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"In a World of Chaos, the Kingdom Is Thriving!"

By Johnny Enlow




     If you follow the world news, you can see that we are in a major revolutionary time of great upheaval and social unrest. Criminals and/or illegitimate governments are stealing or attempting to steal elections in nation after nation. Uprisings, demanding more freedom, and counter uprisings funded by socialists/globalists are popping up all over the globe. Count the United States, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Israel, Hong Kong/China, Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua and the UK as just some of the nations experiencing the winds of this kind of revolution.


     In the midst of this alarming chaos, where seemingly everything is at risk, I have one clear announcement for you: THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS THRIVING! God is on the move and a massive, extreme global makeover is upon us. The kingdom of darkness is in the first stage of being decimated – and yes, it is disruptive.


     Hebrews 12:25-29 describes truth and a scenario that is being played out now on planet Earth. It is not the final fulfillment of it, but it is a present fulfillment of that passage. It is a time when God's voice comes and shakes everything that can be shaken. We have entered a decade of His voice shaking everything. As He exposes all that should be shaken and dislodged, it positions us for verse 28, "receiving an unshakable Kingdom."


The Kingdom of God Is Disruptive


     Much of what is in chaos and in backlash mode is nothing less than that which is built and empowered by the kingdom of darkness. Leviathan is working overtime to circumvent truth and he has had a compliant media under his command in that attempt. He has unleashed a massive disinformation campaign and he has almost half of the population momentarily under his spell and distortion.


     The good news about everything at this time is that we are in the throes of "Operation Justice" from Heaven, and though God is using many key people, such as our president, He has not counted on "flesh and blood" to make His operation a success. The zeal of the Lord will fulfill the justice mandate as the cries and the blood of the abused children have put a demand on Him that He will not back off from. The coming exposures and judgments will shock the world and bring a reassessment of history that will make this time period one of those "before and after" lines in the sand, remembered forever.


Let Out the Kingdom Within You


     The Bible tells us, "...the Kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21). One of the demands of the Holy Spirit on His Body at this time is for us to shift from speculation and passivity into those who "manifest" the Kingdom. Prayer is truly a good start, but we are to shift into accompanying our prayers with action. Our Kingdom voice is to be heard in all 7 mountains of society. Find a target mountain and assignment apart from a Church meeting and you will become an even more advanced Kingdom agent/ambassador.


     Our present societal darkness came about under our present escapist paradigm, and that escapist paradigm will be totally shattered by the voice of God over the next decade.


The Battle Is Between Freedom and Slavery


     Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Where the spirit of satan is there is slavery. This is the big battle before us. Heavenly governance promotes freedom. Satanic government promotes slavery. Socialism is voluntary slavery. It is a bewitchment of society using a sleight-of-hand technique. While you look at the "equality," it promises it is placing you in a cell of diminished possibilities – which is what slavery is. You exchange your freedom for a "guaranteed" ration.


     This battle is also taking place in the Body of Christ. The "slaveholders" in the Church are certain renowned church leaders and doctrines. You can recognize them by their "fruit" of shutting down the Holy Spirit, shutting down women ("Go home," they say), shutting down our "salt and light" mandate to transform our nations ("It's dominionism," they say). They offer a safe "cell block" of spirituality with equivalent limited rations. If you love risk-averse Christianity, they have the prison just for you.


There Will Be no Impossibility


     The choice is still simply freedom or slavery. When the Kingdom shows up it brings the freedom of Heaven and its possibilities. We are in the early days of the Kingdom of God being manifested upon Earth as it has never been showcased before.


     This present chaos is not a sign that God is not at work, it is a sign that He is at work. We are in the throes of the greatest awakening ever experienced and it is no longer futuristic – we are in it. The Kingdom is thriving on planet Earth and it is about to be ratcheted up to the next level.


     Innovation is about to explode. Every impossibility is about to be overturned. There will be no disease that is incurable. There will be no water shortage that lacks a solution. The point of freedom is that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. This is the freedom that the Kingdom brings, and it is time to now thrive.


By Johnny Enlow

Johnny and Elizabeth

Email: Contact@JohnnyandElizabeth.com

Website: www.RESTORE7.org   




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Yep!! Praise The Living God, Hallellujah!

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is for me. Thank you very much, your message made it all the way to spain.
May God continue to bless you and keep you.

05.12 | 03:04

Awesome prayer to pray every day!

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