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"Two Keys to Reach the Father's Heart and Heaven's Courts"

By Crystal Wade




The Father's Ears


Recently, I was startled by the words spoken by my eldest son. When it dawned on me that he was not talking about himself but his brother, I snapped to full attention.


My son said, "Mom, I think you should get (or allow him to get) this particular system because he has very specific interests, and this one would let him do what he wants." To which I responded, "Done." Out popped my reply before my mind had a chance to think.


Shortly after, I walked to the kitchen and heard from the Holy Spirit. The unusual conversation with my son and my quick, decisive response came under the light of the Holy Spirit who gave this understanding to my spirit:


"Use your power. You can start today!"


"The Father's ears hurt. His children gripe and complain about their wounds and hurts from their brothers. So much commotion comes up to His ears daily including continual accusations hurled before Him against His children by the 'accuser of the brothers.' It's mainly His oldest Son, Jesus, who stands before Him with something good to say about one of the children. When one of His earthly children will come to the Father, stand with Jesus, and say, 'Would You do this for my brother because of his interests, dreams, calling, etc.?' He will immediately listen, and the answer will be soon."


"My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have an advocate [one who speaks to the Father in our defense] with the Father—Jesus Christ, the Righteous One." (1 John 2:1 emphasis mine)


The First Key: Be the Father's Advocate


1. Be the Father's advocate for brothers and sisters (physical and spiritual) like Jesus. (This can also be applied to our families, states, nations, etc.)


It is an amazing (and unusual) transaction to watch an older brother speak in favor of his younger brother, but this is exactly what our older brother, the Lord Jesus Christ, does every day.


I began to do this. I started going to the Father and advocating for greater grace and specific requests for brothers and sisters with focus and confidence, just as my son did.


Already I've seen answers to prayers over advocating for my brothers and sisters—one of the first I saw in just two days. In fact, my own son had the request that his older brother made for him in two days! Some have taken more time, and some have taken less!


Of course, the Father's timing is not always two days. However, He will listen to your prayers as "the Father's advocate" for the brothers, in the same vein as Jesus, and He will answer quickly. He will make sure to remember you, too, because of the unselfish, loving heart this shows Him that you have.


It is our magnanimous hearts—big, open and giving—that zip past all the red tape and hurdles littering the path (His ancient enemy's accusations, failures, and people's unkind reports). This kind of heart-felt prayer moves the Father's heart and releases answers. Take the time to really connect with your deep thankfulness for that person and then remember them with advocacy to the Father.


How to Start a Circle


Think of someone who has impacted you, and remember their love and faithfulness to the Father. Ask Him to bless and multiply the harvests and rewards on their righteous seeds sown. Ask Him to release to them what He wants them to have—and what they have truly wanted.


What if there is no one to do this for you? My dad always told me, "If you get to feeling sorry for yourself, look around, there's always someone in a lot worse shape than you. Be thankful."


Ask your Father for someone you can invest in who is in worse shape than you. Pray for them. Offer friendship. Be kind, etc. Do all the good you can. Give. Do it because you are grateful that you have the ability to give and you want to sow good seed.


Then, this wonderful thing happens: you open the circle of giving and receiving. When you graciously and unselfishly pour out for another person like this, especially if they are going through a hard time, then their heart goes out to you in prayer as they give thanks for you, and the Father hears and responds to you, and the circle continues (2 Corinthians 9:12-14).


The Second Key: Be a Good Reporter


2. Be a good court reporter!


"It is our magnanimous hearts—big, open and giving—that zip past all the red tape and hurdles littering the path...”


In Luke 16:1-13, a rich employer's manager was accused of being wasteful. The employer called him in because of the "report" he'd heard. The shrewd manager adjusted his response to people quickly and ended up with a commendation from the employer and accommodations from his new friends.


In Matthew 18:23-34, a king who'd started settling accounts with servants extended extravagant debt forgiveness to a man instead of selling him into slavery. Afterward, it was the king's servants who brought back a report to the king that this same man had thrown a debtor of his into prison, and his previous benevolence was reversed.


Reports go up to the Father in the heavenly courts from:


1. His ancient enemy (Revelation 12:10).

2. People – the servants (Matthew 18:30-31).


Everyone is in some kind of battle or trouble now, or they have been, or they will go through one. Our reports can help or hurt. Please note that processing the trouble a brother or sister caused with a trusted one to get to the point of healing and forgiveness is healthy. However, discussing matters with other people at large about a brother or sister causes negative reports to go up to our Father. Words and who we discuss them with are super important and powerful, for bad or good.


Reports spread about Jesus because He was doing good (Acts 10:38).


How to Be a Good Court Reporter


First, by the grace of God, entrust yourself and your mouth to the Lord Jesus Christ that you won't release bad reports. (Resolving issues between persons is not the same as releasing bad reports.)


Second, by the grace of God, entrust yourself and your mouth to the Lord Jesus Christ that you will release good reports.


Over the years, I've been led by the Spirit to pray in many different ways. It surprised me when He first asked me to bring a good report to Heaven's court. I'd been asked to pray into an issue. The team I was praying for lived thousands of miles away, so there wasn't a joint prayer meeting. I knew the importance of the situation, and was unsure what value I would have to bring. When I asked the Lord how to pray, He directed me to "bring testimony as an expert witness."


Immediately, it clicked together. Here is how I brought my testimony as an expert witness:



1. I prepared the good incidents and commendation, which I'd been collecting, without knowing why, for years.


2. I asked to be allowed entrance into Heaven's court.


3. I presented my good "court reporting."


4. Furthermore, I stood with them in faith regarding the justice of the team's case.


In conclusion, the team did win the answer from the Father that they'd been contending for.


Use Your Power Today!


Oftentimes, we may feel that powerless or helpless feeling when we view our own lives, or the plight of those we love, or current events. However, I'm here with the encouragement that you have practical power and these two keys, which are highly effective with your heavenly Father, and in Heaven's courts. Use your power. You can start today!





By Crystal Wade

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