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Prophecy Decoders - Trump Administration and Courts Shifting"

 By Ben R. Peters



     Are you ready for some good political news? Under the Trump administration, there is a revolution taking place within the judicial court system in America that will have a lasting effect for decades to come. Amazingly, this development was revealed in advance in code through prophecy.


     Ben Peters released this prophecy on February 3, 2017 regarding the Trump administration, courts shifting and abortion:


PROPHECY BY BEN PETERS - February 3, 2017


     "With a Kingdom-friendly administration, led by many Kingdom-minded department heads, God is going to use these people to bring changes in attitudes and belief systems. There will actually be a significant reversal of the moral values decline we have seen for many decades. (Photo via the Department of Justice)


     "Scientists, many of whom will become Believers, will also begin to acknowledge that there is no denial that human life begins at conception. The courts will shift under the Trump administration to uphold this viewpoint. The pro-abortion support will weaken, and the pro-life support will grow. State laws restricting or eliminating abortions will be upheld by a new Supreme Court."


Prophecy Decoders Analysis


     Note that this prophetic word references a reversal of a decades-long moral values decline, changes in belief systems and the restricting or elimination of abortion. How can these things happen? Perhaps the answer is hidden within the prophecy: "The courts will shift under the Trump administration."


Check Out These Headlines


NEWS Headline: PBS – October 25, 2019: Trump's conservative picks will impact courts for decades

NEWS Headline: Bloomberg Law – September 11, 2019: Trump Reaches 150 Judicial Appointments as Senate Resumes Push


NEWS Headline: The Guardian – March 10, 2019: Trump's legacy: conservative judges who will dominate US law for decades


     According to these news articles, since he took office, Trump has succeeded in placing enough conservative judges to begin an ideological shift of the judiciary. These conservative Trump appointees will have a profound and lasting effect due to their relatively younger age and the length of time they can serve on the bench.


     In pushing through so many appointments, the pipeline for conservative Supreme Court picks for Trump and future presidents has expanded. And with Trump's 2016 campaign promise to appoint pro-life Supreme Court justices, could it be that we will begin to see a reversal to this decades-long stench of murder in the womb?


     Over the coming years and decades, as the abortion battle rages in the lower courts, and hopefully will one day reach the Supreme Court again, could it be that these pro-life judges appointed by the Trump administration will one day be divinely positioned to speak up for life in the womb in the lower courts, and then ultimately in the Supreme Court?


     We must continue to pray and intercede for the future of our nation and not get discouraged with the toxic rhetoric of the news media. God is actively moving in the courts. A judicial revolution has begun. The sanctity of life in the womb will be honored once again within our courts. Good news is on the horizon. Can you see it?


By Ben R. Peters

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Yep!! Praise The Living God, Hallellujah!

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is for me. Thank you very much, your message made it all the way to spain.
May God continue to bless you and keep you.

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Awesome prayer to pray every day!

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