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I heard the sound of the Wind of the Spirit approaching ...



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Removing the Static
By Christine Beadsworth

In my last message I shared about how I struggled to hear through the static in the spiritual atmosphere, but finally could see and hear the sound of the wind of the Spirit approaching. Since then, the Lord has been showing me what this static partly consists of and how to clear it away. I have released it first as a podcast, feeling an urgency to get it out at the start of this week which approaches Passover on the Rabbinic calendar.

During this time there was the removal of all leaven from houses in preparation for partaking of the Passover Lamb before heading out of Egypt. This in itself is a very prophetic declaration at this particular junction in world events. There is a pronounced escalation on the world stage as end-time events are rolling out and the people of God must be prepared with their feet shod and their staff in their hand to exit all that involves the world system. There is a feast prepared for the woman in the wilderness but there has to be a leaving and a cleaving to the staff of Truth (and no carrying of Egyptian idols in your backpack).
I will endeavour to get the written version out as soon as possible, but until then, those who are able, please listen to this message on podcast:

Removing the Static
Static makes your spiritual hearing 'woolly'. You can't hear clearly what direction God is giving. It is like the air around you is full of low-level noise. The Spirit of Elijah is coming to clear away the static and give you a crystal clear picture of what God is saying to you!


With much love to His Bride,
Christine Beadsworth



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Excellent... straight from the heart of Jesus. Thank you Steve Porter

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