If God is for me . . . who can be against me?

It is time for the remnant to know the Lord's will . . .





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It Is Time

By Kathy Mote




It is time for the remnant to know the Lord's will in their lives in every detail, and to pursue His leading in all things. We are called to walk with our Lord so closely that we will know and be clothed in His desire for us. In the big things and the small things, the important and the mundane, we will know His heart and follow it. We will know His thoughts and go willingly with Him, seeing Him make a way for our ordered steps in Him. The order that our full cooperation will bring will be peaceable and beautiful.


We have gone from making our own choices and asking Him to bless us to listening to Him and remaining in His presence. Now we only desire His will for us. The fruit we will see in our lives will be zero unnecessary drama, zero heartache outside His presence and zero confusion. We will walk in a landscape of peace, like walking in another dimension.






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In A Vision

By Kathy Mote



In a vision I see the ruins of a war that was over before it could begin. The Lord said, Your enemies have conspired against you. They have amassed their forces in the desert where they dwell, their bitter hearts desiring to destroy you. I laughed at their foolishness to come against Me. I scoffed at their high speaking. I AM who sent you and I will protect you. I will preserve My purpose in you. I have burned their ships in the desert wastes and there they will remain a sign of their powerlessness against you. And you, My called and anointed one, will be oblivious to those who hate you.






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Ever Notice

By Kathy Mote




Ever notice how people have varying impressions of God and what He is like? We know of Him as we have known Him. He said He comes to each of us gently, carefully revealing His heart to us. He is cultivating our hearts to have faith in Him.


The deeper we yield to Him, the deeper our revelation of Him will be as we interact with Him. Little children hear Sunday school lessons and that is how they relate to Him. Adults seem to have more trouble accepting Him. But the more responsible you are in His presence, the more powerful He shows Himself in yours.


Lessons that teach you to accept His will are often difficult lessons to handle. But as you see His will in your life as His gift to you, you are shown His heart with no filter. You learn to accept Him on His terms without argument. This is living under His wing completely.


Just when you have given up everything to know Him, you will be shown His total authority. That is His powerful right to protect and provide, to fill you with the fruit of His unlimited and powerful presence. You are standing on the threshold of the greatest of breakthroughs, and the human heart cannot imagine the place they are standing in.

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Very god and blessing post. I am a deacon who supports widows and widowers and Iam learning a lot. Blessings

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