If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

Whenever I say something . . .

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Whenever I Say Something People Don’t Like

By Kathy Mote




Whenever I say something people don't like, I purpose in my heart to stick to my guns and honor the Lord who sent me to say it. Within hours, I see the whole body of Christ rise, sway and flow in it. He is doing marvelous things, preparing for Himself a Bride who reflects His own heart, one who is beautiful and spotless!






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What I’m About To Say

By Kathy Mote



What I'm about to say may sound far fetched, but give it a moment to grow in you. When it changes your focus, it will define the flow of Kingdom living. We are not here to live with each other. We are here to be filled by Him, to live with Him, and from our place in Him, to greet each other.


We are not here to focus on each other, and our full perspective should not be based on people. We are to walk with Him among them. Life here would be so much more rewarding if everyone knew the Lord's ways and walked in them. We would have so much to give to each other. It would be a peaceable and ordered world if people honored the Lord's heart in dealing with each other. Setting your focus on the Lord is how this is done. That is when His Life flows through you.


We have been frustrated because we live our lives relating to the people around us. Our lives are centered on dealing with them. Because we are in relationship with them, we allow them the right to interfere with the peace we find only the Lord's presence. We give them a place in our heart that only He should dwell in, and be given first place in. We allow them to imprint on our identity when we do this, but they did not create us.


In our heart, the place of honor that belongs to the Lord is also the place we learn how deeply He has honored us. He reveals His heart for us, and that gives us a glimpse of our identity in Him. That place in our heart, the place of honor and being honored, is the place we should live in and live from. It is the cup that is never empty.


Knowing your place in His heart is taking your place in His Kingdom. Continually living unto Him you will live with Him, His heart flowing through you as you live among them. This is His Kingdom in you, and it is Living.





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It Is Our Flesh

Kathy Mote





It is our flesh that gives us the tic toc mentality and changes how we see things. It is because we have a limited time on the Earth that we learn to measure our lives by time. It is our flesh that wars against the Spirit, desiring the things of the flesh. But what if the person that you are inside had a different body to wear? One that didn't have an expiration date stamped on every cell in it.


One that wasn't wearing out. One that didn't war continually against what your heart wants. What if there was nothing to limit our life? What if there was no way to measure it? No time frame, no minutes, no deadline to become perfect by, no time stamp and no expiration date? No limit to the joy that life can contain. Nothing warring against the beauty of humility, nothing keeping us from Him. That is actually a glimpse of what our inheritance in Him is.

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