If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

He's coming to shatter the darkness . . .


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HE is Coming!

By Kelley Ewing



Let God arise and let your enemies be scattered!


There is someone that needs to hear this.  NO FEAR!


His perfect Love casts out all fear.


I see someone holding up a stop sign.  This sign is up to stop you from moving forward….  God says, “….No! NO! You are moving forward.  It is time!  It is time to go!”


I Declare:  It is time to go!


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My son was about 5 or so at the time and he called me up into his room which he did many of nights.


He had a conversation with me about the Angels in his room.


Well, during this time I was going through postpartum depression.  I had also recently got my ears pierced.  My ears were pierced a long time ago, but they got infected and closed up.


One night my son was drawing some pictures on a notebook.  I could not forget that night and neither could he.


He showed me the picture of what he drew.  I looked…. and all of a sudden I burst out laughing uncontrollably.  I could not stop.


He drew a round face with the eyes, nose and mouth and wouldn’t you know, my ears were pierced! The Angel looked just like me.  Our Angels look just like us.


My son said to me that night, “God said you needed to laugh!”  It was true, I did not laugh for a very long time.


I was taking care of two boys on my own plus coping with depression.  I needed that laugh more than you know.


You see, God knew. I enjoyed those conversations I had with my son — ones I will cherish forever.


Parents don’t give children enough credit.  They were created for Christ and they have more faith then you realize.


We just need to teach them about who Jesus is.  God loves to use the little children… he did for me in many ways.


He used them to speak to me and in turn brought me out of the depths of my depression.


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I see The Father extending His Hand out to someone.


I hear Him say, grab hold of Me.


They are running together in this field and in front of them off in the distance are these beautiful snow covered mountains.  They are happy.  I seem them chasing one another through this field, laughing and having a good time.


I then see them setting down on a blanket looking towards the mountains, picking up grass from the ground.  Not much is spoken.  They are enjoying their time that they are spending together.  Her head upon His shoulder.


I hear Him say, “I love you.”  I hear her say, “I love you”.


So they get back up once again and chase each other around, laughing.


I hear Him say, “Come soak in Me.  Come soak in My Presence.  There is much joy to be found.”


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I am hearing the phrase, “Don’t put stock in just one thing, or don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”


God is a multifaceted God and He can use you in many different ways.


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“I AM coming!  I AM coming!


I AM coming to shatter the works of darkness.  The darkness that has overtaken My Families.


The Spirit of Elijah is coming on this land.  It will take down strongholds and set the captives free.


Be ready for it is I who is coming….  I AM moving quickly upon this earth.  What took years will take days.


I AM setting My People up for something grand.  A mighty explosion upon the earth.  Can’t you hear the grumblings now.  This is just the beginning of everything to unfold.


Lay everything aside.  Grab hold of Me, your creator, for I AM coming to display My Glory upon this earth.”


“He will go before the Lord as a forerunner, with the same power and anointing as Elijah the prophet.  He will be instrumental in turning the hearts of the fathers in tenderness back to their children and the hearts of the disobedient back to the wisdom of their righteous fathers.  And he will prepare a united people who are ready for the Lord’s appearing.


Zechariah asked the angel, “How do you expect me to believe this?  I’m an old man and my wife is too old to give me a child. What sign can you give me to prove this will happen?”


Then the angel said, “I am Gabriel.  I stand beside God himself.  He has sent me to announce to you this good news,”   Luke 1:17-19.




By Kelly Ewing

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Good prayer for President Trump!

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I love that!

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Very god and blessing post. I am a deacon who supports widows and widowers and Iam learning a lot. Blessings

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Yep!! Praise The Living God, Hallellujah!

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