If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Fear not little flock . . .



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By Ron McGatlin



In nations across the world, governments and elitist leftist political groups are becoming more hostile toward Christ Jesus and the kingdom of God. This deceived anti-Christ inspired movement is radically threatening all who love God and seek His kingdom of righteousness.


Through decades of subversive invasion of educational systems, a generational mind-crafting effort has remolded the minds of multitudes to despise the one true God. Now many positions of influence and authority in mass media, government, and other areas of influence are in the hands of men and women with altered mindsets that are against God and His people.




God is not defeated and will use the oppression, from the deceived people who are against the people of God, to bring purification and prepare a people of God to establish the kingdom of heaven / kingdom of God on earth.


The rampant evil and strife released upon the nations of the world through a worldwide ungodly takeover attempt to establish a “one world government,” will create great disorder and bring severe persecution against the people of God.




A remnant kingdom generation will survive the cataclysmic season of disorder and apocalyptic earth-cleansing judgments. A purified holy generation of mature Sons of God in whom Christ fully dwells will come forth to establish the fullness of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. This purified Bride Company of manifested Sons of God are a true body of Christ on earth and at the same time are seated with Christ at the throne of God.


The supernatural work of the surviving remnant kingdom of God people has now begun amongst the kingdom seeking people of God.


God is bringing people together in families and tribes in purified love connections and relationships, without religious form or formal government controlled systems but governed by the one true head of all things, Christ Jesus our Lord and King.


Through these love relationships under the headship of Christ, practical systems of kingdom life and business of production and distribution of natural and spiritual materials, goods, and services are now beginning to be established.


The visible church and ministry systems will be greatly hindered or completely shut down by the anti-Christ, anti-kingdom godless governing authorities during this season. God’s people can live and prosper spiritually in the underground systems contained in natural business structures and activities.




God provides leaders of His people, “the Israel of God,” with wisdom and prophetic discernment to advise and encourage His people in what they ought to do. One good biblical example of this is the sons of Issachar. A family lineage of people in Israel who were noted for their wisdom and understanding of the times. They are mentioned in 1 Chronicles 12:32: … “the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.”




Joseph the youngest son of his father Israel is a great picture of God’s prepared provision for His people. You probably know the story of Joseph found in the book of Genesis.


Joseph was rejected by his brothers, sold into slavery, and carried to Egypt. He was a servant slave there and went through many hardships including false accusations and time in prison. In all things he continued to follow after God’s way and did an excellent job with all he was given to do. He eventually became second in power to the king of Egypt and was able to save the nation of Egypt by interpreting the king’s dream and making preparation for the seven bad years that were coming after seven good and prosperous years. By this he was able to not only save the nation of Egypt but was also able to save the lives of his brothers and his father Israel by supplying them with food from the stores of Egypt during the seven years of extreme famine.


Not unlike Joseph many people of God today have experienced serious rejection, false accusation and mistreatment and yet have been drawn by the love of God within them to forgive and seek to do a good job with their lives to help and bless others. Also not unlike Joseph they have prospered and are in position to be a part of the supernatural preservation of the people of God through perilous times coming upon earth.


Joseph was a very important part of providing for the eventual chosen nation of Israel. We are now in the place of having an important part of providing for the many sons (children) of God to survive the difficult times and then to establish the worldwide governance of The Kingdom of God from heaven on earth.




First, above all else, He is bringing us to Himself in Christ by the Holy Spirit into intimate love relationship of living interaction and communion as one with Him. Barriers are being broken down and taken away that have prevented our closeness of experiencing unhindered connection and communication with Father God. Religious barriers and secular barriers of false beliefs and unbelief are melting away in the all-consuming presence of the love of God in and with us.


Secondly, He is knitting us together in families and love connections with a diversity of other kingdom of God people of His love and nature.




These love connections under the direction of Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit are guiding many of us into specific places of business service to meet specific needs. God’s people are growing into various levels of ownership, management, and control of natural business activity – especially in the areas of needs that may be hindered in a difficult season, areas such as communication, connections, transportation, and basic life necessities such as food, water, energy, clothing, and shelter.


During the times of a “Day of the Lord” earth-cleansing judgment and the disordered and oppressive tribulation, the internet and other electronic type communication may not be available for the safe use of kingdom of God people to connect and communicate.


At this present time most of our ministry and business connections and communications are done through the internet, cell phone, and other electronic systems. When an oppressive anti-Christ government is in power, access to the internet and media systems may not be available to kingdom of God organizations and people. Even now our kingdom websites, Facebook, email, and other electronic communications are highly monitored and sometimes subversively limited.


Vital goods and services may not be readily available. Even personal travel can become very limited and dangerous for God’s kingdom people.


These travel and electronic communication freedoms and services have been a major factor in the spreading of the gospel of the kingdom in recent decades. It is important for all of us to do all that we can to preserve these highly effective communication tools as long as we can.


I encourage everyone to also take full advantage of the internet while it is available to get the word of the kingdom of God to all the world.




I encourage us all to consider other means of connecting, transporting, and communicating the gospel of the kingdom through the personal connections and natural business systems.


We can start now to consider alternate means of transport and communication of the true news and kingdom of God materials. Underground systems in plain sight need to be planned.


Kingdom believers need to be in strategical places to carry out production and distribution of godly kingdom information and goods. Many of us may need to get involved in natural business systems where we can have an influence and perhaps help provide goods and services to God’s people in desperate times.


When ministry and church systems are shutdown or greatly oppressed, natural business systems will remain in place in some form to produce and distribute the necessary goods and services for life. The visible religious and Christian organizations and people may be limited or excluded from participating in receiving needed goods and services.


Here are some thoughts for all of us to pray about in preparation for such a time.




Just some practical thoughts and ideas for Secret Kingdom communications and connections:


Kingdom business owners in the computer/electronics field can now produce millions of tiny drives like the current flash drives to plug into any computer. A lot of kingdom material and news can be secretly distributed in packets of these small devices. These and other vital goods can be distributed underground by natural business traveling people, such as:


Government agents at any level and anyone else who travels about for business or any other permitted reason,


Government officials can be doing kingdom ministry,


Truck drivers can carry news and goods from city to city,


Delivery drivers – milk or bread trucks can distribute kingdom items,


Storefront businesses can also distribute kingdom materials,


Business Gatherings can be kingdom meetings,


Develop unique code terms or language,


Managers in food production and distribution can get goods to kingdom people,


Family or vacation gatherings can be kingdom meetings,


Get jobs inside the systems of oppression to help get provisions to kingdom people,


Homeless camps or health care facilities can be Kingdom refugee communities,


Migrant agricultural or construction workers can be apostolic ministers,


Kingdom elders/leaders can get jobs in the market place and governmental systems now to influence activity,


Tourist and vacation centers can become kingdom meeting places,


Business travelers can become kingdom gospel and news carriers,


Every personal encounter with other believers is kingdom fellowship,


Funerals and marriages can become kingdom gatherings,


Alternate electrical power sources for computers and other needs.




All of our natural life including personal life, family life, and business life are one kingdom of God life reality. Our entire life and all of life’s institutions are the kingdom of God. All are to be under the Lord and King, Christ Jesus, the one and only Head of all things. All are to be led or governed by the love, power, and wisdom of Father God in Christ Jesus in us by the Holy Spirit.




I like to prophetically look straight through the season of the evil rampage and the catastrophic earth-cleansing judgment events to the glorious reality of the greater fullness of the kingdom of God manifesting on earth.


The righteousness, peace, and joy of the Lord will cover the earth as the kingdom of His love which is within us flows out to fill the earth. The people are fully healed from the trauma of the past in this season of receiving beauty for ashes in the New Jerusalem reality of God dwelling fully in and with His people.




It is greatly rewarding and satisfying that we can even in the season of turmoil abide in the secret place of the kingdom within us with all of its love, peace, righteousness, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Father for the wonderful life now and the glory that is quickly approaching as heaven’s ways abide on earth.


 “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32.


Ron McGatlin



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