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He Speaks Over 5780

By Christine Beadsworth



In my last post, I mentioned that the Lord said I must remind myself what He had been saying since the Fall Feasts at the beginning of 5780, rather than seek a word for the Roman calendar year 2020, as His words were proceeding - in other words, once spoken, they continue to bring forth the manifestation of their content for some time to come.


So I have spent the last week going over the messages He had given me. Of course, He has brought messages through other voices as well but for convenience sake, I thought to share with you a summary of the main themes which I have received since the beginning of September 2019.


1) We are entering the day of 3-fold things. This involves both depth of revelation and understanding of heavenly things and also the hundred-fold harvest that emerges from those who have buried the seed of the Word in the good soil of their hearts. One seed falls to the ground and dies in order to yield a rich harvest of end-time harvesters.


2) He said, "You must stop dwelling on earth and dwell fully in your appointed place in heavenly places in Christ'.


3)Some words from my Changing of the guard poem stood out:


Understanding heavenly things

Is only portioned to the kings...

God now rides in stormy skies

Where are the teachings of the wise

Who shine as stars against the night

And give the saints their heavenly light?

And Wisdom's counsel beat strikes hard

Amidst the changing of the guard

One brought near and two are born

The great and dreadful Day now dawns

The double portion army rides

A fiery trail blazed through the skies

And heaven and earth together sing

It is the day of 3-fold things.

... His messengers of fire arise

Propelled by zeal, His fiery eyes

Are searching now both high and low

Where are the ones who say, "I'll go"

... And soft, the hum of each one's song

Vibrates and resonates within

As worship rises to their King.

And Heaven and earth converge as one

A symphony in Christ the Son

... The turning of the clock of God

Unlocks the vault on mortal sod


4) In my message 'Come Up Higher', the burnt stone which had come through the raging fire  stood out to me. That living stone comes up higher and is positioned in heavenly places. (This stone represents the evangelist anointing of the new wave of 5-fold ministry that brings the Bride to completion).


The Spirit reminded me that Nehemiah had rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem with burnt stones


'Come up higher, My stones of Fire'


The overcomers who have successfully emerged from their wilderness training time and are now in the season ahead being sent as labourers into the harvest field, to participate in the last great harvest, bringing Kingdom plans to completion.


There is a call sounding forth over the overcomers to come up higher, to be imbued with the seven spirits of God and to be set in place in their appointed places in heavenly places in Christ. The season of the Refiner's fire is over for the overcomers. The season of receiving kingdom blueprints and mandates is here. The season of knowing one's place in the endtime purposes of God is upon us and we must come up higher to receive understanding of our specific metron or measure of authority and rule. It is only as John answered the call to come up higher that God could show him what was going to take place in the future. Only then could he see the throne room of Heaven and receive understanding of heavenly things.


Rev 4:1  AFTER THIS I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven! And the first voice which I had heard addressing me like [the calling of] a war trumpet said, Come up here, and I will show you what must take place in the future. Rev 4:2  At once I came under the [Holy] Spirit's power, and behold, a throne stood in heaven, with One seated on the throne!


You are being set in place, remnant overcomers of the Lamb. Your sound will 'resin-ate' from this place as you shine like stars, holding out the word of Life.


5) Betrayal and persecution is at the door, if not already inside the house:

Mar 13:12  And brother will hand over brother to death, and the father his child; and children will take a stand against their parents and [have] them put to death. Mar 13:13  And you will be hated and detested by everybody for My name's sake, but he who patiently perseveres and endures to the end will be saved.


Mat 24:10  And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.


Jesus said we would enter a time when our enemies are the members of our own household. Some of the remnant have received training in dealing with this form of attack already and we will be very thankful for that in the days ahead. ABSALOM


6) I heard a voice say, "Now the Bride will bring to birth the manchild". I knew from the way it was spoken that the birth pangs had been going on for some time but now the baby was going to emerge into full view.


It seems evident that we are in the season of the emergence of the manchild company and therefore it is important to be aware that this emergence is not met by a trumpet fanfare but rather the release of death threats and curses. Just as Herod sought to destroy Jesus by releasing a wide-reaching death decree, so too the enemy desires to wipe out the manchild company as they emerge from the birth canal. The eyes and ears of the manchild are exposed to the onslaught of strong witchcraft and death assignments, even as the shoulders of the manchild are still making their way through the narrow portal into full exposure. The war is on the mind.


The Sovereign Lord is going to be unmasking the hidden sources of witchcraft within the company who called themselves the Bride of Christ. He will be separating light from darkness (or counterfeit light) and labeling each according to its real character. In this way, the true Bridal company would be able to identify the source of the dragon's breath up close and personal. Tares are going to be evident amongst the mature wheat.


7) Mal 3:17  And they shall be Mine, says the Lord of hosts, in that day when I publicly recognize and openly declare them to be My jewels (My special possession, My peculiar treasure). And I will spare them, as a man spares his own son who serves him. Mal 3:18  Then shall you return (or look back) and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him who serves God and him who does not serve Him.


The public recognition and open declaration is the process of the 'adoption' or setting in place/ manifestation of the sons of God or manchild. This is the same process which is occurring in Psalm 2 where God says openly, "You are My son, today I have begotten you"


8) The first thing God does in His Master plan to deliver His people from darkness and slavery to Babylon is get the false prophetic, the prognosticators and diviners to show what's up their proverbial sleeve; to throw their staffs of authority into the ring and then His servant's staff promptly devours and destroys them.


Isa 44:25  [I am the Lord] Who frustrates the signs and confounds the omens [upon which the false prophets' forecasts of the future are based] of the [boasting] liars and makes fools of diviners, Who turns the wise backward and makes their knowledge foolishness, Isa 44:26  [The Lord] Who confirms the word of His servant and performs the counsel of His messengers


9)The demonic assignment through the oracle's has lining up before the seers as they attempt to look into heavenly things and the brief from hell is to stop the flow of oil or anointing in order to hinder the working of the eye of the Body at the beginning of this new chapter and ultimately, if left unchecked, to close down and stop the seers from functioning altogether. Therefore the whole Body will be affected as they will not receive light or direction the time of dense darkness which is coming on the earth.


10) I see a runner coming to the beginning of the 4th lap of a race. There is a large ball and chain on the right ankle and it has a name on it. This person has kept on running the race as best as possible through 3 watches or laps of a very dark night and now it is the morning watch. This runner has cried out for the Lord to move in the situation, to bring deliverance of this weight that slows down all progress and impedes the freedom of the runner to run his appointed course. But the Lord says that this ball and chain has built much spiritual muscle and strength in you and this is why I have allowed it to remain for this long season.


Now I come to cut it off and you will be released in an instant. From that moment on, you will run faster and more powerfully than ever before and complete your race for My glory. Understand My ways, child. Nothing is without definite purpose; no onslaught allowed unless it works together for your ultimate good. I know the appointed course set before you in this morning watch, each bend and turn, and you will have need of the muscle and stamina you have developed in the night of trial.


This runner represents the Lord's final relay company; the sons and daughters of the morning watch and each one has had a ball and chain with a unique name on it. For some, it has been 'sickness'. For others, it is a tailor-made thorn in the flesh or harassing relationship. For yet others, it has been incredible demonic resistance pushing against every step in a forward direction. But just as resistance training is used to build strong and powerful athletes and sportsmen, so too the Spirit has allowed this resistance training to furnish you with all you will need in the season ahead. You will finish strong.


From the womb of the morning, my overcomers are released. From the springboard of all the enemy has thrown at them, they leap forward into their tailor-made assignments, with the battle- cry of the Blood of the Lamb upon their lips. Against this, all darkness flees and the gates of hell will not prevail. Take the Kingdom; possess the fullness of the inheritance I have bought for you. Ask of Me and I will give you the nations which lie before you. Run, My warriors, run the race set before you. Cast aside the weight, for I have broken its hold upon you."


Forget the 3 training watches of the night. Press forward to seize eagerly that for which Christ Jesus laid hold of you. There is an upward call sounding forth. Come up higher, see things from the throne's perspective. Like horses released from their starting gates, the Morning Watch runners are being released from their training season. It is time.


I saw was a large gold-colored key being inserted deeply into the gold-colored lock on a door and then being turned. I knew that the runner sent like an arrow to a target was also the key designed to fit a particular door and that the insertion of the key into the lock was also the arrow plunging deep into the bull's-eye of the target to which it had been sent by the strong right arm of the Lord. Each runner released by the sound of the Starter's gun would be a key released to unlock a door in Heaven over a situation, a geographical area, a family, a tribe, a nation. Until their release the door in Heaven remained locked and the outpouring stored up behind it, un-tasted.


Keep your focus, runners of the morning watch. Let your attention become minutely focused upon the spiritual realm. Screen out every distracting sound wave. Let the eyes and ears of your heart be sharply trained upon the Throne, because He who is the Alpha, the Starter, the Firstborn of all creation is about to roar and in that roar is all the spiritual power and momentum you will require to fuel your journey to the finishing post. Become one with the purposes of Heaven in this moment. Can you hear the ticking of the second hand on the Starter's stopwatch? Can you hear what the dull of hearing will never discern, that moment before nuclear fission.


It's a split-second moment which is about to break out all over the earth. From the womb of the morning will spring forth those who have offered themselves willingly in the day of His power (Psalm 110) - a mighty explosion of end time runners leaping forward at full speed to their assignments; planted deeply in the keyhole of the door in Heaven they have been appointed to steward!


11) As Gen 3:15 states, the bruiser of the heel attacks the rear guard, those who stood in the Jordan carrying the presence of God so that the people of God could cross over and now as they launch forth to put their foot on the d land of their inheritance the enemy lies in wait for them.


12) Dan 6:3  Then this Daniel was distinguished above the presidents and the satraps because an excellent spirit was in him, and the king thought to set him over the whole realm. Dan 6:4  Then the presidents and satraps sought to find occasion [to bring accusation] against Daniel concerning the kingdom, but they could find no occasion or fault, for he was faithful, nor was there any error or fault found in him.


Root of word for 'excellent': H3498יָתַרyâtharyaw-thar' primitive root; to jut over or exceed; by implication to excel; (intransitively) to remain or be left; causatively to leave, cause to abound, preserve: - excel, leave (a remnant), left behind, too much, make plenteous, preserve, (be, let) remain (-der, -ing, -nant), reserve, residue, rest.


Those with an excellent spirit are the remnant, those reserved to be released at this time and the dragon wants to devour them as they come into the light of day. Any hint of being lifted to a place of honour and the enemy wants to bruise the heel, the remnant/ He strikes to hinder the zeroah from going forth with the power of God's strong right arm to execute His righteous judgments in the nations.


12) Who is this who shines forth as the dawn? This is spoken of those who are the dove company. DO YOU KNOW YOUR PLACE?


Psa 22:1  To the Chief Musician; set to [the tune of] Aijeleth Hashshahar [the hind of the morning dawn]. Son 6:8  There are sixty queens and eighty concubines, and virgins without number; Son 6:9  But my dove, my undefiled and perfect one, stands alone [above them all]; she is the only one of her mother, she is the choice one of her who bore her. The daughters saw her and called her blessed and happy, yes, the queens and the concubines, and they praised her. Son 6:10  [The ladies asked] Who is this that looks forth (looks down) like the dawn, fair as the moon, clear and pure as the sun, and terrible as a bannered host?


Only one: H259אֶחָדechâd ekh-awd' A numeral from H258; properly united, that is, one; or (as an ordinal) first:


From a root word meaning ' to unify one's thoughts or go one way or the other'.



Choice one: H1249בַּרBar bar From H1305 (in its various senses); beloved; also pure, empty: - choice, clean, clear, pure.



In Hebrew it says, 'My dove, My complete one is echad, she is the echad of her mother (she is single-minded and united with the path God has laid out for her), she is the 'bar' of her who bore her.



Bar is also a son who is ready to take over his father's business. This one who is like the dawn is ready to be set in place because she has eyes for Him alone, she is echad. Jesus prayed for us to be echad, may they be one (echad) as you and I are echad. She looks down like the dawn (who is the forerunner light announcing the rising of the Sun of Righteousness, with healing in His wings/kanaph). The dawn light comes forth from the sun; it is the same substance as the sun, it carries the same light, the same message as the Sun of Righteousness. The sun is its source of light and power and the dawn is released all over the earth from heavenly places to sound that message.


In Hebrew, 'dawn':H7837שַׁחַרshacharshakh'-arFrom H7836; dawn (literally, figuratively or adverbially): - day (-spring), early, light, morning, whence riseth.


13) Just as on the 3rd day of creation, God drew back the covering waters and caused the seed already hidden in the earth to germinate and come forth after its kind, so too satan is drawing back the veils and causing the earthen vessels who carry his seed to come out of hiddenness and step onto the world stage in every arena. They form his Order of Chaos; a counterfeit of those who come forth after the Order of Melchizedek.


I saw people gathered round the camp fire were waiting for deployment orders in the darkness of the morning watch. The first thing to notice is the assignments are received from a seated position.


Those allocated to be on sperm assignments, carrying the Father's DNA are sent on assignment first. These forerunners are sent as arrows carrying specific DNA blueprints designed to trigger conception in the situations they are released into and the saints they encounter. They bring DNA or revelation not known or seen in that arena before and the resulting creation will manifest the Father's will and character and bring forth fruit that is distinctly different from previous seasons. That which is manifested in the earth will bear new and distinct characteristics of the Father's kingdom purposes for this specific season as the last great harvest is about to come in.


I see the haploid deployment as being the manchild assignments and the diploid deployment as being the extension and expansion of the Bridal company, growing with a growth that comes from God, as she is fed and kept safe during the rampage of the dragon. The manchild assignments trigger conception of something new in the prepared and cleansed spiritual wombs of those who receive the heavenly DNA of their impartation.


War is at the door and the Sons of Zion operating in a heavenly mandate are being sent forth against the sons of Greece. The ancient Greeks venerated anything connected to the human intellect and the human body or the flesh, whereas the Hebrew emphasis was on that which was spiritual and connected to the eternal. This is why as the Order of Chaos unfolds, fleshly behavior and the worship of the creature rather than the Creator will go from bad to worse.


14) We are to conform our minds fully to the FACT that we are citizens of another Kingdom, not the geographical area we find ourselves walking in. All of this involves a leaving and a cleaving; a process of deliberately letting go of one thing and a determined seizing of another higher and eternal reality. It is a pulling up of our roots wherever we find ourselves and allowing them only to be put down to grow deeper and more firmly into Christ. He is our dwelling place and our home.


15) I saw the Lion of Judah roaring and the butterfly with jewel wings was positioned inside His mouth. There was a river of liquid flowing earthwards out of His mouth and the butterfly surrendered and yielded itself into the flow and the jewels in the wings became liquid rainbow colors of the sevenfold Spirit of God raining down upon the earth in the mighty outpouring. The pouring out of the roar was not random but over a specific location where an altar had been built in the wilderness.


Initially, it had looked as if the stationary butterfly was just a molded decoration of the cork, part of what was blocking the release of the contents of the bottle, but the Spirit showed me that there were a company of saints who had been completely dismantled and rebuilt or re-mantled while soaking in heaven's wine away from the eyes of man. The parameters of the change had been set in stone in God's blueprints in Heaven but the fullness of transformation would only be revealed once the empowering and breath of the Spirit was released with a kairos sound or song from the throne.


They had emerged from this preparation chamber or womb, had been positioned and set in place, ready for their first assignment under the power of the Spirit - to open up that very same contents for the set-apart Bride to drink from; to set in motion the next season in Kingdom purposes.


I was given understanding that the butterfly represented the manchild company who rose towards the throne with the equipping of the seven spirits of God. Just as the birth and ascension of the manchild in Rev 12 triggered the release of the woman from her birthing assignment, so she could be transitioned to her appointed place in the wilderness, so too the ascent of the butterfly triggered the opening of a bottle of the best wine.


The positioning of the butterfly in the mouth of the Lion tells us that the manchild will be involved in the release of the roar of God in the earth; that this company will surrender completely to their call and become part of the mighty roar of creative sound released over the woman in the wilderness. Incorporated in this sound will be the ministrations of the seven spirits of God. So we know the manchild will be involved in ministering to, feeding and preparing the Bride during the 3 & 1/2 years of the dragons flood.


The flooding sound of Heaven's best wine poured out on the surrendered Bridal company will impart all that is needed to sustain, strengthen and equip her for Kingdom purposes. The dragon releases a river of death but the Lion of Judah releases a river of life and power.


Worship much in the language of the Spirit as this is a key to right positioning and empowerment for the season ahead. Just as with that grey butterfly I saw, much of the inward transformation and resurrection life you contain is hidden from the outside world at present - you are positioned in the starting gate, waiting for the wind of the Spirit to announce your release to run. And the full spectrum of the transformation that the Spirit has effected within you will become visible as you rise and soar and become a part of His roar resounding in the earth.



Psa 110:3  Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of Your power, in the beauty of holiness and in holy array out of the womb of the morning; to You [will spring forth] Your young men, who are as the dew.



16) The vision of the separation and consecration sieve: I was shown the name of the sieve. It was written in big, bold letters round the top of the sieve - "Consecration'. God's people were being brought face to face with a crucial choice as they were swept through this weir of sorts. Either they chose complete consecration to the purposes of God or they remained behind in the sieve with that which had made the river murky.



I heard the scripture phrase 'He leads His sheep out' and I saw a sheep fold with many sheep. It was twilight and the Shepherd came and led His sheep out of a gate. The name over the gate was "Consecration'. Some sheep were in two minds and hesitated, remaining in the sheepfold but the Shepherd continued walking on, leading His willing, consecrated sheep away from this place where they had all been camped in the evening watch. As He got further and further from the camp, I saw dense darkness rolling in and covering the remaining sheep.


To consecrate in Hebrew means  'to pronounce or make clean, or to dedicate something or someone completely, or to make holy'. When someone is consecrated, they are completely set-apart and dedicated to a higher, sacred purpose.



I understood from this vision that it was time to break camp and that the Church of Jesus Christ could not avoid this appointment. We have come to the time when the Lord will fully accomplish a separation of light from darkness within the ranks of His people, and the act of willing consecration and full submission to the leading of the Shepherd amongst His faithful ones will accomplish this.


 As those who love the Truth and love the Light willingly consecrate themselves fully to be led by the Chief Shepherd wherever He is taking them, all influence of darkness is broken over them. They will be known as those that carry the True Light. The people who remained behind in the sieve may call themselves by the name of the Lord but it will be clearly evident that this area has become the haunt of every foul spirit.


The God of Light is moving forward fast and those who are sons of Light are following hard after Him. That means that separation is part and parcel of the experience as you pass willingly through that Consecration gate or sieve. There is a marriage, a becoming one, a complete setting apart to the purposes of God that occurs in that passing through.


God will have a company who carry a pure Light in the earth. He will have a remnant flock who carry a pure sound. His heart cannot be moved on this issue. What fellowship can light have with darkness? Even in Bozrah, there is appointed a sifting. Even here, the Lord is saying there is whittling down of the numbers of sheep who are prepared to follow Him. Even here, there is a confronting concerning purity and consecration.


Mic 2:10  Arise and depart; for this is not your resting-place; because of the uncleanness thereof, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.


17) Just as there are 3 watches of darkness in a night, so we are appointed 3 watches of darkness in the world as the Day of the Lord begins. (I believe that this outer darkness is connected to the 3&1/2 years of the rampage of the dragon in Revelation 12, during which the woman is fed and kept safe in a place prepared). The 4th watch of the night is the morning watch and it has 3 stages itself, some of which have partial darkness, adding to the other 3 dark watches and making the 3 & 1/2 days/watches/year of darkness.


Misinterpretation and misunderstanding is about to be cleared up progressively as the rays of true light begin to hit those who are tarrying before the Lord.


The forerunner company, those holy to the Lord, have already been through their own personal 3 watches of darkness and are in their own 4th watch in what God is doing in their lives. For those who fear the Lord, the Sun of Righteousness is rising and bring healing, in many cases by bringing light concerning physical and soul problems they have wrestled with all through the night, But outwardly, for the world at large, they are standing at the brink of the rolling in of the dense darkness, 3 watches of darkness or 3 days of a darkness so dense that it can be felt.'


18) God speaks of being set apart in order to be calibrated to Heaven's sound without interference from other earthly sound. I see the vision of the tuning fork before the throne, which represents being filled with sound of the present thoughts of God, how many are His thoughts towards me. This note He is calibrating me into will become a sound which other instruments will be tuned to.


18) God speaks at the beginning of 2020: ”Any word that is released in this season supposedly in My Name which does not align with what I spoke at the beginning of MY year (5780) is a product of Babylonian babblings. Pay it no heed for they say that all will be well, that great recompense is coming and sure reward. They say territory will increase and great promotion is coming. But I say reward is a two-edged sword and recompense is issued according to what has been sown by My children. Those who have pressed into holiness and consistently sought My face and My will shall see a turning of tables and a restoration of what has been lost or stolen. But those who were self-seeking and embraced words which stroked the flesh; those who lived for themselves and treated My warnings as nothing will tremble in these days. I do not award spiritual increase to those I have not found trustworthy in the small things.


And yes, I lift up one and put down another. But you will be surprised who is removed and who comes out of their caves in this season."



"The winds of change are blowing hard and just as a natural wind is most uncomfortable to the flesh, so too the days ahead will be most distressing. It means the end of status quo; the finality of the season of life as usual. Yet I will preserve the remnant as they press into the inner core of My whirlwind, My sa'ar. It is the only place where the still small voice is to be clearly heard in the days ahead. The perimeter will be turbulent, noisy, chaotic, but it is a sign that I AM is arriving on the scene. As Moses pressed into the thick darkness where I was to be found, so you must do the same. Therein lies your safety and peace of mind. I am with you. Hide yourself in Me."


Psa 50:3  Our God shall come, and shall not keep silence: a fire shall devour before him, and it shall be very tempestuous round about him. Psa 50:4  He shall call to the heavens from above, and to the earth, that he may judge his people. Psa 50:5  Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.


Sa'ar H5991 - a tempest, hurricane, storm, a whirlwind

From the root H5990 - to rush upon, to be tossed, to be sore troubled

Tempestuous H8175 - to storm; by implication to shiver, that is, fear: - be (horribly) afraid, fear, hurl as a storm, be tempestuous, come like (take away as with) a whirlwind.


Even though the tornado moves swiftly across the earth from place to place wreaking havoc, deep within the eye of the storm it remains perfectly still. This is a picture of the place you must press into in the days ahead. The perimeter of the whirlwind is frightening but remember Moses who pressed through that zone and found God waiting for him in the center. The Word tells us that when God comes, darkness precedes and surrounds Him. He hides in the midst of it. This is not a season to cower in fear but to be bold for the cause of the Kingdom. Let us work while day is here. Let your tank be daily filled with fullness of joy in His presence, for this is your strength. And know that the darkness rolling in is a sign that He has arrived on the scene.


These are the main themes I have discovered in the things the Lord has shared with me since the beginning of September 2019. May He continue to unfold and add revelation and understanding as you walk out this year 5780.




Christine Beadsworth



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