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The Frequency of Heaven . . .


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Something I Learned About the Frequency of Heaven

By Kathy Mote



I would like to share something that I learned about the frequency of Heaven, the resonant sound of our Daddy's voice, spoken to us. It is deep and rich with the wealth of His knowledge of all things. It pierces the heart and pulls on the heart strings, and it brings peace.


When He speaks, the message to your heart can be simple and sweet, but it also gives you a deeper understanding than many words can explain. With just a few words He can give you an understanding of your life that your heart so desperately needs. The peace and freedom of knowing His heart toward you will astound you.


There is comfort, guidance, wisdom and His assurance that things are in His hands. This is what He gives your heart to understand when you hear Him. There's more that you won't hear and don't know yet, more Truth that will weave your heart together with His when you are ready to hear it.


What our Father speaks to your heart is what He intends for you to receive from Him. All of Life's mysteries are not what you are expected to understand to navigate your life. Your heart hears the frequency of Heaven in your Daddy's loving and redeeming voice.


What He says to you is His promise to you and that is what you can expect of Him. That is what you live on. That is your bread. That is your personal covenant with Him. That is His will and what He will fulfill. That is also how He will reveal to you the deep meaning of His living Word.


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In A Vision I Saw My Father, Seated On His Throne

By Kathy Mote




In a vision I saw my Father, seated on His throne. I stood where He had brought me to stand with no desires left in my heart except to honor Him. He looked at me, all emptied of the desire for my own desires, and all of a sudden, He pointed at me and let out a loud war cry of triumph and delight as He twirled in a full circle in mid air over His chair.


The Father of Lights is having His way in His children today. He has brought us a long way. I cannot imagine the glory that we will see. I cannot conceive of the beauty of His Life in us that will soon be revealed. But I do know we will see it. This is His powerful will to be seen as He is in all the Earth.


In His beautiful presence I have come to see my desire for healing as the pride of life attempting to interpret His Word and hoping He will give it to me. After all, isn't that what it means? After decades of struggle, I laid that all down. It felt like an unimaginable tangle of barbed wire that I am well rid of. Will I be healed? How will I be healed, and when? What will it look like? When will I have enough faith? How long will this take??


It was a relief to remain before Him without the burden of my life and what will become of me. I trust Him. I trust His will. I trust that He is good. I accept not only the result of Him having His way, but the process as well, and that is accepting His Lordship which means remaining in His presence in peace.


My desire for His presence is what drives me and this is what He has done in me. Seeing that surrender and devotion in me is what made Him so ecstatic. He will have His way. The depth and totality of my surrender, heart, mind and soul is the empty cup He so desires to fill.




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Very god and blessing post. I am a deacon who supports widows and widowers and Iam learning a lot. Blessings

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