Today you will begin to be effective in warfare your prayers will be precise and The Holy Ghost will let you know what spirit is operating through that person who has come into agreement with the works of darkness against you.”


So I am praying that every portal, window, gate and door that has been positioned in your life which gives the enemy the access to you, is shut sealed and locked by YESHUA!


Yes, this is the hour to know!  We can’t be ignorant of satan’s devices, or his plans, or his plots or his strategies against us.


This is a crucial hour.  We must know what is going on, so that we can be overcomers against evil.


I am not beating the air and fighting blindly against the enemy.  I’m asking ABBA,


to be so precise, until He gives me names of persons being used by satan and exactly what they are doing to try to hurt or harm;


to give me foreknowledge of the traps and plans of the enemy;


to pinpoint the exact locations of their hiding places;


to give me the exact words they are speaking as curses and,


to let me know what they are doing and saying in secret with others.


I’m not fighting in warfare intercession ignorant, blind or deaf, but with a keen hearing, perfect eyesight, and discernment so sharp and precise that nothing can come upon me unaware.


I am tired of people getting hit by the weapons of the enemy and they don’t know what happened or how it was able to prosper in their lives, or where the enemy is at.


It’s time to become an expert in intercession and in the knowledge of warfare.


It’s time to fight to win, to topple satan army, to dethrone those evil demonic destructive agents of darkness.


Some of you are too vulnerable to the enemy and it is time — time to armor up and become assassins, sharpshooters, snipers and warriors of destruction against the kingdom of darkness.


Too many are losing battles because they are not trained to fight properly against the enemy.


As a son of God I’m decreeing today that you will no longer be blind and led to slaughter, but you will arise and get what you need from YAHWEH to win against the enemy.


I heard Him say that today He shall set an ambush against the enemy and they will know that He fights and protects His People who are called by His name.


They will know that He stands up for the righteous and that they will not be destroyed by their terror or devastation.


Today the kingdom of darkness shall be assaulted by warriors who have been trained and equipped to take out the enemy.


Today we fight, and today we win!


The war has been declared and the army of ABBA has been given their orders and they will carry them out with a vengeance against all that opposes the righteous in this hour!


Yes, ABBA is for us and He will fight for us, and today we have been given permission also to take up our spiritual weapons and advance in warfare and to proclaim throughout the earth that YESHUA is LORD over our lives!


Yes, I feel supernatural strength being released unto us and power and authority increased within us we are conquerors and we are taking the land that He has given us!


“Arise shine for thy light is come and the glory of the LORD has risen upon thee,”   Isaiah 60:1.


Today is our day to come forth victorious!




Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

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Excellent... straight from the heart of Jesus. Thank you Steve Porter

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keep up the good work

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Thank you ♡

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