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Let Him Show You a Better Way

By Mary Lindow



My Friends…


God deals with hurts and abandonments and grief, (such tremendously painful things), much differently than how we would address them!


He doesn’t just come to us and say, “Stop it! Knock it off!”  Or… “I’m going to withdraw and withhold healing and communication from you until you grovel and do things in an absolutely specific way!”


No!  He doesn’t “punish” in order to get us to behave, believe, or change!


Instead, He lowers Himself. He stoops down and says,


“Let Me show you a better way.


Let Me empower you with My Holy Spirit to HELP YOU make a change.


Let Me deliver you from addictions, from bitter rage, from the fears of being rejected or abandoned.


Let Me break the bindings of self-hatred, from a critical and moody “exacting spirit” of demanding your own way.”


He says, “Let Me break away your fetters and bondages.  Let Me love you to wholeness… and holiness.”


“Follow Me, and I will lead you out of the hole that you are in.  I know you are weak, but I AM so strong.


Abide in me, (walk WITH Me) and I will abide and walk WITHin you, and I will make everything possible for you if you trust Me and obey Me.”


People who truly love us extremely (not just those who simply might tolerate us), want to know when we are hurting!


They look for ways to soothe or comfort our aches and hurts.  They also at times, point the way to others who can better help us walk out of the darkest despairs of addictions and mental health upheavals.


They don’t mind listening to us share our pain and grief over lost time.


Our Heavenly Father is that way!


The scriptures show us the “acts of God” because of the “compassion of God” when it comes to hearing the cries of His people.


Do you remember the the cry of the Hebrews when they were slaves in Egypt?  This wasn’t a cry from people who simply wanted an easy life.


They had NO life!  They were being treated viciously!  They were being abused.  They were enslaved.  They couldn’t do anything about their circumstances to make them any better.


Some people are suffering because of choices they have made, and many of those same people can get out of their suffering by making different choices.


Not easy….. But necessary.  Hard work?  Yes!


Worth it?  Completely.


Peace of mind really can happen!!


While God is still concerned about those people, His concern takes a different tone when the suffering isn’t just the result of selfishness and a willful, stubborn resistance.


God gets fired up when there is injustice going on!


The Hebrews cried out, and it was the kind of groaning and wailing that moved the heart of God.


God came down and raised Moses up to deliver His people.


Wooooo Yeah!


When you are suffering, God WILL demonstrate His love for you and bring about help and deliverance for you.


He said He would! ⬅️


“Call upon ME in the day of trouble and I WILL answer and deliver you from all your troubles,”   Psalm 107:13.


“I love The LORD, for He heard my voice. He heard my cry for mercy.  Because He turned His ear to me, I will call on Him as long as I live,”   Psalm 116:1-2.


You might not “like” the discomfort you will feel when The LORD points you towards skilled helpers who will challenge your ability to be honest and accountable or open to hearing a different way of thinking regarding behaviors and addictions.


(I still make myself see godly counsel when I am stuck, afraid or feel upset when a past sorrow creeps in!  It’s humbling and…. it’s beautifully freeing to ask for insights and help! )


There are things God wants us to stop doing because they damage us physically and emotionally!  These things keep us from being secured and safe in the life that Christ so absolutely wants us to thrive in.  They hurt our relationships with others and most sadly of all, our relationship with God.


Pacifying pain and rage isn’t being honest at all.


It’s creating a time bomb inside of you that will eventual create a bigger upset and much more devastation.


Substituting godly counsel and the honest work of growing up in areas of maturity by engaging in a lot of external fix-ups and programs for exercise, self-help and entertainment won’t fill the empty place inside that is afraid or is tired of all of the work it takes to be steady and sure.


Prolonging (aka: procrastinating) asking for the help you need and counsel that is available … prolongs pain.


Nonetheless, He will wait for the prodigal heart in all of us to turn toward Him and accept His outstretched hand.


A hand that will direct and guide us to a new serenity and hope for tomorrow.


Reach out… and Reach up.


Stick with it!  Try again!


Help is within the very grasp of His hand.




In His Shadow,

~ Mary Lindow ©




” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow


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Good prayer for President Trump!

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Very god and blessing post. I am a deacon who supports widows and widowers and Iam learning a lot. Blessings

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